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You are to explore a fantastic country of princess Sofia! An army of demons has penetrated into kingdom and only the courage of your hero may contribute to the victory over the evil. Vivid battles with orks and ghosts will absorb you into an exciting game for a long time. Drive armies of demons away from Erathia in this sequel that has preserved the magic of the cult role-playing game. Might and Magic II game features:
  • A return of a cult RPG for mobile phones, that was previously only available to PC and consoles.
  • 19 levels on the most diversified maps: villages, cities, a forest, a glacier, a desert, etc.
  • Magic adventures and battles, weapons and various spells and surely a lot of enemies.
  • An exciting non-linear storyline, quests and a subjugation of boundless spaces.
  • A real freedom of action: dialogues with characters, a whole arsenal of weapons available and so on.
  • Convenient control, simplified designation of objects and directions, etc.
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    Settlers according to a game legend have decided to find the new earths for the colony on an unknown island. Now you are the head of a new civilisation. Create new race at the beginning of the Middle Ages and you will have time for the subsequent development. Develop trade relations, strengthen the city, protect from enemies who know your weak points. Game the Settlers is colourful, with beautifully drawn details and well-thought over strategy in real time.
    Views: 420 543
    Popularity: 179 983
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    Be the best at the beach! Follow the gold prize for 12 funny summer games. Such games as jogging on the sand, swimming, throwing dishes and many others are waiting for you.
    Views: 236 503
    Popularity: 145 201
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    Alchemist is a great puzzle game! Initially you are given four elements in the game: air, earth, fire and water. You should get 168 elements on their base!
    Views: 802 966
    Popularity: 258 097
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    A long-awaited continuation of the epic role-playing game.
    You are to plunge into the war with devil and find Emilia, a beloved of the main character, whom he has lost in the third part of the game.
    The hero has to make a difficult choice between rescue of his beloved and salvation of the whole world

    Castlevania 4: Demon game features:

    • more than 20 kinds of enemies
    • upgrading of a hero level and a separate upgrading for weapons
    • an intriguing plot completely in Russian
    • 3 weapon skills and 3 kinds of weapon magic
    • 10 variants of magic and a possibility to create 27 combinations of spells, each one with its own effect
    • several survival arenas
    • endless mode
    • well-balanced gameplay and high-quality animation of characters
    Views: 156 460
    Popularity: 43 067
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    Votes: 957
    Make a family from 3 lovely puppies! Take care of them and every day get used to them more and more. Dogz 2 is a tremendous dog tamagotchi in your mobile phone! In Dogz 2 you are awaited by:
    • It is possible to bring up about 3 lovely and loving dogs and to observe how they get on among themselves!
    • Choose from 9 puppies of three breeds; every puppy has its own character (lazy, active, tender etc.)
    • Isometric spaces and 3D-representation of dogs. They can be stroked, bathed or played with.
    • Observe how dogs grow in the park, on the beach and in their own house.
    • Learn them to carry out tricks, to play games, challenge other owners in Dogz 2 and compete at the stadium.
    • Not only satisfy requirements of dogs: use awards and punishments for their education.
    Views: 411 390
    Popularity: 196 412
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    You are a simple guy with material problems... Attempt trying your luck in profitable fishing business! Take a bath instead of a boat, buy dynamite on the market and go fishing! With the lapse of tiime you will master supermodern technologies, for example bait with pheromone, or a spiteful superbomb - Little squirrel!! Row treasures from a bottom of the seas and stun big fishes, applying the most unsportsmanlike ways of fishing! If you work properly and earn enough money, you will catch on the hook not only smelly fish, but also the girl of the dream! After all you, as well as each man, want to have the son whom you can train in all subtleties of fishing with dynamite! Possibilities: - Mad fishing with dynamite - Fascinating history with explosive tricks - 30 entertaining levels - 20 kinds of tools for scaling - 6 boats with different tactical-technical characteristics - 2 modes of game: history and freestyle - A mode the Aquarium - for relaxed contemplation - Art gallery with pictures from game - Incendiary music - The table of records for fishermen-maniacs - Training and hints
    Views: 269 543
    Popularity: 111 854
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    You are dying of cholera. Sara has broken her leg. You are hungry..... You need to reach Oregon, but it is very difficult and dangerous. There are a lot of minigames in the game. You will have to hunt bears to have something to eat and to escape from dangerous animals. You will also have to go fishing. Game is full of dangers and adventures!
    Views: 128 573
    Popularity: 45 145
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    Forget everything you have ever known about these kind of games! After having downloaded Block Breaker Deluxe 2 on your mobile, you will discover this iconic game again, but fully updated. In addition to visual effects, which have been never seen in puzzles before - an ultra-realistic ball and control of the board, three-dimensional bricks, making up the wonderful dynamic shapes and many other things - Block Breaker Deluxe 2 possesses its unique, well-thought, colorful character - sometimes quiet, sometimes noisy and ambitious, which guarantees dynamic change in the plot during the game!
    Views: 233 032
    Popularity: 85 704
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    This is an unusual and unique arcade game! In this game there is Dummy, a special engine,the physics of movement is just great! Control your character, turn somersaults and do other tricks! The character lands differently and in a funny way, so you'll never be bored!
    Views: 482 511
    Popularity: 248 486
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