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Votes: 2 711
Do you dream of a little kitten that does not lose its childish spontaneity and charm with time? All your dreams come true with the New Year!
Meowsim: Kotovasiya? Is a whole cat family consisting of a crazy cat and a cute kitten.

MeowSim Kotovasiya key features:
  • Funny and comically animated characters
  • Ability to bring up a unique pet not resembling any other
  • Ability to choose color, gender, and name of your pet. Each gender has its unique characteristic of animation
  • Large apartment for a pet,a possibility of its conversion
  • Variety of Christmas ornaments for a New Year's mood
  • Ability to learn dancing with your pet
  • Bonus! Bright and exciting mini-games!
For now they are alone in their large and cozy apartment and very eager to meet this new year with their owner! They put the Christmas tree and wait for you to decorate an apartment and learn a New Year's dance!
Give your pets care and attention,comb out their fleas, feed them with the cat food and do not forget to treat them with the New Year goodies.
And when your pets have rest after a holiday feast, you'll be able to play any of the mini-games!
Views: 1 065 037
Popularity: 381 538
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Votes: 828

Entertain yourself in the city of Temptations: non-stop parties, meeting one another, and plenty of money! Variety of fun mini-games are waiting for you: karaoke, poker, dancing, black jack and so on. Mind-blowing missions, typical for Las Vegas: work for mafia, a possibility of becoming a casino administrator. A continuation of the beloved series of NY and Miami Nights.

Views: 409 300
Popularity: 152 919
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Votes: 3 906
In this fascinating simulator of park of entertainments you should transform life of primitive people into a holiday, arrange fun! Build roundabouts, mad hills, "Ferris wheel", a room of fear and other rides. Do not forget that primitive people are tired, want to eat and drink. Therefore must see to it that they not only have good time, but also fell comfortable. Otherwise you risk to lose the clients, and with them - the profit. You should employ workers, keep order in park and watch over the condition of the rides, establish the prices for tickets. Create Prehistorik park of entertainments!
Views: 957 579
Popularity: 434 698
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Votes: 223

This is a new updated bowling from Gameloft Midnight Bowling 3.
All game attributes you enjoy so much are present in the full volume: trendy club atmosphere, nice music and excitement of course! You can observe the game from several angles.

Views: 229 207
Popularity: 87 403
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Votes: 943
An interesting game in which you need to build houses, just setting a new floor on top of the already constructed. The better your house is built, the greater is the population. Quick Play and the construction of the city. Some types of houses can be built just next to the other.
Views: 640 587
Popularity: 374 561
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Votes: 468

This is another port of Minecraft game to mobiles. It resembles the previous versions a lot but there are still some distinctions!

This game offers:

  • Simple world generator
  • Breaking and setting of the blocks
  • A character, which can jump and run
  • Many different blocks
  • Caves
Views: 218 194
Popularity: 47 359
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Votes: 1 481

Champion сhess - you think you are a chess master? Then try to defeat computer in this game! This game is a real trial for experienced chess players. Try it!

Game features:

  • Smart artificial intellect
  • Simple and responsive system of controls
  • Endless playing process
  • The game is good for the beginners as well as for experienced players
  • High score

Views: 459 250
Popularity: 202 708
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Votes: 388

After having loaded the game you will immediately start to take care of a little puppy. In some time a cat, a rabbit, a hamster and many others exotic pets will join it! Thus you will have a real nature corner, consisting of nine animals, which you need to learn to live together. Take care of them, watch them playing, and even take part in sports competitions!

What is interesting in the game Petz:

  • it is the only mobile game that gives you an opportunity to take care of 9 animals simultaneously!
  • Ensure the welfare and happiness of each animal: feed, pet, and make them more sociable.
  • some of the animals will become friends and will help each other, while the others will misbehave!
  • train your pets and let them be favourites in 3 disciples: swimming, racings, and climbing
  • take a walk with the animals in the garden or at the stadium, and buy accessories for them in your favourite store
Views: 235 353
Popularity: 57 611
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3D   Simulation  
Votes: 822

Develop your musical talents and get down in the clubs in a new game of popular series The Sims™! Will you be able to combine the hits of this year as a professional DJ? Are you ready to build a career of a vinyl master? Create your own sim-personage, decide on a suitable audio recording studio, record your own hit mixes and get down to the full extent! Combine club music with Indian rock or funk style, inventing your own unique style, travel about the city in search of the public that will appreciate you. Become a cool DJ!

Views: 574 298
Popularity: 190 964
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3D   Simulation   Shooter  
Votes: 1 652
Hunting of lions in hot savannahs of Africa and close fight with a bear in a snow-covered Siberian taiga. You can perform this and many other things even without leaving the couch. Even experienced hunters will envy you! An excellent hunting simulator with a variety of animals, the vast expanses and real adventures for men - that's what the "Big Hunt" is! P.S. But do not forget to save our fauna.
Views: 789 011
Popularity: 399 734
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