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This is a battle between plants and zombies. Protect your home. This is an improved version of the game and it is also more difficult. Many things were taken from the original game. You must make a careful plan as for the location of the plants to be more effective in destroying zombies. The last level of the game will become a real test of intelligence for a player!

Game features:

  • 40 levels with growing difficulty
  • Various zombies, plants
  • Shop with inventory and instruments
Views: 614 597
Popularity: 220 818
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The journey full of dangers is over, but this is only the beginning of the Oregon opening story! You and your family need to settle at the new place. Build houses, grow harvest and breed animals, decorate your settlement, hunt and fish. The dangers are waiting for you everywhere – hurricanes and herds of crazy buffalos happen very often in Oregon. Besides, you will wittness real historical events and maybe even meet the heroes of those times!

Game features:

  • Build your own settlement: build houses, gather the harvest and solve many other issues!
  • Find out lots of interesting things about the history of Wild West opening, meet the heroes of those days!
  • Make the correct decision at the dangerous moment and save the inhabitants from another danger.
  • Get food, hunt and fish in fascinating mini games.

Views: 434 762
Popularity: 152 168
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Votes: 2 852
Large-scale tank battles will unfold in your phone in the nearest time! The events take place during the Second World War, fierce battles are led literally for each square centimetre of the earth. You are a commander of an elite tank division, which operates in the rear of the enemy. The battles unfold in all over the world, in the territory of more than 18 countries.Calling of the air support, artillery fire or landing troops will help to defeat the enemy quicker. The enemy is strong, but he can't resist your tanks! Panzer General game features:
  • Large-scale tank battles on the screens of mobile phones;
  • Simple control system;
  • Several game modes: Battle, Campaign, Duel;
  • Play via Bluetooth with your friends;
  • 3 different campaigns: German, Soviet,Campaign of the Allies ;
  • 5 kinds of special weapon: artillery, air support, landing troops,etc.
  • Views: 1 155 077
    Popularity: 440 041
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    Votes: 7 009

    Minecraft - is a game of sand box genre with the view from the first person. In this game the player can build his own worlds just as the creator. Everything is built with the help of different blocks: ground, tree, water, metal, wood, sand etc.
    The player can create various landscapes and construct different architectural buildings of any difficulty. In few words - you can do whatever you want.

    Views: 2 465 947
    Popularity: 623 810
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    Votes: 5 686

    Plants vs. Zombies – is a portation of the popular computer strategy game to mobile. The game differs a bit from its computer analogue, but in general these two games are identical.
    We have a house which needs to be protected. The zombies horde comes step by step and they only need the master’s brains. Only special mutant plants can reflect their attack.

    Game features:

    • Lots of levels
    • Several kinds of zombies
    • Several kinds of mutant plants
    • Comic gamestory and description to all the kinds of zombies/plants
    • Beautiful graphics
    • The game has a horizontal screen niew (that’s why it has unusual operation)

    Views: 2 294 747
    Popularity: 648 264
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    Votes: 3 743

    Create a kingdom. Prepare army and fight against Dark king! In Kingdoms & Lords barbarians broke measured life of your settlement. Make the reconstruction and prepare your troops for reflecting the attacks before the war entered your lands. But it seems that everything is very serious. Dark king takes over the reigns again, he wants to conquer all the lands of the continent.

    Views: 1 239 064
    Popularity: 368 999
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    Votes: 1 380

    Build the city of your dream with the help of wonderful city construction simulator. Interesting tasks, construction, provision of the necessary facilities for the city. Fascinating mini games, collection objects and rewards. 5 neighboring cities you can cooperate with.
    Strategy, planning, development is a city governor success key! Detailed java-graphics, 3D city.

    Views: 487 694
    Popularity: 132 988
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    Votes: 1 412

    This is a new Real Football Manager from Gameloft, which decided to gladden the fans three years later!
    The new Real Football Manager returned to the football field in the new season!

    Game features:

    • More than 4000 real players and 200 teams, thanks to FIFPro license
    • Intuitive handy interface, upgraded especially for RFM 2013
    • Great media cooperation, fans and players which influence your team statistics
    • Impressing variety of the operation variants, tactics creation and making the match schedules
    • Find the football stars for your team inviting the journalists which make reports of the promising players
    Views: 975 296
    Popularity: 254 998
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    Votes: 1 477

    The game is based on a famous cartoon Ice age. The whole world plunged into pergelisol and one must learn to live under such conditions. You must not let the entire clan to disappear, it must go on.

    Views: 715 791
    Popularity: 202 035
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    Votes: 6 228
    Yahoo! The world's most popular worms are back! 2011 came, a new worm war has started, take part in this battle, blow up moving worms or beat them on the head and send them swimming in the water!
    An arsenal of 36 guns, 4 companies of different clans is at your disposal!
    Excellent graphics and sound will not let you be bored!
    Views: 2 647 675
    Popularity: 1 435 779
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