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Sports cars racing is for people with a strong spirit,brave and courageous professionals. You are offered to participate in the rally and try to win the Grand Prix. Of course, you will agree, but it's not easy! Your opponents also have modern cars and are determined to win. There are six more riders besides you. The route is fully ready for the competition. Be quick to sit behind the wheel and show everyone that you're the best!
Views: 1 368 466
Popularity: 841 782
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Votes: 5 123

This is another football simulator from EA Mobile! There are some changes in physics of movements and graphics.

Views: 1 686 321
Popularity: 501 268
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Votes: 5 848

Total Conquest is a new game from the best game developers. The events of the game will plunge you into the ancient time, they will take you to Rome. The task is to become a real governor, an emperor.

Views: 1 478 995
Popularity: 476 514
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Votes: 4 611

A new game about Wolverine with perfect graphics and gameplay, based on film! Nine levels, thoughtfully prepared by developers are waiting for you. The player deals in destruction and elimination of everything he meets on his way!

Views: 1 839 735
Popularity: 780 672
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Votes: 1 553

The game is based on the events of one of the most expected films of the year – Men in black 3.
Play as agent J and take part in the battle against alien beasts.
Set off to the future or maybe even to the past, use different guns, blasters, gadgets, meet hordes of aliens!

Features of MIB 3 game:

  • The game is made on the basis of one of the most expected films of 2012, Men in black 3
  • Wide range of weapons and MIB gadgets
  • The events take place in our days as well as in 1969
  • 10 levels on Manhatten, Coney Island, Cape Canaveral and at MIB headquarters
  • You will meet aliens from MIB universe
Views: 651 606
Popularity: 194 414
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Votes: 2 487

Acorn hunting and struggle for surviving, feeling of loneliness and feeling of happiness when you meet old friends, ice, oceans and continents. Everything is so familiar and at the same time so new in the next part of the cult game Ice Age. We observe continental drift and our old friends appear to be cut off from their herd. They will have to experience a long journey on the iceberg, meeting unknown animals and plants, discover new lands and visit pirates. Scrat will finally get his treasure but instead of having his so longed for lunch he will get to absolutely unknown places in which he will have to experience many adventures. Ice age continues!

Game features:

  • Get to the unique world of Ice Age.
  • Play together with your favorite heroes: Scrat, Manny, Diego and Sid
  • Complete all 13 levels in 5 different locations
  • Be ready to meet friends, fight against enemies and open bonuses
  • This is a good combination of platform and quick action game
  • The game story corresponds to the cartoon.
Views: 1 325 586
Popularity: 527 052
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Votes: 6 858

Make your own farm, take care of different animals, grow different plants, harvest everything that grows in your garden. Plunge into the world of farming together with the new Green Farm! The game offers to restore the farm with the help of friends and neighbors, many missions relating farming, gathering harvest, working the land and many other things.

Views: 2 165 760
Popularity: 678 788
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Votes: 15 935

The aim of the game Subway Surfers is to run as far as you can from a policeman, avoid obstacles and collect coins to buy bonuses. The only distinction is that there are no trains there. This version of the game resembles the original more, which is surely its strong side!

Views: 12 023 019
Popularity: 2 652 447
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Votes: 1 729
Dive into the magical world of mobile game created basing on the new part of the movie about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1.
Together with your team, with Hermione and Ron, explore the whole world outside the gates of Hogwarts.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 The Mobile Game features:
  • New places such as cafes on Shaftesbury Avenue, the Quidditch World Cup, gloomy mansion, the Ministry of Magic, Forest-of-Dean, gardens Xenophilius Lovegood
  • 20 exciting battles
  • Unique abilities of each of the characters
  • Ability to improve the characteristics of the main characters
  • opportunity to play for Ron and Hermione
  • Great graphics and physics of the movement. Find and destroy Horcruxes, fight with Voldemort, Death Eaters, Dementors, etc. You will have 20 different spells, collect artifacts and magic to solve puzzles to unravel the mysteries of this story ...
  • Views: 852 972
    Popularity: 422 476
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    Votes: 9 426
    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is a new game from Gameloft company. "Sands of Time" is a continuation of the previous part of the game about Prince of Persia Sands of Time. A new chapter loved by many mobile game fans will tell you that during the visit to his brother Prince of Persia finds a royal palace under the onslaught of a powerful army. For the sake of the kingdom from complete destruction, he decided to apply the ancient magical powers of the Sand! Java version of the game for a mobile phone offers the gamers a completely new innovative gameplay. Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands is an epic adventure, where the dangers are waiting for the hero at every step! Start off a dangerous adventure with Prince of Persia and experience unbelievable magical powers of the Sand of Time! Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands game features:
    • New possibilities: Restoring life, Stop time and more;
    • Availability of the levels-chases;
    • New techniques: use magic, throw enemies, steal their weapons;
    • 9 detailed locations, including the House, the Catacombs and the Desert;
    • Interactive environment: Climb the column, explore and destroy objects and secrets!
    Views: 3 005 194
    Popularity: 1 318 994
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