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Large-scale tank battles will unfold in your phone in the nearest time! The events take place during the Second World War, fierce battles are led literally for each square centimetre of the earth. You are a commander of an elite tank division, which operates in the rear of the enemy. The battles unfold in all over the world, in the territory of more than 18 countries.Calling of the air support, artillery fire or landing troops will help to defeat the enemy quicker. The enemy is strong, but he can't resist your tanks! Panzer General game features:
  • Large-scale tank battles on the screens of mobile phones;
  • Simple control system;
  • Several game modes: Battle, Campaign, Duel;
  • Play via Bluetooth with your friends;
  • 3 different campaigns: German, Soviet,Campaign of the Allies ;
  • 5 kinds of special weapon: artillery, air support, landing troops,etc.
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    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
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    This is a battle between plants and zombies. Protect your home. This is an improved version of the game and it is also more difficult. Many things were taken from the original game. You must make a careful plan as for the location of the plants to be more effective in destroying zombies. The last level of the game will become a real test of intelligence for a player!

    Game features:

    • 40 levels with growing difficulty
    • Various zombies, plants
    • Shop with inventory and instruments
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    Popularity: 245 848
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    Arcade   Strategy   Worms  
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    More safely go in the world generated in a random way together with your platoon of worms and fight to death! Choose the weapon and join in fight of a century! In mode Quick Battle (Fast fight) it is possible to push off face to face two groups of worms. Taking into consiferation that quantity of time is limited, carefully choose strategy of conducting fight: it is possible to find a safe place and to sit out there, and it is possible to rush at once in fighting events. Worms, forward!
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    Tanchiki Pro is a sequel of Tanchiki. Those, who have not yet played, it will be a pleasure for them to pass two games - one by one. In the new super-game there is the same brave Tanchik, and there are enemy tanks, and the battle takes place at absolutely new 30 levels with more colorful graphics: clouds, palm trees, spectacular explosions, traces of the tracks. New types of cars and tanks (tank-allies, tanks-kamikaze, tanks - bosses),penetrating pimping of a tanchik at online levels, and ... oh my,triggers are Added . This is terribly nice and really hot! And for the owners of touch-screen phones there appeared new keys in the game! Pleasant moments in Tanchiki sequel:
    • 30 levels + plenty of on-line levels;
    • colorful graphics: clouds, palm trees, spectacular explosions, traces of the tracks;
    • penetrating pimping of the tank at on-line levels;
    • new faces: tanks-allies, tanks-kamikaze;
    • triggers have appeared;
    • touch-screen phones support the game.
    Views: 2 538 236
    Popularity: 884 367
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Arcade   RPG   Action   Online   Strategy   Shooter  
    Votes: 2 697
    Legendary Tanchikifor Dendy are back! «Tanchiki» does not resemble any known arcade or shooter. In the game you will meet:
  • 40 missions with various tasks: «kill all», "defend the base", "steal the flag," "destroy the radar," etc.
  • Upgrading for your tank!
  • Various kinds of enemy tanks and guns.
  • Loading of additional levels online.
  • Destroy the enemy and earn coins, but spend them wisely! You can upgrade your tank spending the money earned for buying new weapons in repair shop. And do you have any idea of how many types of weapons there are in «Tanchiki»? 35 types! For buying some particular types of weapons you are to conduct research using the stars, collected during the game. Everything depends on the situation and the quantity of money earned. Remember, that the larger the balance of coins you will have after the modernization of the tank, the greater the percentage of bonuses you get at the end of the next level. Try to save. Upgrade your tank:
  • buy new weapons
  • increase the mobility of the tank
  • raise its invulnerability
  • buy artillery and radar
  • call for help from the air
  • request assistance from the allied tanks Play also game continuation: Download Tanchiki Pro
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    Popularity: 804 933
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    Buy houses, earn money, and build new houses... Build your own city. Become the tycoon in new economic strategy Sim Sity 4 Quite a pleasant economic strategy.
    Views: 947 299
    Popularity: 245 664
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    Votes: 1 410
    The game comes as an economy-fighting strategy. 3 unique races, 30 types of troops, more than 40 different constructions are at your disposal. Depending on your preferences you can choose different strategies of the game: attacking, defensive or just being engaged in the creation and marketing of the resources. In the game you can not only compete with other players, but also spend time reading new jokes, horoscopes and Runet quotes, find new and old friends. The Third World: War of the Kings game features:
    • 3 unique races: humans, dwarves, elves;
    • More than 25 troop types, 30 different buildings that you can construct and improve;
    • Depending on the preferences you can choose a different game strategy: attacking, defensive, being engaged exclusively in manufacturing and sale of the resources.
    Views: 833 928
    Popularity: 276 707
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    Votes: 980
    We go to the gloomy Middle Ages! You have appeared in the small monastery surrounded with pagan settlements and hostile monastic orders. Along with brewing and a batch of bread you should turn as much as possible souls into belief of the Brotherhood daily. It is the only way to hire enough monks. With their human resource, you will lead a monastery to riches and prestige. Step by step you get the necessary relation of your brothers. You need to save wisely and deliver the necessary spiritual help to residents of settlements to be the successful leader. Trade in the sacred writing, regularly spend divine services and overpersuade any who will dare to doubt in beliefs, sometimes even using of the weapon. Only so you can turn enough monks, strengthen and expand a monastery. Thanks to the general forces of the townspeople you can raise prestige and fill up city-monastery treasury. Struggle for each plot of land and protect the subordinates from blood-thirsty black monks! Construct empire, struggle for each piece of the earth and protect believers from black monks! Never forget: belief cannot move only mountains!
    Views: 356 143
    Popularity: 152 211
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    RPG   Action   Strategy  
    Votes: 302

    UFO Aftershock tells us about another battle between mankind and aliens. Certain Reticulans are trying to cover the Earth with biomass. The Earth will be destroyed if nobody stops them. The battles are played in step by step mode and graphics shows 3D isometric projection just like in classic series UFO 1, UFO 2. You operate a squad of soldiers and you need to kick out the aliens from mother Earth. This is a mobile version of the famous computer game UFO Aftershock. By the way, the graphics of the game reminds upgraded graphics from the previous two UFO from the "golden series". 

    Views: 256 510
    Popularity: 58 603
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 885
    Have you dreamt to become the trucker? - To be wound from a city to a city? - If yes, this game is for you. You are expected by a good simulator of strategy. All in your hands! There will be 12 missions and 1 bonus in the game. Your purpose is to earn the necessary sum of money and popularity. There are a lot of possibilities in the game. You can buy hotels, stations... And the most important thing is a powerful 18 wheelwright... Each truck has its own power and speed. Each truck needs the trailer, there is a lot of them. And also you should build road. Remember that yours 18 wheel friends likes to eat fuel.
    Views: 583 904
    Popularity: 157 241
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