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In this fascinating simulator of park of entertainments you should transform life of primitive people into a holiday, arrange fun! Build roundabouts, mad hills, "Ferris wheel", a room of fear and other rides. Do not forget that primitive people are tired, want to eat and drink. Therefore must see to it that they not only have good time, but also fell comfortable. Otherwise you risk to lose the clients, and with them - the profit. You should employ workers, keep order in park and watch over the condition of the rides, establish the prices for tickets. Create Prehistorik park of entertainments!
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Popularity: 434 698
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Votes: 964
Make a family from 3 lovely puppies! Take care of them and every day get used to them more and more. Dogz 2 is a tremendous dog tamagotchi in your mobile phone! In Dogz 2 you are awaited by:
  • It is possible to bring up about 3 lovely and loving dogs and to observe how they get on among themselves!
  • Choose from 9 puppies of three breeds; every puppy has its own character (lazy, active, tender etc.)
  • Isometric spaces and 3D-representation of dogs. They can be stroked, bathed or played with.
  • Observe how dogs grow in the park, on the beach and in their own house.
  • Learn them to carry out tricks, to play games, challenge other owners in Dogz 2 and compete at the stadium.
  • Not only satisfy requirements of dogs: use awards and punishments for their education.
Views: 413 357
Popularity: 196 527
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Votes: 545

BT Biplanes  is one of the best Java-games, that have Bluetooth multiplayer mode. Flying a small aircraft you have to destroy the enemy piloting the second plane. The game has a perfectly realized physics of flight, which allows you to make dizzying aerobatics!

Views: 215 436
Popularity: 65 520
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Votes: 3 043

A long-awaited continuation of repeatedly awarded space action-game for your mobile phone! Welcome to the world of Galaxy On Fire 2! In the world of Galaxy On Fire 2: Explore fascinating world of Universe Discover all its secrets and dangers An astounding 3D graphics Unprecedented depth of gameplay! The character of the first episode Kate T. Maxwell is drifting in space and time after malfunction of the hyperdrive of her spacecraft. 35 years have passed and she awakens at last in a changed universe and understands that an unknown enemy penetrates trough temporal tunnels onto Galaxy and attacks solar systems! And the destiny of the entire Galaxy is in his hands! In your hands…

Views: 1 047 754
Popularity: 359 542
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Votes: 806
Learn to cook the most fashionable dishes and amuse yourself with minigames! Bon appetite! Features of game Pocket Chef:
  • 20 minigames with recipes, prepare from the very beginning and show results.
  • 33 recipes from every corner of the world, the most different dishes and kinds of cuisine.
  • 2 game modes, and also a recipe-book which will always be near at hand in real life.
  • Compete with 7 cooks from your mother to the 5-star genius of cookery.
  • Realistic sounds and culinary graphics. You will cook on the mobile phone!
Views: 311 500
Popularity: 137 446
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Votes: 2 589
The darkness draws nearer to football. The future of world's most popular game is at stake. Evil forces challenged the earthly football players. Cadavers want to carry out a tournament with people, the result of which will decide the fate of the mankind! Young and successful Cristiano Ronaldo accepts the battle! The matches of this ominous tournament will take part in the most horrible places of the dark dimension. Teams of skeletons, demons, trolls, and other monsters of nightmares will play against Ronaldo. Portuguese will have to defeat the army of Cadavers in this football simulator with lots of arcade moments all alone. During the matches Ronaldo will perform his best football stunts and techniques, which will help him to kick goals one after another in such an ominous atmosphere and get various bonuses. Cadavers are not that easy – each team of monsters has its peculiarities, which they will gladly use more than once, because they dictate the rules here!
Views: 225 759
Popularity: 50 449
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Votes: 643
Fishers-professional or simply fans, and also those who never held a rod in the hand, plunge into the unusual bewitching world of fishing by means of mobile game Bass Fishing. Check up your skills in mobile version of the most realistic simulator of fishing! To win competition of fishermen in game Bass Fishing, you will need the newest equipment so do not forget to visit a little shop Bean Bills where you can spend the won money for the best baits, rods etc. And you can receive some especial adaptations as an award for especially successful catch!
Views: 417 621
Popularity: 153 943
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Votes: 739

Check a sense of rhythm in a fun and mind-blowing atmosphere of night club; make people get down on the dance floor!


DJ Mix Tour game features:

  • Simple gameplay; press the keys corresponding to the music rhythm. But the notes may become wrong!
  • Follow the way of fame: begin as an unknown DJ and become a star of a dance floor.
  • 11 licensed songs, that will make everybody move: Alive, Drop the Pressure and so on.
  • 5 different places: a beach, a luxurious penthouse, a cool club, and many others.
  • Feel the crazy atmosphere of a club with a hot crowd.
  • 2 career modes (Career and Free Mode) and 3 levels of difficulty will check your sense of rhythm.
Views: 297 623
Popularity: 120 979
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Votes: 2 711
Do you dream of a little kitten that does not lose its childish spontaneity and charm with time? All your dreams come true with the New Year!
Meowsim: Kotovasiya? Is a whole cat family consisting of a crazy cat and a cute kitten.

MeowSim Kotovasiya key features:
  • Funny and comically animated characters
  • Ability to bring up a unique pet not resembling any other
  • Ability to choose color, gender, and name of your pet. Each gender has its unique characteristic of animation
  • Large apartment for a pet,a possibility of its conversion
  • Variety of Christmas ornaments for a New Year's mood
  • Ability to learn dancing with your pet
  • Bonus! Bright and exciting mini-games!
For now they are alone in their large and cozy apartment and very eager to meet this new year with their owner! They put the Christmas tree and wait for you to decorate an apartment and learn a New Year's dance!
Give your pets care and attention,comb out their fleas, feed them with the cat food and do not forget to treat them with the New Year goodies.
And when your pets have rest after a holiday feast, you'll be able to play any of the mini-games!
Views: 1 065 037
Popularity: 381 538
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3D   Simulation  
Votes: 1 121
A unique and detailed simulation of a live puppy! With going for walks, with taking part in competitions, running along a beach and washing in the bathroom. The gameplay resembles that of famous NintenDogs from Nintendo and games from Dogs serial, that have become bestsellers on computers. The game begins with choosing a puppy to your liking; buy it and bring it home. Your puppy begins a new life there. Feed it regularly, take care of it, play and go for a walk with it. Among the activities are: games at home, washing in the bathroom, walking, sporting events and lots of other things. On the whole the game possesses 11 unique mini-games you can entertain a puppy with - from throwing Frisbee to a dog show. And besides, there are 10 places you can visit with the puppy. The game is perfect for all ages. This puppy will always be with you.
Views: 455 257
Popularity: 179 065
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