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Votes: 2 961
KORa Deluxe is an enhanced version of KORa. The game includes three new cars and two new game modes. The graphic design is remade entirely in high resolution. The support for touch screen control is much improved. High quality 3D graphics and realistic physics make the game more dynamic. Also, there is multiplayer support for Bluetooth.
Views: 1 451 695
Popularity: 601 265
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Votes: 806

The arcade racing hit from SEGA first time appears in your mobile! Get in the real rally car and drive among ice, in tropics and in canyon. Rush forward with lightning speed in this arcade racing or compete for gold of the legendary SEGA Rally championship. Bright graphics and balanced control of SEGA Rally allow to win the competitions, literary tearing the track apart!

Views: 377 298
Popularity: 139 387
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Votes: 3 874
The long-awaited, wonderful, brilliant 3D version of the best races for mobile! Are you still reading this? Download quickly, you should not miss this game! New things in Asphalt: Street Rules 3 3D: 1. Completely redesigned engine 2. Convenient operation 3. More colorful graphics 4. New kinds of extreme situations, conflicts, cutting, etc. etc. 5. New maps + race at night!
Views: 1 495 640
Popularity: 692 677
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Votes: 3 463
Gorgeous graphics and effects, realistic physical models, all this awaits you in Red Bull Freestyle Motocross. Gather together all the power, skill, courage and talent to organize a real show for your friends. Discover new motorbikes and tricks. Improve your accomplishments. Red Bull Motocross game features:
  • Six different game modes
  • Four tracks (Mexico, Egypt, Moscow, Rome) and X-Fighters tour
  • Four motorcycle, each one with its own behavior
  • 12 different tricks, 8 of them must be unlocked
  • Game keeps track of more than 20 different statistic data
  • Full realistic effects
  • Replays of your best races
Views: 1 510 983
Popularity: 694 173
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Votes: 1 229
World Rally Championship is one of the most dynamic and complicated kinds of motor sports. Press the pedal and rush up to 200 km/hour on the tracks to the victory. Show the skills of masterful driving a car on any surface and in the most capricious weather conditions. Because it depends only on you how close will be the grand prize and the title of World Champion. Are you ready? Go ahead then! World Rally Championship Mobile 3D game features:
  • About 16 routes;
  • Cars equipped with the latest-technology;
  • Games options- arcade or championship;
  • Upgrades and closed tracks;
  • Several options of motion display, 3-dimensional environment;
  • Breakdowns and car collision;
  • An original soundtrack.
  • Views: 484 589
    Popularity: 208 492
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    Votes: 2 837
    The game is on a film plot "Death Race". Triple champion-racer Jason Ames is put into prison for murder which he did not commit. Instead of setting him free, jailers force him together with the most out-and-out criminals to participate in bloody competition. Appearing at the wheel of the monstrous car equipped with automatic machines, flame throwers and grenade cup discharges, this desperate person will destroy everything on the way to win the most entertainment race of survival on the Earth... Features of game Death Race:
    • Original and fascinating plot with shooting and races.
    • 6 various types of weapon, including rockets!
    • 7 cars, each of which has different style of the game.
    • Atmosphere, plot, cars, weapon and heroes of the film are precisely recreated in the game.
    • Mode of plot plus 5 game missions: Race, Fury, Fighter, Shot and Fight with the boss.
    • Mode "Fast race" for participation in the unblocked races.
    Views: 1 150 971
    Popularity: 501 712
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    Votes: 1 248
    A high-speed race around the planets of our solar system in the third millennium! Racing trails of the third millennium are located in the orbits of the planets of our solar system. Six nation teams compete with each other in cutthroat competition to win the orbital speed tracks from fire Mercury to icy Pluto. Courageous pilots compete in a chilling race along three-dimensional orbital routes on the aircrafts made by using ex-military material oft he failed spacecraft. Dishonest tactics and use of weapons are allowed. Collect lasers, missiles and mines along the route to win the dangerous competitions. Six teams, eleven aircraft, ten planets, three game modes and races with your friends via Bluetooth are waiting for you! Planet Riders 3D game features:
  • Three-dimensional race with plenty of modern aircrafts;
  • Great routes design;
  • Powerful weapons, boosters and a possibility of repairs;
  • Game modes: Race,Tournament, preliminaries against time;
  • Racing with a rival via Bluetooth.
  • Views: 493 398
    Popularity: 282 356
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    Votes: 793
    It is a ontinuation of a popular java game. Colourful and cheerful races Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 2 in which Crash Bandicoot continues to compete with the enemies on flying mad nitro-charged cars. - Excellent graphics - Cheerful music - Interesting gameplay - Any hero Crash Bandicoot
    Views: 311 658
    Popularity: 112 679
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    Votes: 1 918
    Gravity Defied Clear Sky is a mod of Gravity Defied known to everybody that includes:
    • 111 routes that make you think hard and train your sense of patience and dexterity
    • Changed menu, new name, blue background, the increased gravity
    • Huge amount of time to pass the game, etc.

    Gravity Defied Clear Sky is a new challenge for the fans of the mountain biking!
    Views: 684 138
    Popularity: 380 957
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    Votes: 711
    Burning Tires is an is dizzyly fast 3D race with strong opponents in the most dangerous places of the Earth! In Burning Tires there are no asphalted roads, normal cars and politeness among opponents. They ride their off-road cars with huge tyres and engines of the capacity up to 1000 liters per second full out along the crazy routes of the dusty deserts of North America, ice surface of Antarctica and the islands covered with lava. You will drive on full throttle, bravely jumping over the dangerous cracks in the ice, on a smooth mirror of the ice cellars and heated lava streams. You should constantly be on guard, in spite of seeming security, as your opponents use any possibility to win the race,running into you and misguiding you even in front of the final straight. You can get a feeling of a real game console with the help of a full-screen horizontal mode of a display and watch the record after the race ends. Burning Tires 3D game features
    • Dozens of detailed routes in three various surrounding conditions;
    • Various racers with individual characteristics;
    • Realistic physical model of a 3D game with a possibility to participate for three opponents maximum;
    • It is possible to play in the full-screen horizontal mode that looks like a real console mode;
    • Viewing of the events by means of dynamic cameras.
    Load this magnificent game into your mobile phone and rush at full speed along the most dangerous routes on the Earth!
    Views: 401 166
    Popularity: 138 039
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