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Action   Logic  
Votes: 820
Sola Rola is a fun mix of a puzzle and action with use of unique physics of motion. Take control over two characters - Vis and Vas. They are trying to prevent the death of the universe, manipulating their shapes. Sola Rola is a significant step forward in mobile games; it uses unique physical systems, where you can change objects to your liking and try to use them for solving increasingly complicated puzzles.
Views: 236 144
Popularity: 86 343
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Votes: 689
An absorbing game, known to everybody is now for mobile phones! Well-known contest on throwing/tossing penguins came to mobile phones, four-in- one. As a rule, penguins fly badly. Yeti decided to put an end to such a natural injustice to Antarctica inhabitants. He decided to learn the northern birds the art of flight. The principles of teaching are rather simple: penguins jump from the rock, and Yeti has to slap them at the right time. Show the penguins who is in charge here!
Views: 278 894
Popularity: 146 397
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Votes: 519

A new collection of well-known classic arcades.  


This time 15 games in your mobile Tetris:

  • Package includes 15 amazing games; 
  • A possibility to choose from 3 shells,
  • Elegant and simple graphics for a good atmosphere of the game;
  • Pleasant sensing;
  • Convenient-in-use control for every game;
  • Excellent workability on any mobile device;
  • Exciting gameplay;
  • Multilingual support: English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Italian.
Views: 90 513
Popularity: 31 898
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Action   Shooter  
Votes: 1 966

Hordes of murderers will meet him in a full ammunition: revolvers, guns, Uzis, grenade launchers...Mexicana beaches, castles of New-York; among them you are to get the truth about the character’s personality. Missions on the plane, on the yacht and simply barefoot; everything for the sake of a fabulous victory of your hero. You may choose on of the two characters: the main character of XIII and beautiful spy Jessica. Complete 14 levels and 8 different maps with interactive elements. A rich choice of weapons, lots of cruel rivals and plenty of traps on the way. To get additional information about XIII you will have to collect bonus objects.

Views: 434 023
Popularity: 221 100
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Votes: 1 847

Mr. Bean decided to spend his Sunday in the zoo. And when he was about to go home, one evil gorilla took his teddy bear. Now he has to follow the gorilla from cage to cage to find Teddy. He will need to solve many tasks before he reaches his aim. But be careful! Some animals of the zoo are not friendly at all.

Views: 129 139
Popularity: 28 554
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Votes: 1 888
You are to explore a fantastic country of princess Sofia! An army of demons has penetrated into kingdom and only the courage of your hero may contribute to the victory over the evil. Vivid battles with orks and ghosts will absorb you into an exciting game for a long time. Drive armies of demons away from Erathia in this sequel that has preserved the magic of the cult role-playing game. Might and Magic II game features:
  • A return of a cult RPG for mobile phones, that was previously only available to PC and consoles.
  • 19 levels on the most diversified maps: villages, cities, a forest, a glacier, a desert, etc.
  • Magic adventures and battles, weapons and various spells and surely a lot of enemies.
  • An exciting non-linear storyline, quests and a subjugation of boundless spaces.
  • A real freedom of action: dialogues with characters, a whole arsenal of weapons available and so on.
  • Convenient control, simplified designation of objects and directions, etc.
  • Views: 526 688
    Popularity: 198 958
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 3 870
    In this fascinating simulator of park of entertainments you should transform life of primitive people into a holiday, arrange fun! Build roundabouts, mad hills, "Ferris wheel", a room of fear and other rides. Do not forget that primitive people are tired, want to eat and drink. Therefore must see to it that they not only have good time, but also fell comfortable. Otherwise you risk to lose the clients, and with them - the profit. You should employ workers, keep order in park and watch over the condition of the rides, establish the prices for tickets. Create Prehistorik park of entertainments!
    Views: 954 508
    Popularity: 434 074
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    Arcade   Action  
    Votes: 1 333
    Join cheerful adventures of Bug and Eliot in official mobile game of a new cartoon film of studio Sony Pictures "Open Season"! The simple-minded fat man, tame bear Bug spent all life in captivity. In vain he has listened to deer Eliot with one antler and has run away, after all he is not adapted for life in wood! In three days the hunting season will open! For rescue of own skin he should learn wood life and to make friends with wild animals to get rid of hunters. In game Open Season you are waited by fascinating travel on four magnificent locations: day and night wood, beaver dam with fine falls and suspension bridges, and also mysterious Mine on which you will go for a ride just as on a roller coaster! The bear and deer together are excellent team which will pass all traps of hunters and other obstacles easily and with laughter. Bug has trained not in vain: in wild conditions his skills will be to the point. He swims quickly, skillfully clambers on trees and rocks, breaks stones with mighty paws, and easily passes traps, using springboards and catapults given by the nature! His friend Eliot is rather weak, but very clever, and his dexterity will be envied by any fallow deer! In game Open Season, numerous wood inhabitants will both help, and disturb Bug and Eliot, this autumn will be remembered by all district for a long time!
    Views: 493 662
    Popularity: 245 282
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 903
    Bloody adventures of cheerful friends proceed. Game on motives of an animated cartoon in style of black humour Happy Tree Friends is about adventures of group of nice animals that live in a certain dangerous place. Game begins with harmless jumps on a trampoline. Till Shifty and Lifty have not appeared, they seize any moment to mutilate wood friends on a trampoline and to collect their blood. They will receive money for the collected blood in the bank. Attention! Game Happy Tree Friends: Blood Money is not recommended to people with sensitive mind, to pregnant women and children under 16 years!!!
    Views: 312 876
    Popularity: 183 809
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 950

    A long-awaited continuation of the epic role-playing game.
    You are to plunge into the war with devil and find Emilia, a beloved of the main character, whom he has lost in the third part of the game.
    The hero has to make a difficult choice between rescue of his beloved and salvation of the whole world

    Castlevania 4: Demon game features:

    • more than 20 kinds of enemies
    • upgrading of a hero level and a separate upgrading for weapons
    • an intriguing plot completely in Russian
    • 3 weapon skills and 3 kinds of weapon magic
    • 10 variants of magic and a possibility to create 27 combinations of spells, each one with its own effect
    • several survival arenas
    • endless mode
    • well-balanced gameplay and high-quality animation of characters
    Views: 155 716
    Popularity: 42 924
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