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Drag racing is a game in which you can feel how it is like to be a real street racer. Buy cars, tune them, select tracks and compete in speed!

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Popularity: 285 786
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Enter the world of the most prestigious car manufacturer and become a part of the legend of Ferrari. Meet with 40 iconic models from 1957 to 2010, including the last of 599 XX and impressive 458 Italia. Get pleasure from driving all these different cars in 50 challenges, such as Time Attack and Drift Races in 10 known locations all over the world, from New York to Dubai, as well as through the beautiful landscapes of South Africa. Ferrari GT 2: Revolution game features:
  • More than 20 authentic Ferrari models, including the last ones of 599 XX and impressive 458 Italia;
  • Not less than 10 locations all over the world from New York to Dubai;
  • 50 different tasks;
  • Real driving conditions, including rain, thunder, lightning and a dynamic shift of days and nights;
  • New artificial intelligence allows up to 8 players with their own driving skills to compete .
Views: 1 638 111
Popularity: 886 826
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3D   Racing   Touchscreen  
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Feel as a driver to be chased by a racer driving a cool car with tuning or feel the excitement of the stalker! In this new part of the super-race, you can start a career of a street racer and a policeman! Challenge the law behind the wheel of supercars of Pagani Zonda Cinque class or stop the drivers in such high-speed police interceptors as Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Spyder! Get all the achievements and awards in the saturated with adrenalin 24-hour chases and harassments!
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A high-speed race around the planets of our solar system in the third millennium! Racing trails of the third millennium are located in the orbits of the planets of our solar system. Six nation teams compete with each other in cutthroat competition to win the orbital speed tracks from fire Mercury to icy Pluto. Courageous pilots compete in a chilling race along three-dimensional orbital routes on the aircrafts made by using ex-military material oft he failed spacecraft. Dishonest tactics and use of weapons are allowed. Collect lasers, missiles and mines along the route to win the dangerous competitions. Six teams, eleven aircraft, ten planets, three game modes and races with your friends via Bluetooth are waiting for you! Planet Riders 3D game features:
  • Three-dimensional race with plenty of modern aircrafts;
  • Great routes design;
  • Powerful weapons, boosters and a possibility of repairs;
  • Game modes: Race,Tournament, preliminaries against time;
  • Racing with a rival via Bluetooth.
  • Views: 512 826
    Popularity: 289 525
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    Votes: 791

    You are going to take part in races all over the world, from snowy Siberia to Africa. You will have different kinds of bikes and quad bikes which are made specially for offroad competitions at crazy speed.
    The player will receive money for each race. He can buy new bikes or upgrade the one he already has adding more details for the money he earns.

    Views: 553 259
    Popularity: 184 559
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    Votes: 1 977
    Gravity Defied Clear Sky is a mod of Gravity Defied known to everybody that includes:
    • 111 routes that make you think hard and train your sense of patience and dexterity
    • Changed menu, new name, blue background, the increased gravity
    • Huge amount of time to pass the game, etc.

    Gravity Defied Clear Sky is a new challenge for the fans of the mountain biking!
    Views: 696 967
    Popularity: 385 619
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    3D   Racing  
    Votes: 1 358
    World Rally Championship is one of the most dynamic and complicated kinds of motor sports. Press the pedal and rush up to 200 km/hour on the tracks to the victory. Show the skills of masterful driving a car on any surface and in the most capricious weather conditions. Because it depends only on you how close will be the grand prize and the title of World Champion. Are you ready? Go ahead then! World Rally Championship Mobile 3D game features:
  • About 16 routes;
  • Cars equipped with the latest-technology;
  • Games options- arcade or championship;
  • Upgrades and closed tracks;
  • Several options of motion display, 3-dimensional environment;
  • Breakdowns and car collision;
  • An original soundtrack.
  • Views: 502 749
    Popularity: 215 494
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    3D   Racing  
    Votes: 1 528
    You will participate in extreme cross country races in different parts of the globe - from forests to deserts and snowy plains. The game has several types of races in which you can experience the most advanced sports cars of the most famous manufacturers. The "garage" of the game includes such beauties as Audi TT, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX, Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec-C and other masterpieces of the automobile industry.
    Views: 973 474
    Popularity: 627 740
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    Gamers, estimate the novelty from the mobile games series Ferrari GT. Best Ferrari models are waiting for you. 250 Testa Rossa, Ferrari FF and SA Aperta and other models will be shown in your mobiles in all details. Compete in 10 places all over the world, including Sydney, Hong Kong and other beautiful places.. You can also take part in solving difficult tasks - avoiding obstacles and leaving your opponents behind, make unbelievable tricks and many other things! Make your dream come true. Feel Ferrari drive.

    Views: 567 712
    Popularity: 202 614
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    Driver San-Francisco continues a long-term tradition of games in action racing style. In the new part you will zing through San-Francisco playing as detective John Tanner!


    • An incredible race at full speed;
    • 5 urban areas of San Francisco;
    • 10 types of tasks – from races to survival mode;
    • In Free Race find new tasks in the city and participate in 30 races;
    • Fascinating story, telling of a ruthless hunt of Tanner for Jericho.
    Views: 1 034 725
    Popularity: 426 710
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