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Cloud Commander has an interesting plot with brave pilots and astounding air-fights in 3D mode! Cloud Commander unites exciting air combats with dangerous canyon mission with witty plot. Bring down numerous enemies in the clouds and hit all the targets on the ground in three-dimensional mode; and compete with your friends in canyon races in multiplayer mode!
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Popularity: 145 162
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Votes: 725

A magic strategy in fantasy world. Earlier in the Townsmen you just were building a castle and town. Now you will fight with dragons and wizards, practice witchcraft and use potions. The game is one of the best mobile strategies, but in the fifth part the developers surpassed themselves by giving something new: the battles with the dragons that appear on a separate screen, and in fact represent a separate mini-game. As a merciless robber baron, you grind the settlers, steal dragons and seek to gain power and wealth. However, cunning but good magician Tseldron stands in your way by sending the army of dragons to your citizens. Build houses and send out your tax inspectors to ensure a stable income and strengthen the supremacy. Use spells of a court druid to make magic potion from the blood of captured dragons that will make you almost invincible in battle. You are to fight alone against the forces of good and become a great Baron, who went down in history!

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Popularity: 135 145
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Become the part of the Littlest Pet Shop world! Collect all your pets! Make the pets happy with the help of the exciting mini-games. Try everything to make them feel pleased. Do many quests in order to finish the construction. Try to give presents which will make your pets jump in joy! Become their best friend!

Views: 543 252
Popularity: 132 411
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Votes: 554
In this simulator you the leader of a group of shipwreck survivors. The essence of the game is to collect food, build different objects, improve (you may be a good employee or a party-goer) and to propagate. Lots of different mini-games, which help in your character’s development, are available. There are also small quests across the island, for example, collect bottles with messages, study plants to become a doctor and so on. Usually these people live there till they are 60, so you have to propagate as much as possible to reproduce your kin. You may teach your children at school and so on. You can also change your heroes’ appearance (haircut, clothing, etc). When you live the game, the time goes on there. And if you left the game for a long while, who knows what you will see when you come back, as after you quit the game the world continues living on its own. It is a never-ending and never-annoying game. You may spend several evenings playing it, or play in the subway, with one hand free!
Views: 250 415
Popularity: 70 431
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A new part of Spore, the super hit, in the sequel of which a pre-installed main character is waiting for you, whom you are obliged to lead to the end of the development. This creature is to grow and acquire the tools to survive in this harsh world. The life in the body of a half-rational creature is much more interesting and complete than the one of the older fellow creatures. The route of our expedition consists of six planets, each one with different fauna and natural conditions. On each planet you and your creature will perform the required tasks. Moreover, in the game you will find: great and funny music, all kinds of various tasks, a stunning creature editor and a huge amount of the hidden secrets. In Spore creatures game:
  • Sweet"cardboard" graphics and funny music;
  • Variety of tasks;
  • Excellent editor of the creatures;
  • lots of hidden secrets.
Views: 703 210
Popularity: 277 711
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Votes: 974

Every young girl who living in Paris, wants to create a fashion and style salon. In the game you will get such a chance!
First of all explore the huge city and open dozens of luxury shops, each with its unique style of clothing and fashion.
Create unique costumes, meet new people and maybe in all this bustle you will find your love.
Experience this romantic adventure!

Views: 406 521
Popularity: 131 324
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Votes: 275

It is time to take guitar and to step on the stage of the new version of mega popular game which has even more best music now! Play 15 known all over the world hits of legendary rock bands and bring the crowd into a rage with the help of solo guitar, bass guitar and drums. The game offers the songs of «Blur», «Gorillaz», «Deep Purple», «The White Stripes», «Queens of the Stone Age», David Bowie and many other popular artists! Free you internal rock-star!

Views: 189 975
Popularity: 58 571
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Votes: 363
It's a magnificent golf from Gameloft company! 72 missions in four different places of the world, recreated in 3D-graphics in such cities such as: Fiji Beach, Greece, etc. Choose one of four characters, and improve your character with each successful task, you can also customize everything at your sole discretion. You can choose modes in Let's Golf : simple (Simple game), medium (Tournament) and complex (Quick game) if you are a professional in golf!
Views: 225 371
Popularity: 105 853
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Votes: 929

In Townsmen 6 the players are to try themselves in a role of a freedom fighter at the times of French revolution. Improved graphics, new mini-games and new control mechanism, making the game even easier are waiting for you in the game. Owners of modern mobile phones with a touch interface and accelerometer will be able to use it first

Views: 481 161
Popularity: 155 115
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Votes: 535
Consider yourself a Casanova? Let's see how you behave when faced with a bunch of appointed dates! Date or Ditch 2 is an exciting love affair that will check your ability according to the well-thought plot. Discover the unique gameplay that combines social simulation,lively eye-to-eye discussions and funny tests. You accidentally meet someone at a party, go to the movies together, invite your passion for lunch ... And a surprising visit of your last love will make your relationship spicy.
Views: 371 834
Popularity: 157 022
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