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BT Biplanes  is one of the best Java-games, that have Bluetooth multiplayer mode. Flying a small aircraft you have to destroy the enemy piloting the second plane. The game has a perfectly realized physics of flight, which allows you to make dizzying aerobatics!

Views: 215 436
Popularity: 65 520
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Votes: 1 596

A new game from a new series of football simulator PES that was recognized the best mobile game on GC 2008! Realistic, as never before, matches with changing weather conditions, carefully drawn in detail scenery, perfectly animated players of favorite teams and fans in the stands. Besides the excitement of single game you can test a revolutionary multiplayer mode, playing professional football with living contenders via Bluetooth!


Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 game features:

  • The official license of UEFA Champions League
  • Star teams and players of various leagues
  • Bluetooth multiplayer! Now you can play mobile football with your friends!
  • Mobile version of console and PC hit
  • The best mobile game of 2008 (under version of Game Convention 2008)
  • Perfect graphics with the weather changes
Views: 546 083
Popularity: 201 552
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Votes: 2 654

Gish is the name of the main character, if you can call this bit of resin a character. One day a terrible monster kidnaps his girl and hides itself in the sewage with her. Of course, Gish follows the villain trail to save his love, and finds himself deeply buried in the lost city Dross, teeming with sinister traps and scary monsters.


Gish has no weapon at all, he is a weapon himself. Gish has 3 abilities: to adhere to various surfaces, to become slippery and fluid, as well as the ability to increase his own weight. Who could guess that it is possible to invent something new in such a conservative genre like arcade game? But Gish made a revolution. The simplest idea, the laws of physics and the genius of developers allowed creating of such an exciting and original game, that it has momentarily gained popularity all over the world. It is not possible to tear yourself away from Gish’! 


Gish The Mobile Game features:

  • 50 levels of single game;
  • 25 levels with the possibility of playing via Bluetooth;
  • a realistic physics engine;
  • hidden bonuses
Views: 747 838
Popularity: 318 988
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Votes: 2 780
Game Playman: Summer Games 3 includes five sports disciplines: a hundred-metre race, broad jumps, barrier run on 110 m, pole vaults and javelin throwing. There are three modes of game. Tests wait for you in individual competitions and tournaments, you have a posssibility to choose heroes. Stand the tests at level of amateurand at level of the professional sportsman, and you will open a bonus mode Survival. At the same time, there is also a multiuser variant of game, for no more than six players. Features of game Playman: Summer Games 3 (Gam3s) - 12 various characters - 20 nations - New test (high jump) - Improved graphics
Views: 952 495
Popularity: 451 530
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Votes: 899
Beautiful and stylish three-dimensional racing is created on the basis of best seller Atari for PlayStation. V-Rally 3D is possible to name a synonym of speed and adrenaline, this game is the first one on the mobile phones which offers the extremely entertaining racing. Game offers stunning three-dimensional drawing and a drive on all 12 tracks. - Good music, the realistic physics make game for mobile phone V-Rally 3Da masterpiece. - Two modes: "Time Attack" and "Championship". It is possible to look at full repetition of last lap. - There is a multiplayer through Bluetooth-connection and through GPRS
Views: 442 822
Popularity: 227 187
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Votes: 365

Crabs just love volleyball! Get ready for some crazy fun in this wacky version of the classic game where you can challenge your friends via Bluetooth!

Beach Ball Crab Mayhem - is an astounding game in the bright and colorful world of unpredictable places and fun characters! Completely change the look of your crab, and then burst into the thick of the competition and get to the final with lightning speed! Crabs definitely can play volleyball and they are here to prove that! An insane multiplayer via Bluetooth!

Beach Ball Crab Mayhem game features:

  • Crossplatfrom multiuser game via Bluetooth!
  • Play in unbelievable places, such as the beach, the sea bed and the others!
  • Create your own crab, select a colour for it, its look and so on
  • Funny characters with unusual animation
Views: 139 749
Popularity: 34 003
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Votes: 3 421
Action of the game with the same name is developed on arenas of the Roman amphitheatres. Game will be released all over the world at the end of current year for phones with support Java and Brew, in 3D and 2D . Nine characters from the film are given various strong and weak sides, battle for chance to participate in the final fight on the Coliseum arena. Game has some modes - career, survival and game in private with other player through Bluetooth .
Views: 1 737 715
Popularity: 805 832
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Votes: 342
Masters World Championship Billiards is the most authoritative and important tournament in the world. In the game you will find five different game modes and a multiplayer!
Views: 230 616
Popularity: 144 013
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Votes: 1 423
A high-speed race around the planets of our solar system in the third millennium! Racing trails of the third millennium are located in the orbits of the planets of our solar system. Six nation teams compete with each other in cutthroat competition to win the orbital speed tracks from fire Mercury to icy Pluto. Courageous pilots compete in a chilling race along three-dimensional orbital routes on the aircrafts made by using ex-military material oft he failed spacecraft. Dishonest tactics and use of weapons are allowed. Collect lasers, missiles and mines along the route to win the dangerous competitions. Six teams, eleven aircraft, ten planets, three game modes and races with your friends via Bluetooth are waiting for you! Planet Riders 3D game features:
  • Three-dimensional race with plenty of modern aircrafts;
  • Great routes design;
  • Powerful weapons, boosters and a possibility of repairs;
  • Game modes: Race,Tournament, preliminaries against time;
  • Racing with a rival via Bluetooth.
  • Views: 514 270
    Popularity: 289 907
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    Votes: 3 191
    Show the world who the real football champion is in the most realistic mobile football game. Features of game "Real Football 2009":
    • Enter league RF and compete with players of RF from every corner of the globe, tracing the on-line list of leaders.
    • Mode of the multiuser game in real time on Bluetooth (only for compatible phones).
    • Create and train a team in Real Football Manager Edition 2009, and then export it in RF 2009.
    • Play for club or a national team, having chosen one of 200 variants in 6 different leagues.
    • Feel atmosphere of 6 best football stadiums, including Milan, Manchester and Madrid.
    • Smooth animation and natural behaviour of contenders do this football game improbably realistic.
    Views: 1 016 251
    Popularity: 409 180
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