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Action   Shooter  
Votes: 234

Splinter cell - is a stealth action game. The main character of the series - Sam Fisher is a special agent of the fictive NCA department "The third echelon", who is an expert of sneak entry.

Game features:

  • Classic stealth action
  • Various types of weapons
  • Various hits
  • Absorbing gameplay


Views: 152 905
Popularity: 39 212
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Votes: 106

Defender is a classic tower defense game. You have a castle and you need to defend it. Evil red monsters want to take your home. You must prevent them from doing this. You have a rather good weapon arsenal. These are bows with the help of which you can kill your enemies and you can also use magic. As usual, you get gold when you kill your enemies and you can upgrade your weapons for gold.

Views: 74 725
Popularity: 18 500
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Arcade   Shooter  
Votes: 252
Mr.Revolver is the game in the style of westerns of the Wild West. You play as legendary Wyatt Earp, who was appointed an assistant bailiff of Dodge City. The bandits are terrorizing the local population of the city. Only they can stop the murders. It is challenging, but two Mexican boy are to help you. So, take your favorite Colt, and Good luck! Mr. Revolver game features:
  • dynamic gameplay
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • 4 different gaming locations
  • opportunity to recharge the weapon
  • save and play the game from the moment, in which you have stopped in the game
  • convenient control
  • local table of records.
Views: 130 847
Popularity: 46 165
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Arcade   Action   Shooter  
Votes: 1 604
Repent - alien creatures swallowed all energy of mechanic world. There is only one brave robot challenging them. He has a powerful gun and starts uneven battle.

Game features:

  • Connected levels
  • Support of all screen sizes
  • Lives represented as energy cells
Views: 449 438
Popularity: 108 745
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Votes: 127
Can you hear a rumble in the sky? The enemy is approaching. Flocks of fighting machines filled the sky, and blocked out the sun; and only one person can stop them. The best military pilot. You are to take part in hitherto unknown air fight of World War II. You will fight with enemy superior forces: brisk fighters, battle airships, low-flying attack aircraft and huge flying fortresses covering half of the sky. You will have to use secret kinds of weapons and defense, fly tens of kilometers and destroy thousands of enemies. Let the air be filled with fragments of enemy aircrafts, let the rivers boil under them, and the land catch fire from these fragments! Now you are the only one in the sky filled with iron and fire, and the destiny of the whole of Europe depends only on you alone! Supreme AirFighter game features:
  • Vivid graphics and special effects, explosions, flashes and shadows with possibility of deactivating;
  • Many different enemies and huge bosses;
  • Dynamic and exciting gameplay;
  • Ability to play with three different aircrafts;
  • Excellent optimization and high speed of the game even on weak phone models;
  • The game is available in nine languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, German, Czech, Polish, French, Spanish.
  • Views: 96 894
    Popularity: 23 131
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    RPG   Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 465
    We thought that only we like games about car stealing and sorting things out. Nothing of the kind. The Chinese are also delighted with them and issued a fascinating game,the name of which is in three words: Gang, Threat Ardor, the first letters of which resemble well-known GTA very much. And here we have a fake, but it seems to be of the high quality. The graphic design is not bad. The game provides you with an impressive amount of possibilities, as well as a great soundtrack. But the most pleasant thing is the old criminal environment saturated with criminal car stealing and showdowns in the streets, as in "Great hijackers".
    Views: 494 207
    Popularity: 72 964
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    Arcade   Shooter  
    Votes: 72

    Mischievous demons bother the jungle inhabitants, so they came to Shikari Shambu. They destroy corns and frighten the cattle. Having mastered up his courage, Shikari goes deep into jungles. Help him to destroy the demons and gain the gratitude of the inhabitants in the gameShikari Shambu Jungle Trouble.

    Views: 80 619
    Popularity: 18 337
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    Votes: 112

    Zombies are back and they are here to kill. You try to survive in the city which was evacuated in the connection with spreading of dangerous virus. But many people were infected and turned into zombies. You must protect yourself and find the way out of the city.

    Views: 134 895
    Popularity: 22 728
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    Arcade   Shooter  
    Votes: 108

    A legendary comrade Sukhov decided to become a stalker. All that might be alright, to pass 3 roads is a usual thing for him. But the roads are guarded by the clan gunmen who do not like foreigners on their territory. That’s why Sukhov has to fight back the gunmen-kamikaze and their defense equipment. Only the civilians have chance to stay alive. You will have to pass 9 levels with more and more strong enemies. Only the true stalker will not leave the task unfinished.

    Views: 73 250
    Popularity: 11 825
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    Votes: 136

    This is the story of the American legendary Lafayette Escadrille of the times of the World War I. The flying team of this escadrille consisted of the foreign volunteers which came from the countries which were not in war against Germany. The film focuses our attention on the story of young American soldiers – the graduates of the flying courses who get into the war which differs a lot from the “French resort” they hoped to get to. The game is based on the film “The Lafayette Escadrille”. Excellent graphics and physics of the game will not leave you indifferent. The fans of the historical games and just flying games will surely enjoy this one.

    Views: 108 237
    Popularity: 30 915
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