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Votes: 2 090

Experience the most absorbing and magic adventure in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows™ Part 2 the last game of the great saga. Live the part of one of the three iconic characters in the saga and take part in the final battle against Lord Voldemort.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 game features:

  • Fantastic magical world is the same as in the film
  • Play as Harry, Hermione, or Ron, each of them has the appearance of an actor from the film
  • Earn XP to upgrade to the maximum 20th level and learn new skills, including magic spells
  • Fight the enemies and bosses from the novel and call your Patronus to defeat them
  • Amazing battle system, which includes the use of magic and auto-block system
  • Various mini-games, which brighten up the gameplay and make it more diversified
Views: 911 224
Popularity: 365 726
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RPG   Action  
Votes: 422

Zone of Alienation: The Beginning is a non commerce porting of Stalker to mobiles. The actions of the game take place in 2010. Arrow group started to prepare its first trip to the center of the Zone as soon as they learned about the possibility to go through the barrier without being influenced by psy-radiation.

Game features:

  • Atmosphere of Zone of Alienation
  • Exploration of Zone of Alienation with 6 locations
  • Free movement of NPC and monsters in the game
  • Full-fledged bases of groupings with unique characters
  • Weapons and armor repairing
  • Fast Travel. You can use conductors to move in the Zone fast.
  • Sleep option
Views: 276 115
Popularity: 74 640
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RPG   Action  
Votes: 1 612
Amazing RPG with philosophical implied sense is based on motives of immortal products ofAndrzej Sapkowski. You are the Witcher, one of the elite soldiers of the caste of fighters of the monsters, brought up and trained for the unique purpose. Now your training is finished. It is time to check up your abilities in practice and to show what you have learnt... This world ... It is weaved from contradictions: here truth and lie are constantly interchange the position. Good or evil, enemy or friend-these words have no sense. The only thing that is significant is your choice. Features of the game: - 12 big levels in 4 various environments - Dynamical system Kombo - Player should make decisions which are reflected in the game course - Collect herbs and mix them to make effective medicines - 11 various kinds of monsters - 3 modes: Quest, Replay and Arena
Views: 629 001
Popularity: 284 081
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Votes: 899
Go to the world of heroes to rescue it from the evil. Take part in this epic adventure, full of fights with monsters, searches in mysterious dungeons, the earths of sorcery and monsters. Swords, axes, boards and magic will be your faithful companions in this game. Investigate the world of dungeons, cities and the earth, facing hordes of malicious beings. Use all arsenal of swords, axes, boards and the reservation which you can unite with magic and create the new unique weapon. With knowledge of Heroes, the adventure takes a new lath in the world of mobile phones. Operate the elements and cause powerful trustees to make your adventure easier. Resist your destiny and become the true "Hero!"
Views: 304 487
Popularity: 79 307
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Votes: 3 421
Action of the game with the same name is developed on arenas of the Roman amphitheatres. Game will be released all over the world at the end of current year for phones with support Java and Brew, in 3D and 2D . Nine characters from the film are given various strong and weak sides, battle for chance to participate in the final fight on the Coliseum arena. Game has some modes - career, survival and game in private with other player through Bluetooth .
Views: 1 737 715
Popularity: 805 832
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Votes: 1 899
You are to explore a fantastic country of princess Sofia! An army of demons has penetrated into kingdom and only the courage of your hero may contribute to the victory over the evil. Vivid battles with orks and ghosts will absorb you into an exciting game for a long time. Drive armies of demons away from Erathia in this sequel that has preserved the magic of the cult role-playing game. Might and Magic II game features:
  • A return of a cult RPG for mobile phones, that was previously only available to PC and consoles.
  • 19 levels on the most diversified maps: villages, cities, a forest, a glacier, a desert, etc.
  • Magic adventures and battles, weapons and various spells and surely a lot of enemies.
  • An exciting non-linear storyline, quests and a subjugation of boundless spaces.
  • A real freedom of action: dialogues with characters, a whole arsenal of weapons available and so on.
  • Convenient control, simplified designation of objects and directions, etc.
  • Views: 529 945
    Popularity: 199 655
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    Votes: 964

    The game The Sims Medievalgives the gamers the chance to build a real medieval kingdom, controlling every character – from kings and queens to the knights, magicians, blacksmiths, and bards. The gamers may also create a chronicle of the state, using the system of missions – to forge a legendary sword or to arrange a royal wedding, to protect the country from the evil mages or find the fountain of youth. Each task is performed in a different way, depending on which hero the player sends for a great deed.

    Views: 597 521
    Popularity: 186 032
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    Votes: 1 049
    Remarkable Chinese realisation of cult RPG game Diablo 2 for mobile phones. The aim of the game is to rescue village from the hated Yellow emperor (Rank Th). Features of game of Diablo II: The magnificent graphics and plot, a considerable quantity of magic, weapon, artefacts, monsters.
    Views: 574 311
    Popularity: 194 345
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    Arcade   RPG   Action   Adventure   Logic  
    Votes: 2 098
    Fallout Mobile - nuclear war destroyed the whole world. Only small groups of people hiding in the emergency shelter managed to survive. Now it is time to leave the shelter and create new life from what remained of the civilization.

    Game features:

    • Open world map
    • Huge number of details
    • System of upgrade of the hero's skills
    Views: 512 561
    Popularity: 99 909
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Arcade   RPG   Action  
    Votes: 1 279
    Experience everything what Harry had in the fifth year of studying- from adventures in halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft to epic fights in the Magic Ministry in mobile version of game Harry Potter. When the world of magicians is ignorant concerning returning of Lodr Voldemort, Harry meets a small group of students known as Dumbledore's Army to train them how to protect temselves from Black magic. Investigate Hogwarts, get ready for fight with Lord Voldemort and his Priests of Death in the most dangerous year for Harry.
    Views: 778 730
    Popularity: 309 943
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