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The game allows you to really go fast along ordinary streets and roads, regardless of screams of startled cops. Several tracks with unique landscapes from city streets to serpentine roads are at you disposal. The rain may start during the race; that adds some interest to the game. The tires skid on the wet surface in a completely different way, you know! It is possible to play via Bluetooth!
Views: 303 135
Popularity: 136 250
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Play billiards from Akiza, Turkish developer of mobile games. The game has Tournament and Multiplayer modes. You can also create your match and watch the game!
Views: 164 458
Popularity: 58 722
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Help prince Bodeas to break through the underground world and to rescue the beloved from Hades, God of Death. Fascinating game made in 3D. You will have to play for Bodeas who has to rescue the beloved. You have only one kind of weapon, it is bow. There are 3 modes in this game. Thay are a company, free game and a multiplayer. The multiplayer supports up to 8 players on Bluetooth. You can choose four players. They are Bodeas, Practitioner of black magic, the Phantom and the Magician. There are 7 cards for multiplayer- 2 small, 2 average, 2 big and 1 very big.
Views: 148 268
Popularity: 33 627
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Hangman makes people glad! The game familiar from the childhood, comes back to mobile phones. It is designed as a checked notebook sheet, where everything is drawn as if handwritten. Rules: Choose the topic and guess the letters, trying not to mention the letters that the word doesn’t contain. Otherwise the Hangman will remind you about itself more persistently. Lots of positive emotions are guaranteed! Hangman Deluxe +Bluetooth game features:
  • This is a entertaining and exciting puzzle game;
  • You may play with your friends via Bluetooth;
  • A long gameplay;
  • Funny handwritten graphic style;
  • Deluxe version is special, as it contains various wordforms to make the game more interesting;
  • The possibility of playing via Bluetooth.
  • Views: 445 561
    Popularity: 193 399
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    Excellent graphics, varied racing modes, a few cars and great tracks make Dare Rally the best representatives of its type. Unfortunately, not a very good control is a problem, but dealing with it is easier than ever. Easier for those phones that do not have a joystick as you can not press the gas and turn on it. To ease the controls the owners of the joystick phones are recommenced to press 4 (gas), and rotate the joystick. As I mentioned earlier, there is a possibility to play via Bluetooth.
    Views: 429 400
    Popularity: 176 435
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    Votes: 364

    Crabs just love volleyball! Get ready for some crazy fun in this wacky version of the classic game where you can challenge your friends via Bluetooth!

    Beach Ball Crab Mayhem - is an astounding game in the bright and colorful world of unpredictable places and fun characters! Completely change the look of your crab, and then burst into the thick of the competition and get to the final with lightning speed! Crabs definitely can play volleyball and they are here to prove that! An insane multiplayer via Bluetooth!

    Beach Ball Crab Mayhem game features:

    • Crossplatfrom multiuser game via Bluetooth!
    • Play in unbelievable places, such as the beach, the sea bed and the others!
    • Create your own crab, select a colour for it, its look and so on
    • Funny characters with unusual animation
    Views: 137 670
    Popularity: 33 722
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    In the game you will play with real people via I-net or with you friends via Bluetooth. The game possesses system of the ranks and leaders’ board. Initially you have 3 mini-games and one Headz (one character) open. You may buy characters from Store Nokia, 3 mini-games and 42 Headz altogether. You may communicate in chat, publish your location, get achievements, write about your victories in Facebook, write about your mood and many other things!

    Views: 122 646
    Popularity: 7 213
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    Votes: 299
    A new magic world of fascinating adventures and discoveries is waiting for you! You will get into a universe of Disney cartoons, where a magic is the main weapon to struggle against villains, who want to rule the whole world. Play for the team of beginner-magicians – Mickey, Donald and Goofy! Help them to win the Magicians Tournament and get a Great Tiara! More than 30 unique magic spells will open up when proceeding the game, and advanced users will have an opportunity to choose any magic spell out of store. You will fight with a Black Ghost, who has imprisoned master Nereus, Mickey’s teacher. The Black Ghost decided to win the Great Tiara by himself and conquer the whole world with its help! A merry fantasy plot is presented in the form of an absorbing tasks. Easy gameplay, perfect graphics, 20 vivid characters and more then 20 unique levels will make the game really unforgettable! Compete against your friends in special multiuser mode via Bluetooth!
    Views: 235 439
    Popularity: 47 554
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    Votes: 451
    An official game of one of the funniest comedies for young people. Together with its main characters - Jim, Stifler and Nadia you will take part in an annual, notorious race "Naked Mile"! Just imagine: 15 colleges and the hottest naked girls take part in these competitions! The game is full of gags in traditions of "American Pie", it has funny mini-levels, in which you may unblock various improvements, that will help you to win in this most sexual race; and also lots of interesting facts about the film characters. Moreover the game has a multiplayer mode, and you can compete with your friends!
    Views: 364 428
    Popularity: 66 872
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    Votes: 188

    This is a sports arcade with the Playstation console hit heroes. Crash Bandicoot, his friends and his eternal enemy doctor Cortex. You can play these mini games with your friends with the help of multiplayer and they will not let you feel bored. This product represents a set of logic mini games


    Game features: 

    • 14 mini games
    • multiplayer
    • simple interface
    Views: 177 176
    Popularity: 36 447
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