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Action   Shooter  
Votes: 1 722
And again threat has hung over the world, and again Sam Fisher gets down to business. The permanent hero of a series Splinter Cell , the master of confidential operations, the super-agent in "Chaos Theory" - the blockbuster which has apeared on the computer and games consoles! In "Chaos Theory", Sam Fisher should eliminate a new explosive situation in the Pacific region. Using new espionage tricks, you can creep up to sentries and silently remove them. With a large amount of the new weapon, like knives, darts and grenades never before before in games Splinter Cell for mobile phones, you can attack the enemies while they try to find you in the darkness. You should download game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and try new possibilities. "The Chaos theory" offers new tests and tasks which will force you to jump up on an edge of the seat. This is the best espionage game for mobile phones!
Views: 659 567
Popularity: 232 992
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Votes: 3 803

The year of Redemption 2018. John Connor— is a man whose destiny — is to lead the Resistance to an electronic brain Skynet and Terminator army. But into the future, with faith in which he was brought up, wedges a mysterious stranger - Marcus Wright, whose last recollections depict a death cell. Connor has to realize who is Marcus— the envoy of the future or a rescued one from the past. And while Skynet prepares a decisive blow Connor and Wright set off for a journey, that leads them to the very core of the rebelled operation system, where a terrible secret that lies hidden behind the possible annihilation of mankind is revealed.


Terminator: Salvation game features:

  • Unprecedented third-person shooter for mobile consoles;
  • Various missions and gameplay intertwine with a battle and driving of trucks and futuristic vehicles;
  • Hack and drive futuristic vehicles: Moto-Terminators, flying killers and trucks;
  • Bypass Skynet security by cracking computers in two mini-games;
  • Play for John Connor and Marcus Wright, each has its own strength and skills;
  • 9 exciting levels of action and shooters in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.
Views: 2 143 621
Popularity: 892 305
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RPG   Action   Shooter  
Votes: 5 429

Grand Theft Auto 4 — fans have been waiting for GTA for mobile phones, and here it is. Break and hijack! This is a specially remodeled version of Car Jack Streets game for fans of smashing games about a great car thief. The games of Grand Theft Auto series feature a freedom of action, including free movement across vast territories, a possibility to hijack any transport met and kill any person seen. Except for the core, various plot tasks, the player may make some money on the side, having peaceful occupations, look for hidden objects or for example, make extreme auto jumps in specially provided places. Where can one hijack dozens of cars a day, beat up passers-by, shoot at the prostitutes and earn money by selling drugs? In which game you will have an opportunity to shoot down the police with a grenade-launcher with impunity, and a minute later, calmly have dinner in a nearby pizzeria? Grand Theft Auto is famous with its scandalous disposition and a great scope for creativity. But in GTA 4 there is no absolute permissiveness— this time the game observes rules of a real life. Real policemen, natural city, strict rules of criminal world give you only one alternative: adjust yourself or die!

Views: 2 908 027
Popularity: 699 321
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Arcade   RPG   Action   Online   Strategy   Shooter  
Votes: 2 783
Legendary Tanchikifor Dendy are back! «Tanchiki» does not resemble any known arcade or shooter. In the game you will meet:
  • 40 missions with various tasks: «kill all», "defend the base", "steal the flag," "destroy the radar," etc.
  • Upgrading for your tank!
  • Various kinds of enemy tanks and guns.
  • Loading of additional levels online.
  • Destroy the enemy and earn coins, but spend them wisely! You can upgrade your tank spending the money earned for buying new weapons in repair shop. And do you have any idea of how many types of weapons there are in «Tanchiki»? 35 types! For buying some particular types of weapons you are to conduct research using the stars, collected during the game. Everything depends on the situation and the quantity of money earned. Remember, that the larger the balance of coins you will have after the modernization of the tank, the greater the percentage of bonuses you get at the end of the next level. Try to save. Upgrade your tank:
  • buy new weapons
  • increase the mobility of the tank
  • raise its invulnerability
  • buy artillery and radar
  • call for help from the air
  • request assistance from the allied tanks Play also game continuation: Download Tanchiki Pro
  • Views: 2 365 901
    Popularity: 807 823
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    Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 1 807

    Artic assault 3D - experience a conflict in Zone-101 fighting on the side of Fight from Scylla Corp or as a brave rebel from Fist. Fight against dozens of soldiers and helicopters. Who is a hero and who is a villain?

    Game features:

    • 3D first person shooter with realistic graphics
    • 2 teams
    • 5 big levels and 5 difficulty modes
    • Weapons with unique characteristics

    Views: 702 532
    Popularity: 271 412
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    Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 1 068

    Emergencies require emergency remedial measures. Join the ranks of counter-terrorism special unit R.A.W. and start the most dangerous and important mission for all mankind all over the world! Disclose a thoroughly conspiratorial international terrorist organization and put an end to its inhuman plans! Control the actions of your partners and be ready for the ongoing shootings and continual death threats! Fighters of Special Unit never give up!

    Views: 396 416
    Popularity: 149 919
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    Votes: 834

    Have you ever happened to be in a police department? Some of you even more often then they wanted. Do not joke with militia or police- they do not understand jokes. They grab weapons or truncheon with every trifle. You will meet this kind of guys in the game. But now you are in hardened cop’s shoes with all the consequences that come with it. You are to investigate numerous crimes that are committed almost every day in the streets of the city of Angels. The game is full with interesting and very dangerous special operations. Penetrate into buildings, prosecute inquiries, seal territories and fiercely fight against crime, punishing underworld leaders. For those who likes racings with the smell of the singed rubber the levels with racings are provided. You are to catch up and stop the thief, and well…punish him! You are a cop, aren’t you? And the law is at your side. No, you are the law yourself! Protect yourself and the law in you.

    Views: 402 583
    Popularity: 141 960
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    3D   Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 271
    The second part of the UPDATED trilogy with new weapons and optimizations creates HURRICANE dynamics in your phone and fully dips you into the atmosphere of the brutality of the war. The development of the plot line makes even the most advanced gamers SWEAT. You have succeeded in stymieing Hitler's plan, having captured the design drawings and information about the nuclear weapons testing. You should personally deliver them to the residence of Stalin. You'll have to go through the Secret Laboratory, where the Nazis experiment on prisoners, testing bacteriological weapons. Armed with a devastating six-barrel MG-69 and a lethal rocket launcher, you will lead a bloody war in the walls of the Laboratory. You ought to survive in order to revenge for your friends!
    Views: 705 979
    Popularity: 175 997
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Action   Shooter  
    Votes: 1 184
    Chuck Norris does not have abstruse intrigues, artful designs of destinies etc. But he has a steel fist and a new mobile game! Game Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain will show the fans of mobile games the person whodoes not need to be presented to, he is Chuck Norris. Do you have the courage to play for the ranger or commando Chuck in the struggle against Fidel Castro's iunnited forces and Kim not to admit a communism victory in the USA and abroad, by means of effective martial arts which only one Chuck Norris owns. But not only enemies will feel anger of Chuck, all the suuroundings can be destroyed. In game Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain you can hit yourself or your enemy or even your friend in the face by means of the camera - you should make a photograph of yourself or your friend and after that all your enemies in game will have your appearance. Innovative system Zoom Perspective allows Chuck to throw the won enemies directly in the screen exactly as in his films. There are three reasons why Chuck Norris has decided to make mobile game:
    • Chuck Norris has decided to make mobile game to destroy as many enemies as he wants.
    • Chuck Norris struggles with harm everywhere. It can be a film, your television screen or a mobile phone - enemies will not resist anywhere.
    Views: 316 408
    Popularity: 134 574
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 744
    New game from "Brothers in Arms". This time we should operate fighters from 101st air-landing division of army of the USA and take part in drama events of ten September days of the year1944 - operation Market Garden. Mobile game Brothers in Arms: Art of War is a novelty of the year 2008.
    Views: 313 478
    Popularity: 91 218
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