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In this funny game you will play for a naughty boy, named Buster. His hobby is to sneak to a football match without paying and have a real fun there. This game has 10 merry mini-games, which will surely amuse you.
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A dangerous race begins! IN Backcountry Ski you act as a skier, who decided to ski high in the mountains outside the city limits. You will need to come down from the mountain and stay alive. Beware of avalanches and snow slides, follow the steep and make feints in time to slow down. For each fall or failure of the landing you will lose part of your life (the indicator is at the top). If the level is completely red you are dead or lost. Also on the way from the top of the mountain there are ski jumps, in which you should not just jump high, but land smoothly as well. Backcountry Ski game has pseudo-3D graphics. It covers full screen in a portrait mode.
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Popularity: 62 842
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It's a very funny and entertaining game. An unusual turn-based strategy. You play football with a phone or a live opponent, taking turns moving other players on the field. And each player on the field is like a hero of a role-playing game, has some unique options of attack, defense and agility. It's funny to look at it and playing it is even more. Take turns choosing players, make a determined quantity of the movements or deliver a pass, or kick. Once all the players make moves, start the course of the opposing team. During one move it is allowed to change places of four players from a team. Each of them has a certain margin of "moves" that can be spent on movement, a pass or a ball kicking. Moreover, each player has an individual set of characteristics such as attack power, defense power, skill level, skill level playing with the head and speed. It turns out to be a kind of role tendency. And just the fact that football boots rumple the field and not heavy boots of the chivalry make the game different from a classic strategy game with a role-playing mood. A try to to kick the ball is like a battle, the end of which depends on the levels of the attacker and defender. The game has five teams and three levels of difficulty. It is recommended to not only football fans, but to the fans of turn-based strategies. The teams of CSKA, Lokomotiv, Spartak and Zenit are at your otpion..
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Popularity: 26 062
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Take under the control your favorite team and conduct it to the Cup final.
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Popularity: 24 594
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Revolutionary sports of the future: faster than a hockey, better than a wrestling – it is a sports battle of the 21st century! You face each other with the mightiest athletes of the world. Score points; throw steel balls to your rival or to metal walls, thinking over the trajectory of the flight beforehand. Your aim is your rival, make him beg for mercy!
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