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Votes: 349
A hit of iPhone on your mobile! A fluffy enemy settled in your house! Set your traps to block the way for him to escape. Can you do it or will it outwit your plans?
Views: 305 045
Popularity: 141 307
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Votes: 630
Now, a popular word game can be played via Bluetooth with a preliminary practice with a virtual opponent in a single-player mode! Nice graphics, sounds, and a huge vocabulary of more than 11,000 words will guarantee a pleasant pastime with your friends anywhere, for example, during a long road or a boring lecture! The rules of this popular game are simple: by adding one letter each turn, you compose words of the maximum length. The one, who will make more long words will win. Do not forget that before playing a network game you should check the availability of Bluetooth technology in your phone.
Views: 532 992
Popularity: 250 555
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Votes: 260
Mobile Sumo is a fight of the giants on your palm! In ancient times, when the sumo loser was pushed behind the arena, he fell into a pit filled with sharp stakes. Now it is the national sport of Japan and the favorite pastime for all fans of exotic things. Try to push away your opponent from the arena. Up to three players can fight with each other as real sumo wrestlers, using only one phone and this game! Each one controls his own sumo wrestler with only one key that guarantees easy controls. There are three modes in the game: 1. Fight. The players try to throw each other from the arena; 2. Tag. One of the players is being chased by a bee, when he hits another player, then the "bee" passes to the latter; 3. Challenge. The one, who will eat more sushi before the time expires,will win. Nice music, lots of fun. You can play in a single-player mode or with friends using one phone. Command mode is supported by nearly all phones!
Views: 157 384
Popularity: 30 855
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Votes: 2 452
Large-scale tank battles will unfold in your phone in the nearest time! The events take place during the Second World War, fierce battles are led literally for each square centimetre of the earth. You are a commander of an elite tank division, which operates in the rear of the enemy. The battles unfold in all over the world, in the territory of more than 18 countries.Calling of the air support, artillery fire or landing troops will help to defeat the enemy quicker. The enemy is strong, but he can't resist your tanks! Panzer General game features:
  • Large-scale tank battles on the screens of mobile phones;
  • Simple control system;
  • Several game modes: Battle, Campaign, Duel;
  • Play via Bluetooth with your friends;
  • 3 different campaigns: German, Soviet,Campaign of the Allies ;
  • 5 kinds of special weapon: artillery, air support, landing troops,etc.
  • Views: 1 113 797
    Popularity: 424 891
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    Votes: 189
    Hey, that's my fish! is a localization of a funny board game about penguins, having a weakness for fish - Hey! That's My Fish! Penguins are hungry and need your help. Catch all the fish unless someone has stolen it from under your nose. Strategy is the base of the game. Continue making the penguins move forward until they reach a deadlock and try to pick up ice floes with a lot of fish in them. Several people can play the game via Bluetooth, but on condition that they think nothing of polar cold. The gaming field consists of pieces of ice floes, with indication of the number of fish hiding under each ice floe. They have a hexagonal shape, and together they make up the playing field, resembling honeycombs. The initial position of the ice floes may vary, that is why the playing field is always different.
    Views: 221 019
    Popularity: 35 587
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    Votes: 404
    Difficult times befell the planet and the war for world domination has begun. Join a group of soldiers armed to the teeth and try to capture the enemy flag. Numerous levels full of action and adrenalin are waiting for you! Version 240x320 has a Bluetooth mode
    Views: 256 273
    Popularity: 107 288
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    Votes: 454
    Hangman makes people glad! The game familiar from the childhood, comes back to mobile phones. It is designed as a checked notebook sheet, where everything is drawn as if handwritten. Rules: Choose the topic and guess the letters, trying not to mention the letters that the word doesn’t contain. Otherwise the Hangman will remind you about itself more persistently. Lots of positive emotions are guaranteed! Hangman Deluxe +Bluetooth game features:
  • This is a entertaining and exciting puzzle game;
  • You may play with your friends via Bluetooth;
  • A long gameplay;
  • Funny handwritten graphic style;
  • Deluxe version is special, as it contains various wordforms to make the game more interesting;
  • The possibility of playing via Bluetooth.
  • Views: 444 579
    Popularity: 193 333
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    Votes: 185
    An original board game "Catan Settlers” came to your phones! Up to four players may compete for the land, the longest roads and the biggest and the strongest army. You may trade with one another and buy precious land together with all its resources. If there are no other real players, you will have access to different characters of Catanians, each with his individual features, and they will be the worthy rivals. They are: uncompromising pirate Jan; Vincent the trader, whom you can never deceive; Knight Sigfrid, who gets everything he wants by force). Check if you are a really skillful colonialist and excellent strategist. Become the only ruler of Catan world! Catan The First Island game features:
  • Original set of rules of the classic board game \ "Settlers of Catan \";
  • Bluetooth и Hot Seat multiplayer mode with support up to 4 players;
  • Computer opponents, each with his own his strategy;
  • Lots of parameters, and game settings;
  • Scaling function;
  • Ability to save the game;
  • Dialogue prompts during the game;
  • Video guide for the game;
  • Game statistics.
  • Views: 127 827
    Popularity: 24 827
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    Votes: 444
    A special agent Michael got a secret mission from the government: he has to investigate a mysterious explosion, that happened at the plant of biochemical products. You have a serious test before you - nightmarish creations will stand in the way of a solution to your problem! This is a super interesting story, playing which you will have to elude numerous traps and oppose to disgusting enemies. 3D Solid Weapon 2 game features:
  • Realistic action game with impressive plot;
  • Full three-dimensional environment;
  • Riveting graphics;
  • Wide variety of traps and obstacles;
  • There are over 30 music tracks, and cheerful audio effects in the game.
  • Views: 332 145
    Popularity: 83 287
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    Votes: 729
    Cloud Commander has an interesting plot with brave pilots and astounding air-fights in 3D mode! Cloud Commander unites exciting air combats with dangerous canyon mission with witty plot. Bring down numerous enemies in the clouds and hit all the targets on the ground in three-dimensional mode; and compete with your friends in canyon races in multiplayer mode!
    Views: 457 817
    Popularity: 141 633
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