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Arcade   Online   Shooter  
Votes: 594
This game gives you an opportunity to feel a tank commander in the battle against superior numbers of the enemy. Your task is not only fighting to survive in this grinder, but also to protect your headquarters. Here everything is like during the war - no super-guided missiles, space guns. Only hope for a good reaction and an ability to anticipate the battle. This is the secret of an exciting game, 35 levels will not be so easy for you. And to have more interest in playing, we have introduced various bonuses that appear on the playing field, from the protection of the staff to various improvements for your tank. GStalingrad game features:
  • 35 exciting levels;
  • 4 types of enemy tanks with different characteristics;
  • Nothing superfluous, tanks, explosions and beautiful graphics;
  • ability to save your score and enter the top-10 players.
  • Views: 389 677
    Popularity: 127 283
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    Votes: 716
    The army of Chhankoggn planet (a human is not able to correctly pronounce the name, and write it down either) and Tseyar Kna (Federation of the western planet) set a goal to destroy the AC (Akkilian Union) and the Earth appeared to be under threat.

    It depends only on you if our army will be able to resist the attack of aliens. Their aim is not the resources and not the capturing of the planet. Their aim is to destroy us, to devastate the planet, to wipe it off from the map of the Galaxy. May it be that our home, our Earth, existing hundreds of millions of years will fall in the face of space danger? There is no way out. Unity is all that we need!

    N.O.V.A. The Beginning (MOD Ops Sniper 3D) game features:
    • 8 missions on orbital bases and directly on the Earth
    • 4 types of unique weapons, including sniper rifle and even dynamite
    • Unbeaten HD- graphics, made in the best tradition of futuristics and N.O.V.A style
    • Full-fledged plot, having nothing common with the both parts of N.O.V.A, created to plunge you into an atmosphere of intergalactic war
    • An incredible atmosphere of the future with all the ensuing consequences
    • 8 unique maps, each with its unforgettable style.
    • A new menu style in N.O.V.A type
    Views: 239 057
    Popularity: 72 865
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    Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 366

    This is S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear sky game which has perfect graphics. The game offers huge amount of weapons. The game also has excellent special effects and the mutants can meet you any moment!

    Views: 155 102
    Popularity: 38 024
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    Votes: 707
    Infinite darkness, ominous passages of a military complex became the residence of evil. Thousands of blood-thirsty monsters got into premises of military laboratory. Destroy monsters at any cost! They should not break loose! The various accoutrements, weapon and explosive will be given to you. They are strangers! And all of them should die! Otherwise all of us will be dead. The mankind has only one chance!
    Views: 472 330
    Popularity: 143 879
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    Votes: 931
    3D Dogfight 1916 game will throw you in the First World War, when the aircraft was first to be used for aerial combat. In those days, planes did not have even bomb holes, so the first bombs were dropped manually. Prove your loyalty by doing all the missions and win the honorary name of the best ace of the First World! The game starts with a training mission, and then you go to real air battles! Game features:
    • Latest 3-D engine (J2ME), allowing to adapt the level of the graphics to the performance of the platform;
    • 3 game modes: "Flycraft" (to fly through the checkpoints within a certain time), "Deathmatch" (an air battle, the goal of which is to destroy all enemy planes), "Defensive" (a massive battle, the goal is the destruction of the enemy air defense systems) ;
    • 6 types of planes and 12 missions;
    • network game via Bluetooth up to 6 players;
    • real model airplanes and high-quality three-dimensional graphics;
    • realistic explosion effects;
    • unique artificial intelligence;
    • special effects using particle systems;
    • re-designation of the control keys.
    Demo version:
    • all games, 3 missions and 3 airplanes are available;
    • game mode via Bluetooth in the demo is disabled;
    • sounds in the demo are disabled;
    • it is desirable to disable the "radar" (in the menu [Options]) for weak phones, it may lead to disabling of the the device;
    • it is desirable to choose the graphics level "low" (in the menu [Options]) for weak phones.
    Download JAD - otherwise it will be DEMO!
    Views: 588 487
    Popularity: 317 819
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    Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 808
    The game is based on a popular computer game of the same name about SWAT and its working life. You are one of the members of this unique subdivision, which will have to bear away 15 uneasy and, to be more precise, very complicated crisis situations. Subordinate and eliminate all the enemies, using the tactics of SWAT troops. As a leader of the group you are to decide all the tactic moments of the game, minimize losses, terminate the enemy and save hostages. Stick together, team! Go go go!
    Views: 473 969
    Popularity: 176 943
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    Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 328

    The third part of a famous block-buster. The battles will unfold in all the parts of the world. The soldiers of your section will fight abreast with you as in a real war. Various actions also add realism – you can not only shoot and run, but also crawl and hide behind the walls. Brilliant graphics and epic battles on the fields of World War II!

    The game Call Of Duty 3 possesses:

    • A great number of weapons
    • Various surroundings and sceneries
    • Improved artificial intellect of the team and a teaching program
    Views: 216 088
    Popularity: 46 295
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    Arcade   Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 3 223
    Stalker: Laboratory X13 -get into a secret laboratory to find secret information. Professor has hidden the drawing of powerful weapon very well. Move on the territory carefully and stay away from mutated people.

    Game features:

    • 6 levels
    • 3 types of weapons
    • Description of every mission
    Views: 625 573
    Popularity: 156 741
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    3D   Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 506
    In 100 small missions you are waited by a horde of the zombie. Kill all of them, otherwise they will kill you.... Convenient management, good 3D drawing and thought-out levels will leave pleasant impression in your memory for a long time. The game will be finished without a pause. Good luck... Do not allow yourself to be gobbled.
    Views: 324 786
    Popularity: 92 163
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    3D   Arcade   Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 180

    Meet the new mod for DOOM! You are going to operate a nameless mariner, who defeated hellish creatures on Phobos and Deimos in the original game. When he appeared on the Earth, it turns out that it also became the victim of monster attacks. He decides to clear the planet from disgusting beasts.

    Views: 154 458
    Popularity: 26 304
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