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Build a prestigious career and join the circle of the most influential people of Miami. Because of your popularity you will meet with such crazy and unexpected people, who seem to come out right from the screens. All the characters in the game have a good memory, that is why do not insult them, or they can hurt you at the most inopportune moment. Use your repute when flirting, kissing, seducing and so on… But do not forget to build relationships, especially with your ex-; otherwise they will follow your footsteps.


Miami Nights 2: The City is Yours game features:

  • The playing map is three times as much, than in the first version, 30 new places, including Key Biscayne;
  • Choose any career (a detective, a publisher, a fashion hunter);
  • Meet the symbolic characters of your favorite movies;
  • Play one more time and build a new career, live with your new neighbours; the game will be absolutely different!
  • Characters with human memory; build relationships with other characters at every meeting;
  • Draw your family and friends into the adventures thanks to camera functions.
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Popularity: 209 304
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RPG   Simulation  
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Mod to the game The Sims 3. Scenes of action were changed for winter; the game has lots of new pranks, e.g. when a character pulls a fish out of water, and sees an old shoe instead of it! In original game a guy was eating from an empty frig, now there is some food in it.
The game also has some more changes, it is not possible to enumerate them all; just download the game and you’ll see everything yourselves!

Views: 1 474 349
Popularity: 294 336
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Take your team in Real football manager edition to the victory. Choose a club among different leagues and teams. Make a training plan and an exclusive game tactics which will take you to the victory.


Game features:


  • Many leagues and teams
  • Excellent graphics
  • Interesting playing process
Views: 711 123
Popularity: 192 311
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Votes: 1 162
Love, adventures and success wait for you in the city of New York! Realistic immersing in the Manhattan life. If you want to live on Manhattan and to share secrets with Demi Moore, then this game is for you!
Views: 556 951
Popularity: 199 920
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Votes: 3 859
In this fascinating simulator of park of entertainments you should transform life of primitive people into a holiday, arrange fun! Build roundabouts, mad hills, "Ferris wheel", a room of fear and other rides. Do not forget that primitive people are tired, want to eat and drink. Therefore must see to it that they not only have good time, but also fell comfortable. Otherwise you risk to lose the clients, and with them - the profit. You should employ workers, keep order in park and watch over the condition of the rides, establish the prices for tickets. Create Prehistorik park of entertainments!
Views: 952 993
Popularity: 433 762
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High-speed traffic will require your good driving skills and alertness. This is a car simulator, moving in difficult weather conditions. This is not a race, where you only think about speed, it's a real ride about the city or the countryside. Road Chase game features:
  • sufficient level of artificial intelligence, travel companions, each car rides with its own speed;
  • rearview mirror: so you can see what's happening behind you;
  • permanent change of the weather makes your trip even harder. You can use the wipers of the windshield when it's raining or snowing;
  • Service Stations: take into account the fuel consumption. Follow the sensors and, when the fuel level will be zero, stop for refueling to replenish it;
  • traffic police does not sleep! Watch for speed and observe traffic rules!
Views: 394 618
Popularity: 202 056
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Votes: 962

The game The Sims Medievalgives the gamers the chance to build a real medieval kingdom, controlling every character – from kings and queens to the knights, magicians, blacksmiths, and bards. The gamers may also create a chronicle of the state, using the system of missions – to forge a legendary sword or to arrange a royal wedding, to protect the country from the evil mages or find the fountain of youth. Each task is performed in a different way, depending on which hero the player sends for a great deed.

Views: 594 235
Popularity: 185 397
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Java game Big Range Hunting 2 will let you travel around the world from Alaska to Louisiana, hunt and fish in realistic wild environment, stalking prey in its natural habitat. Shoot the ducks and crows, catch the most exotic fish, but be careful because dangerous predators are everywhere around you! Big Range Hunting 2 game features:
  • Three game modes: a career, free mode and mini-games mode
  • The only game uniting hunting and fishing
  • A whole array of weapons to be bought, collected and used.
  • Ultra-realistic graphics and animation of animals
  • Wide variety of mini-games
  • Various environments for hunting and fishing
  • Views: 1 006 977
    Popularity: 539 274
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    Votes: 936
    An interesting game in which you need to build houses, just setting a new floor on top of the already constructed. The better your house is built, the greater is the population. Quick Play and the construction of the city. Some types of houses can be built just next to the other.
    Views: 637 407
    Popularity: 373 927
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    Votes: 554

    You have been dreaming about leaving your native Alabama state for one of the most wonderful cities in the world - New York for many years! Make your dream come true! Your generous mother gave you some money to rent an apartment for forty days and some other small money. This is where you start your new life. Look for a job, make new friends and try to become wealthy and famous. You also might be lucky to meet your better half in this city!

    Views: 260 093
    Popularity: 52 457
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