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3D   Arcade   Shooter  
Votes: 276
A continuation of a superpopular game Alpha Wing from Macrospace (Glu) company, now with improved graphics. The years have passed and the war between humans and alien invaders has flared up again. Darkness and despair enveloped the galaxy. And as earlier only one hope remained– pilots of elite flight of spaceships Alpha Wing! As one of the bravest heroes of Galaxy you may save the mankind of hostile monsters. Choose one of the pilots of Alpha Wing and go through a series of battles on the most unusual planets. Each ship has a deadly weapon, which will help you to fight the invaders. But beware - to win the space war, you will have to demonstrate mastery of a star pilot. Alpha Wing 2 game features:
  • the second series of mobile games being downloaded by millions of users;
  • fascinating graphics with three-dimensional elements (on some models);
  • battles in three star systems;
  • three-unique characters for being played;
  • you can collect bonuses that increase the power of weapons and the number of points earned;
  • many levels filled with pure rage!
  • battles with the boss and furious explosions;
  • a table of records in Internet – you may compare your results with those of other players.
  • Views: 160 495
    Popularity: 47 599
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    Votes: 773

    This is one of the best mods for Micro Counter Strike. The game has lots of maps, resembling CS 1.6. The mod has a lot of changes.


    Java game MCS 1.6 (mod) features:


    • An incredible game atmosphere

    • Weapon from CS 1.6

    • Game via Bluetooth


    Views: 430 866
    Popularity: 88 949
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    Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 933
    It's 1944.
    People have begun to disappear recently in the secret city of Ananerbe organization - Okkultstade- eventually the connection with the city was lost. Since the most secret investigations of Nazi Germany are led in this city, they have decided to send one of the best German soldiers named Cloud there. But they could not even think that he would be a Russian spy, and that all the secrets of Ananerbe would be available to the USSR. However, this city is teeming with the hordes of the undead corpses, who are victims of a failed experiment. Manage to survive in this hell and learn all the secrets of Ananerbe.

    Zombie Infection 3: Nazi Zombies game features:
    • new textures (the graphic design was changed completely)
    new high quality weapon
    • magnum
    • Thompson
    • mp40
    • gun
    • new AMR music
    • new level of complexity
    • new Nazi zombies
    Views: 464 396
    Popularity: 111 777
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    Arcade   Online   Shooter  
    Votes: 606
    This game gives you an opportunity to feel a tank commander in the battle against superior numbers of the enemy. Your task is not only fighting to survive in this grinder, but also to protect your headquarters. Here everything is like during the war - no super-guided missiles, space guns. Only hope for a good reaction and an ability to anticipate the battle. This is the secret of an exciting game, 35 levels will not be so easy for you. And to have more interest in playing, we have introduced various bonuses that appear on the playing field, from the protection of the staff to various improvements for your tank. GStalingrad game features:
  • 35 exciting levels;
  • 4 types of enemy tanks with different characteristics;
  • Nothing superfluous, tanks, explosions and beautiful graphics;
  • ability to save your score and enter the top-10 players.
  • Views: 392 901
    Popularity: 127 855
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    Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 380

    This is S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear sky game which has perfect graphics. The game offers huge amount of weapons. The game also has excellent special effects and the mutants can meet you any moment!

    Views: 158 008
    Popularity: 38 462
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    Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 358

    The third part of a famous block-buster. The battles will unfold in all the parts of the world. The soldiers of your section will fight abreast with you as in a real war. Various actions also add realism – you can not only shoot and run, but also crawl and hide behind the walls. Brilliant graphics and epic battles on the fields of World War II!

    The game Call Of Duty 3 possesses:

    • A great number of weapons
    • Various surroundings and sceneries
    • Improved artificial intellect of the team and a teaching program
    Views: 220 067
    Popularity: 46 909
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    Arcade   Shooter  
    Votes: 459

    Space war - is another space shooter. Protect the Earth from the enemies. The action of the game takes place in the faraway space among numerous galaxies and thousands of planets. Fight till the last drop of energy!

    Game features:

    • Different space ships
    • Various weapons
    • Absorbing gameplay


    Views: 171 935
    Popularity: 59 921
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    Votes: 367

    Egregore of evil is trying to become almighty absorbing the energy of other people. It also attacks your friends Kevin and Gwen with the help of its robots. Protect your friends and stop egregore before it is too late!

    Views: 290 627
    Popularity: 62 477
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    Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 495
    New fascinating adventures of sergeant Allen in game Metal Slug Mobile 3 is in the continuation of the most successful action-trilogy on the mobile! Find and destroy your enemy and rescue the group from attack of alien zombies!
    Views: 214 757
    Popularity: 87 942
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    Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 338
    You will be the leader of prestigious grouping Rainbow Six. Your work is to provide safety of the whole world. But in spite of the fact that the best experts help you, danger threatens the world. 2007. The world is on the threshold of the global conflict. The USA are in chains of economic blockade while terrorists constantly kill the peace population. Grouping Rainbow is specially created to protect Venezuela, last supplier of gold for the USA, and also to protect America from all dangers. And you are the leader of this organisation. Your work is to protect. The best weapon and technologies wait for you, and it is necessary to keep cold, sober mind, differently, there will be nobody to defend the world. This game for a mobile phone is created on motives of the hit with the same name for PC, 8 million copies of game is already sold worldwide! The detailed script drawing will not leave indifferent anybody. One of bright features of game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 is management of the grouping that seldom occurs on mobile phones.
    Views: 175 022
    Popularity: 47 581
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