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Votes: 863
Mystical events occur in Kryakvilde, a group of criminals escaped from prison and now wants to show, who is the boss, making violent and brazen crimes. This work is just for Darkwing Duck. You have to liberate the city from five villains. But who is the head of the gang, who was behind all this? Darkwing Duck game will remind you of the childhood days, when you played this game using Dendi or Sega.
Views: 635 644
Popularity: 388 777
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Action   Shooter  
Votes: 1 130
Chuck Norris does not have abstruse intrigues, artful designs of destinies etc. But he has a steel fist and a new mobile game! Game Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain will show the fans of mobile games the person whodoes not need to be presented to, he is Chuck Norris. Do you have the courage to play for the ranger or commando Chuck in the struggle against Fidel Castro's iunnited forces and Kim not to admit a communism victory in the USA and abroad, by means of effective martial arts which only one Chuck Norris owns. But not only enemies will feel anger of Chuck, all the suuroundings can be destroyed. In game Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain you can hit yourself or your enemy or even your friend in the face by means of the camera - you should make a photograph of yourself or your friend and after that all your enemies in game will have your appearance. Innovative system Zoom Perspective allows Chuck to throw the won enemies directly in the screen exactly as in his films. There are three reasons why Chuck Norris has decided to make mobile game:
  • Chuck Norris has decided to make mobile game to destroy as many enemies as he wants.
  • Chuck Norris struggles with harm everywhere. It can be a film, your television screen or a mobile phone - enemies will not resist anywhere.
Views: 312 407
Popularity: 133 511
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Action   Shooter  
Votes: 1 397
New film game the Bourne: Conspiracy is to become conformance exception, capable to please all fans of actions. Plot Bourne Conspiracy contains elements of the Bourne Identity, and also new unknown turns. Pluses of game Bourne: Conspiracy - Dynamics of game - An interesting plot
Views: 514 192
Popularity: 220 659
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Votes: 704
New game from "Brothers in Arms". This time we should operate fighters from 101st air-landing division of army of the USA and take part in drama events of ten September days of the year1944 - operation Market Garden. Mobile game Brothers in Arms: Art of War is a novelty of the year 2008.
Views: 308 931
Popularity: 90 167
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Votes: 791
Infinite darkness, gloomy long transitions of a military complex became a harm residence as thousand blood-thirsty monsters fill its offices, warehouses and research laboratories. Your mission is simple: to destroy monsters at any cost, the necessary quantity of explosives, the various weapon and a heap of equipment will be given you. Download game for mobile phone Alien shooter and save the world from monsters! They are STRANGERS! And they should die! You have one chance, and you should use it! The destiny of mankind depends now only on you!
Views: 395 714
Popularity: 90 756
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Arcade   Action   Shooter  
Votes: 798

World of tanks mobile - is a popular PC ported online game. In this mobile version you play offline, i.e. you play against computer. Nice graphics will not leave you indifferent.

Game features:

  • Different maps
  • Different types of tanks
  • Different military tasks
  • Absorbing gameplay

Views: 425 567
Popularity: 94 465
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Votes: 274
The legendary arcade hit shooter is back!
A new and original classic gameplay, new graphics and various weapons, bonuses... The fate of the galaxy is in your hands!
Arm your fighter and prepare to defend the land from the hordes of relentless enemies.
Your path consists of 25 unique levels and different bosses!
Views: 221 605
Popularity: 73 071
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Action   Shooter  
Votes: 1 968

Hordes of murderers will meet him in a full ammunition: revolvers, guns, Uzis, grenade launchers...Mexicana beaches, castles of New-York; among them you are to get the truth about the character’s personality. Missions on the plane, on the yacht and simply barefoot; everything for the sake of a fabulous victory of your hero. You may choose on of the two characters: the main character of XIII and beautiful spy Jessica. Complete 14 levels and 8 different maps with interactive elements. A rich choice of weapons, lots of cruel rivals and plenty of traps on the way. To get additional information about XIII you will have to collect bonus objects.

Views: 434 559
Popularity: 221 271
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3D   Action   Shooter  
Votes: 271

Gordon freeman sees a dream that it is the World War II and he is taking part in it again. The events take place in the enemy bunker. You need to get out of there and kill fascists, collecting a real weapons arsenal on your way.

Views: 231 803
Popularity: 40 908
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Action   Shooter  
Votes: 561
The far future, Mars. As a result of unsuccessful experiments there was an accident - awful monsters that killi everybody on their way escaped. The skilled fighter goes on a red planet to kill monsters and to eliminate danger of their further spread. You should pass laboratories of Martian military base, a place of excavation of ancient civilisations and even visit corridors of hell! The error of the scientists working on Mars can become fatal to all mankind. And, when the harm escaped, only you can stop it! Delights of mobile game Storm 3D: - Pseudo-3D (allowing game to work even on weak phones) - super the detailed drawing - The fascinating plot - The balanced game process - 3 types of the weapon (automatic pistol, flare pistool, plasma gun) - Possibility of simultaneous shooting from one/two hands - Sound of high quality - High dynamics of game.
Views: 205 443
Popularity: 78 352
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