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This is a new New Year attachment to a popular mobile life simulator The Sims 3! New "snowy" resources, New Year atmosphere and holiday plot of the game – this is what you need for a real winter fun!

Views: 435 583
Popularity: 141 899
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Votes: 1 460

Champion сhess - you think you are a chess master? Then try to defeat computer in this game! This game is a real trial for experienced chess players. Try it!

Game features:

  • Smart artificial intellect
  • Simple and responsive system of controls
  • Endless playing process
  • The game is good for the beginners as well as for experienced players
  • High score

Views: 455 575
Popularity: 201 462
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Votes: 978
High-speed traffic will require your good driving skills and alertness. This is a car simulator, moving in difficult weather conditions. This is not a race, where you only think about speed, it's a real ride about the city or the countryside. Road Chase game features:
  • sufficient level of artificial intelligence, travel companions, each car rides with its own speed;
  • rearview mirror: so you can see what's happening behind you;
  • permanent change of the weather makes your trip even harder. You can use the wipers of the windshield when it's raining or snowing;
  • Service Stations: take into account the fuel consumption. Follow the sensors and, when the fuel level will be zero, stop for refueling to replenish it;
  • traffic police does not sleep! Watch for speed and observe traffic rules!
Views: 392 827
Popularity: 201 358
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Votes: 1 965
Gravity Defied Clear Sky is a mod of Gravity Defied known to everybody that includes:
  • 111 routes that make you think hard and train your sense of patience and dexterity
  • Changed menu, new name, blue background, the increased gravity
  • Huge amount of time to pass the game, etc.

Gravity Defied Clear Sky is a new challenge for the fans of the mountain biking!
Views: 693 458
Popularity: 384 312
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Votes: 2 239
We brought all new things to the game, for the most realistic football game ever. New graphics and animation, the intensity of real football. Such champions as David Villa and also bring your favorite team, including all the real players to the victory! Numerous game modes ensure endless hours of fun. You can even invite your friends to a duel via Bluetooth or a network.
Views: 924 367
Popularity: 521 953
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Votes: 218

This is a new updated bowling from Gameloft Midnight Bowling 3.
All game attributes you enjoy so much are present in the full volume: trendy club atmosphere, nice music and excitement of course! You can observe the game from several angles.

Views: 226 243
Popularity: 86 326
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Votes: 771

Entertain yourself in the city of Temptations: non-stop parties, meeting one another, and plenty of money! Variety of fun mini-games are waiting for you: karaoke, poker, dancing, black jack and so on. Mind-blowing missions, typical for Las Vegas: work for mafia, a possibility of becoming a casino administrator. A continuation of the beloved series of NY and Miami Nights.

Views: 401 831
Popularity: 151 517
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Votes: 924

Every young girl who living in Paris, wants to create a fashion and style salon. In the game you will get such a chance!
First of all explore the huge city and open dozens of luxury shops, each with its unique style of clothing and fashion.
Create unique costumes, meet new people and maybe in all this bustle you will find your love.
Experience this romantic adventure!

Views: 400 645
Popularity: 130 380
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Votes: 1 203
A new part of Spore, the super hit, in the sequel of which a pre-installed main character is waiting for you, whom you are obliged to lead to the end of the development. This creature is to grow and acquire the tools to survive in this harsh world. The life in the body of a half-rational creature is much more interesting and complete than the one of the older fellow creatures. The route of our expedition consists of six planets, each one with different fauna and natural conditions. On each planet you and your creature will perform the required tasks. Moreover, in the game you will find: great and funny music, all kinds of various tasks, a stunning creature editor and a huge amount of the hidden secrets. In Spore creatures game:
  • Sweet"cardboard" graphics and funny music;
  • Variety of tasks;
  • Excellent editor of the creatures;
  • lots of hidden secrets.
Views: 698 651
Popularity: 276 744
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Votes: 634

Let’s introduce mobile game: Russian Fishing Mobile. In this game you will be able to visit lots of water bodies of Russia. You will have an opportunity to catch a big and beautiful fish, which you can never see in a real world.

Views: 457 974
Popularity: 113 691
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