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Electronic Arts present their own updated version of the game that was earlier released by Glu Mobile. It is a mobile version of a well-known abroad family board game similar to Monopoly. Tempt your fate in this popular board game for a mobile phone! Plunge into the world of the game about career, family and finance! Choose a car, a character and get ready for the highs and lows in The Game of Life. You may begin with education, and you may also start working immediately! It doesn’t matter whether you are a doctor or a rock-star; your aim is to provide yourself easy circumstances and tranquil old age. Estimate combinations and earn money for a happy life.
Views: 241 766
Popularity: 59 743
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Votes: 566

Final Fantasy II is a popular game from consoles, that is now available on mobile phones! Thanks to an excellent plot and absorbing quests this game has a lot of fans of RPG games!

Views: 312 485
Popularity: 58 324
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Votes: 712

Championship manager 2010 - various leagues, training of players, press conferences, 2D mechanism of match and many other things. This game has everything to become a successful football manager.

Views: 228 869
Popularity: 60 178
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Become a real estate magnate and build the most chic city. Create beautiful houses that are crowded with shopping malls and skyscrapers, the lease payments that will fill your box offices. Invest reasonably, enter into the profitable contracts and buy all the luxuries.
Views: 514 558
Popularity: 208 034
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Have you dreamt to become the trucker? - To be wound from a city to a city? - If yes, this game is for you. You are expected by a good simulator of strategy. All in your hands! There will be 12 missions and 1 bonus in the game. Your purpose is to earn the necessary sum of money and popularity. There are a lot of possibilities in the game. You can buy hotels, stations... And the most important thing is a powerful 18 wheelwright... Each truck has its own power and speed. Each truck needs the trailer, there is a lot of them. And also you should build road. Remember that yours 18 wheel friends likes to eat fuel.
Views: 585 293
Popularity: 157 462
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Start with a small prison and turn it into a large colony of strict regime. There is no possibility to escape under your surveillance. because you are responsible for every detail of the prison life.
Views: 725 185
Popularity: 245 939
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RPG   Strategy  
Votes: 457
Some centuries have passed since Light Empire won Empire of Darkness and destroyed Hell gate. But now howls of Orks were distributed again and brave soldiers, men, dwarfs, and elves have again united under Light banner. Features: - The present strategy: enormous armies to conduct, a city to build, and resources to consult. - 2 campaigns - one with people, the other with orks - and not less than 20 missions. - More than 20 units and 20 various buildings - 6 heroes with huge force and magic powers which will conduct your armies. - The voices translated in the digital form: you hear that your detachment answer inquiry of their master. (Depends on phone model)
Views: 306 347
Popularity: 71 925
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Votes: 316

Planet Online is a multiplatform online game.

Planet Online game features:

  • For free. You will need real money only for creating image and faster development.
    Small traffic consumption. Compared with many games it is a great economy, including money for the internet.
  • Full dynamics.Every day the world develops and changes depending on the players’ actions.
  • The abilities are not limited by battles.A peaceful life with upgrading of skills is available for those who want.
  • Unique missions.The other games come to this: "go and fetch", or " kill and fetch". Here you are to solve puzzles, compete with other teams and so on!
  • Mini-games:football, boat race, small fires, golf .
  • Owning a landbusiness, building of own houses and their arrangement.
  • Transport. Not every game including those for mobile phones can boast of it.
  • Politics.Mayor may allocate land and wage wars with the neighbors.
  • Updatesand new abilities appear almost every day.
  • Photoalbums. Everyone may create a photoalbum of practically any pictures.
  • Unique gifts. You may draw a unique gift, e.g. in ProPaintMobile and present it to your girl, friend to anyone you want!
Views: 221 923
Popularity: 49 305
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RPG   Action   Strategy  
Votes: 305

UFO Aftershock tells us about another battle between mankind and aliens. Certain Reticulans are trying to cover the Earth with biomass. The Earth will be destroyed if nobody stops them. The battles are played in step by step mode and graphics shows 3D isometric projection just like in classic series UFO 1, UFO 2. You operate a squad of soldiers and you need to kick out the aliens from mother Earth. This is a mobile version of the famous computer game UFO Aftershock. By the way, the graphics of the game reminds upgraded graphics from the previous two UFO from the "golden series". 

Views: 257 885
Popularity: 58 828
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Votes: 456
1950. The railways are not very popular yet and many areas of ability to live are cut off from external world. Also it is your chance to try to become the richest businessman! Build transport empire, change a landscape for successful creation of the railways, buy trains.
Views: 316 642
Popularity: 78 074
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