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Votes: 916
It is a ontinuation of a popular java game. Colourful and cheerful races Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 2 in which Crash Bandicoot continues to compete with the enemies on flying mad nitro-charged cars. - Excellent graphics - Cheerful music - Interesting gameplay - Any hero Crash Bandicoot
Views: 328 687
Popularity: 117 370
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3D   Racing   Touchscreen  
Votes: 639

Fast and Furious: The Movie — when the curved track makes Torreto, absconding from justice of House come back to Los Angeles, feud with agent Brian O’Conner erupts with renewed vigor. But they are forced to confront a shared enemy, and House had to conclude a truce with Brian, hoping to defeat him. Plundering convoys, digging saps, and crossing the border, they come to the ideal form of revenge— gas pedal, pressed as far as it goes.

Views: 419 555
Popularity: 84 771
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Votes: 1 976

Driver San-Francisco continues a long-term tradition of games in action racing style. In the new part you will zing through San-Francisco playing as detective John Tanner!


  • An incredible race at full speed;
  • 5 urban areas of San Francisco;
  • 10 types of tasks – from races to survival mode;
  • In Free Race find new tasks in the city and participate in 30 races;
  • Fascinating story, telling of a ruthless hunt of Tanner for Jericho.
Views: 1 033 729
Popularity: 426 401
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3D   Racing   Online  
Votes: 1 943
This is a fully 3D game for mobile phones, that promptly moves you behind the wheel of one of the most prestigious off-road vehicles. Together with HUMMER® H2®, H2® SUT or H3 fight against two professional and clever computer rivals. Take part in off-road races on six unique tracks with different routes and weather conditions. Enter a turn drifting and gather nitro with the help of long and high jumps to heighten chances to a brilliant victory. But this is not all! Compete with the players from all around the world saving your results on-line! Hummer: Jump And Race game features:
  • Advanced 3D-Engine: all tracks, cars and objects are fully modeled in 3D.
  • Real physical model allows to make jumps and drift.
  • Drive one of the three licensed models of HUMMER ®.
  • 6 unique tracks.
  • Collect nitro when jumping.
  • Artificial Intelligence with feedback.
  • Quick race and Championship.
  • Online and local table of record.
  • 6 different languages in one game.
  • Views: 865 210
    Popularity: 351 394
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    3D   Racing   Touchscreen  
    Votes: 1 350
    In Asphalt: Urban GT 3D you will find the highest speed and steep turns at every bend of the track! So, prepare your nerves and prepare to defend your positions from the enemy, which is getting stronger in each race! However, if you are able to withstand the pressure of the police, then you will not stop ..
    Views: 734 547
    Popularity: 581 812
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    Votes: 529

    In Red bus express 3D you will need to drive and outrun as many buses as possible in order to earn maximum points. Pick up coins which can be used to add some fuel.

    Views: 344 194
    Popularity: 85 677
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    Votes: 2 611
    The new fifth part of Fast & Furious from Gameloft company. The game was created basing on the storyline of the movie. Brian O'Connor assembles an elite team of top riders. Compete against opponents for the top places in the race. Escape from the police, improve your car and compete in various modes, earn money and much more things wait for you in Fast & Furious 5.
    Views: 1 335 233
    Popularity: 720 173
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    3D   Racing  
    Votes: 1 357
    World Rally Championship is one of the most dynamic and complicated kinds of motor sports. Press the pedal and rush up to 200 km/hour on the tracks to the victory. Show the skills of masterful driving a car on any surface and in the most capricious weather conditions. Because it depends only on you how close will be the grand prize and the title of World Champion. Are you ready? Go ahead then! World Rally Championship Mobile 3D game features:
  • About 16 routes;
  • Cars equipped with the latest-technology;
  • Games options- arcade or championship;
  • Upgrades and closed tracks;
  • Several options of motion display, 3-dimensional environment;
  • Breakdowns and car collision;
  • An original soundtrack.
  • Views: 501 945
    Popularity: 215 236
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    3D   Racing  
    Votes: 489

    This is the second part of the street racing simulator hit! Become the coolest street racer, the lord of the night streets, covering this uneasy way from a newcomer to the professional! You will have to travel around the entire city to reach your goal, to get acquainted with people you will need, to find out where the illegal race takes place, to compare prices in the tuning centers and car sale centers. Make the maximum upgrading of your car – your reputation and other racers respect depend on how your car looks like!

    Views: 477 116
    Popularity: 148 129
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    3D   Racing  
    Votes: 3 486

    Truck Racer 3D - is a game in which you are going to drive a real truck. It is not easy to drive a truck. Only a skillful driver who is not afraid of difficulties can manage with this task.

    Game features:

    • 3D graphics
    • Interesting tracks
    • Simple system of controls
    Views: 1 639 486
    Popularity: 572 076
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