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Votes: 558
Explore an ancient citadel DiVorven, full with legendary animals and treasures. You will own flaming swords, deadly crossbows and other mystical weapons. Use you wit to solve lots of puzzles and overcome deadly traps. Take with you magic potions, enchanted rings, armor of dragon and magic wand that can talk. Orcs and elves will surround you; you will have to learn the secret of their magic. One more argument for this game - it is from developers of a famous Doom! Orcs & Elves game features:
  • An original story: explore gigantic Citadel DiVorven with the help of your talking magic wand to capture an evil witch and her army;
  • Crossed gameplay: first-person game and RPG;
  • Epic Odyssey: explore the habitat of Dragon and mysterious catacombs;
  • A set of cunning methods: 11 mystic weapons, including swords, crossbows and magical items;
  • Legendary characters: dark elves and so called undead;
  • A possibility to save the game: the world you played in is saved and you may begin playing from the same point;
  • More than 5 hours of absorbing playing.
  • Views: 305 865
    Popularity: 82 565
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    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 826

    Dragonia - is a new adventure game from Chinese developers. Plunge into a magic world where sword and magic rule. Destroy a villain and save a princess in this wonderful fairy tale game!

    Game features:

    • Big world to fight in and explore
    • Big amount of monsters, quests and characters
    • Develop fighting and magic skills of your characters
    • Wonderful graphics and sound effects

    Views: 513 057
    Popularity: 134 079
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 1 008
    Remarkable Chinese realisation of cult RPG game Diablo 2 for mobile phones. The aim of the game is to rescue village from the hated Yellow emperor (Rank Th). Features of game of Diablo II: The magnificent graphics and plot, a considerable quantity of magic, weapon, artefacts, monsters.
    Views: 560 558
    Popularity: 190 895
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    Votes: 908
    Extreme driving on a snowboard with impressing three-dimensional graphics. You can choose some modes to the taste - downhill racing, master driving or breathtaking stunts.
    Views: 430 687
    Popularity: 189 491
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    Votes: 368
    TibiaMe, the most popular RPG for Nokia smartphones, takes you into the fantasy world populated by monsters, fabulous beasts and huge demons (about 35 species of creatures all in all). But you're not alone in this world... as it's a multiplayer online game! Unite and fight together with your faithful allies and show the monsters, what they are. The developers have created more than 3 thousands of game screens, more than a thousand of the in-game items like weapons, potions and more. You will be able to play TibiaMe from any point of the globe. Like all online games, this application has a fee. But the players without premium status can explore Lybera island to the end, as well as travel to the main island named Aurea. Here they will be able to move freely along the surface, but also find a large cave under the city.
    Views: 216 149
    Popularity: 41 343
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 607
    Rope down the skyscraper with a breathtaking speed; but do not forget to clean windows on your way down. Clever opponents, 3 different playing modes, 10 cities! The victory has to be won at any cost. And to hold your opponents back throwing wasps’ nests and flower pots to them. The graphics of the game is just excellent; characters’ motions are smooth, and different effects look amazing! Control and sound are also made at high-level; the developers made their best. After completing the game one will be able to pass the game for one more time to improve results and get awards. Crazy Window Cleaners game features:
  • 3 modes of game: the Championship, Scoring, Be the first;
  • 3 different characters with various skills;
  • 10 cities, including London, Tokyo, New-York;
  • System of awards and bonuses.
  • Views: 257 417
    Popularity: 87 645
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 511
    It's a global modification of Ancient Empires 2, a popular mobile strategy. Reunited with his brother,King Galamar begins to win back the kingdom of Torin almost completely conquered by Saet,the demon of darkness. But soon a new danger appeared and again Galamar and Valadorn have to lead their troops to battle against the forces of evil ... An ancient prophecy tells about the existence of powerful forces that can destroy and protect. What if these forces are enclosed in the crystals that have lain for thousands of years in three churches: Wisdom, Courage and Life? Can they bring peace and prosperity in the kingdom? Prepare the troops for a battle! You will find a continuation of "Ancient Empire", the famous game. Stop the deadly dragon,ferocious archers and fierce wolves. Protect your kingdom. The fate of Thorin is in your hands! The gameplay will bring joy to all the fans of turn-based strategy!
    Views: 192 199
    Popularity: 51 596
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 416
    Drakengard is an epic saga. Square Enix again masterfulyl tells a tragic story. Action elements differ Drakengard from other role-playing games of this company. You should destroy enemies both on the earth and in the air, flying on a back of a dragon.
    Views: 258 027
    Popularity: 70 582
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 281

    UFO Aftershock tells us about another battle between mankind and aliens. Certain Reticulans are trying to cover the Earth with biomass. The Earth will be destroyed if nobody stops them. The battles are played in step by step mode and graphics shows 3D isometric projection just like in classic series UFO 1, UFO 2. You operate a squad of soldiers and you need to kick out the aliens from mother Earth. This is a mobile version of the famous computer game UFO Aftershock. By the way, the graphics of the game reminds upgraded graphics from the previous two UFO from the "golden series". 

    Views: 249 739
    Popularity: 57 361
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 284
    It's the the third part of the adventure stories of witchery, magic and dragons. Earth, Fire, Blue dragons ruled Istoron earth in the good old days. But they were overthrown by Lawn clan, which was formed to wage a war. However, the force of dragons is left, it was sealed in glass bombs, which were controlled by Devop, Human and Elp clans. Glass bombs looked like the eyes of the dragons, and so they were forgotten by people as time goes by.
    Views: 243 413
    Popularity: 53 907
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