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Votes: 253
A continuation of a very popular strategy, inspired by the board game named "Colonialists." You will find a structurally complex gameplay based on the accumulation of the resources and constructing buildings.
is possible to play via Bluetooth taking turns, using one mobile.
Views: 200 684
Popularity: 37 890
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Votes: 352
A hit of iPhone on your mobile! A fluffy enemy settled in your house! Set your traps to block the way for him to escape. Can you do it or will it outwit your plans?
Views: 307 875
Popularity: 141 563
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Votes: 269

This is a game mod of Burning Tires from Fishlabs. You will need to try yourself in three different locations here:

  • Carbon track
  • Mountainous plateau
  • North Pole

The original also had the North Pole but ice and sky textures were changed. The music was substituted by midi melodies of The Offspring. The instruments were also changed. As you can see on the screens, the cars became brighter and more colorful, they have new discs and vinyl stickers

Views: 135 540
Popularity: 36 458
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Votes: 308
Battle is an updated version of the Web-based Seabattle from MobiLeap supporting all possible game modes: online game via the Internet, Bluetooth, a single game. Both in online and Bluetooth game you can exchange messages using the built-in chat. In addition, you can create and edit the contact list of your friends and chat with them outside the game.
Views: 220 051
Popularity: 75 009
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Votes: 771

Would you like to play 3D racing game in your weak mobile? To take part in the international car racing with no rules? Just imagine that you have such a chance. Moreover, it has improved graphics! You can enjoy driving improved racing cars in your mobile.

How about to arrange extreme racing along the streets of night city, or to rush risking your life along mountainous turns or to have a large-scale pursue in a desert? In this racing you need to try to get to the finish line at least. And who knows, maybe you will be the luckiest guy in this racing!

Views: 760 189
Popularity: 130 944
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Votes: 521
The game allows you to really go fast along ordinary streets and roads, regardless of screams of startled cops. Several tracks with unique landscapes from city streets to serpentine roads are at you disposal. The rain may start during the race; that adds some interest to the game. The tires skid on the wet surface in a completely different way, you know! It is possible to play via Bluetooth!
Views: 305 531
Popularity: 136 516
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Votes: 144

In the game you will play with real people via I-net or with you friends via Bluetooth. The game possesses system of the ranks and leaders’ board. Initially you have 3 mini-games and one Headz (one character) open. You may buy characters from Store Nokia, 3 mini-games and 42 Headz altogether. You may communicate in chat, publish your location, get achievements, write about your victories in Facebook, write about your mood and many other things!

Views: 125 567
Popularity: 7 317
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Votes: 460
A special agent Michael got a secret mission from the government: he has to investigate a mysterious explosion, that happened at the plant of biochemical products. You have a serious test before you - nightmarish creations will stand in the way of a solution to your problem! This is a super interesting story, playing which you will have to elude numerous traps and oppose to disgusting enemies. 3D Solid Weapon 2 game features:
  • Realistic action game with impressive plot;
  • Full three-dimensional environment;
  • Riveting graphics;
  • Wide variety of traps and obstacles;
  • There are over 30 music tracks, and cheerful audio effects in the game.
  • Views: 336 851
    Popularity: 83 902
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    Votes: 637
    Now, a popular word game can be played via Bluetooth with a preliminary practice with a virtual opponent in a single-player mode! Nice graphics, sounds, and a huge vocabulary of more than 11,000 words will guarantee a pleasant pastime with your friends anywhere, for example, during a long road or a boring lecture! The rules of this popular game are simple: by adding one letter each turn, you compose words of the maximum length. The one, who will make more long words will win. Do not forget that before playing a network game you should check the availability of Bluetooth technology in your phone.
    Views: 537 422
    Popularity: 250 952
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    Votes: 243
    Backgammon is one of the most ancient and most popular games. Learn its secrets and apply the acquired knowledge against your computer rival in a single mode, and when you feel yourself more confident become a Big Winner in a tournament mode!
    Views: 452 425
    Popularity: 191 069
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