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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 - is a well-known football simulator.

Game changes/extra:

  • Three different types, colors and text
  • New team membership and new uniforms of 2012-2013 season
  • New orange boots
  • New background pictures
  • New kinds and forms of types
  • ESPN Scoreboard 3
  • New billboards in friendly match and Champion League modes
  • Bernabeu, Camp Nou, San Siro, Old Trafford and Resume stadiums
  • Prime league, LMF-PETROBRAS, Series А, La League, Others (1 Argentinean, Colombian +3 European);
  • New umpire rules at entrance and many other things!
Views: 1 212 531
Popularity: 280 753
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Votes: 3 377
Action of the game with the same name is developed on arenas of the Roman amphitheatres. Game will be released all over the world at the end of current year for phones with support Java and Brew, in 3D and 2D . Nine characters from the film are given various strong and weak sides, battle for chance to participate in the final fight on the Coliseum arena. Game has some modes - career, survival and game in private with other player through Bluetooth .
Views: 1 735 006
Popularity: 805 083
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Votes: 455
Pipyaki! is a real colorful, juicy and amazing action of funny characters named Pipyaki against Bombak and snails by means of watermelons, bricks, socks and other garbage! Excellent gameplay and delicious graphics don't give you chances to stay indifferent! Try it, download freely, download to your mobile and you'll have a lot of fun. Really working bluetooth that supports up to 8 fighters + bots. Controls in the game: <, 4 - move left ^, 2 - move up >, 6 - move right v, 8 - move down Ok, 5 ? attack with the primary weapon /use the primary object * - attack with a secondary weapon/ use the secondary item 0 - use the object on the map /select an item # - screen of weapons selection and items (# - paging, Ok/* - select a primary/secondary weapon, soft keys - close) 1 - store of weapons and items (exchange of watermelons for weapons and items) 9 - screen of frags (for Bluetooth-game) Soft keys - game menu.
Views: 1 100 758
Popularity: 541 107
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Votes: 2 762
Game Playman: Summer Games 3 includes five sports disciplines: a hundred-metre race, broad jumps, barrier run on 110 m, pole vaults and javelin throwing. There are three modes of game. Tests wait for you in individual competitions and tournaments, you have a posssibility to choose heroes. Stand the tests at level of amateurand at level of the professional sportsman, and you will open a bonus mode Survival. At the same time, there is also a multiuser variant of game, for no more than six players. Features of game Playman: Summer Games 3 (Gam3s) - 12 various characters - 20 nations - New test (high jump) - Improved graphics
Views: 950 518
Popularity: 451 077
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Votes: 807
Snake 3 is a game rich in colors, beautiful animation and three-dimensional graphics. It's a game to check your reaction. Collect apples,adjust yourself to a growing speed. A snake starts to get fat because of the eaten apples, so try not to crash into your tail! If you pass this game, then you have a great reaction! Game features:
  • transition of "Snake", a well-known game, into three dimensions has changed the gameplay. In Snake 3 you can't see the entire field and even the tail of the snake is usually found somewhere outside the screen. The game has become a bit more complicated;
  • there is a map under the main window,on which the snake is depicted in the form of a strip with the right angles, the food: apples, pears and cherries are made in the form of square dots;
  • there is a possibility to play via Bluetooth!
Views: 471 743
Popularity: 128 085
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Votes: 1 927
Aggressive Worms cannot creep easily when the enemy freely breathes one air with them: being in a fortress, they construct a powerful system of defence, develop weapons of mass destruction to finish the enemy once and for all! But Worms need a military leader! Do not wish to head group of several Worms and together with them to reach the victorious end? A few military wisdom and strategy, the small help of a catapult or a gun, and some afflicted and straining to be in action Worms - with such a set the victory is almost in your hands!
Views: 1 283 302
Popularity: 533 959
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Votes: 449

Another board game version reached your mobiles! The rules are easy, throw virtual dice and move chips to the square box of your color. You can play this game alone and you can also invite you friends to take part in this exciting competition!

Game versions:

-Online through the Internet;

-With friends through Bluetooth.

Views: 170 275
Popularity: 47 145
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Votes: 1 407
A high-speed race around the planets of our solar system in the third millennium! Racing trails of the third millennium are located in the orbits of the planets of our solar system. Six nation teams compete with each other in cutthroat competition to win the orbital speed tracks from fire Mercury to icy Pluto. Courageous pilots compete in a chilling race along three-dimensional orbital routes on the aircrafts made by using ex-military material oft he failed spacecraft. Dishonest tactics and use of weapons are allowed. Collect lasers, missiles and mines along the route to win the dangerous competitions. Six teams, eleven aircraft, ten planets, three game modes and races with your friends via Bluetooth are waiting for you! Planet Riders 3D game features:
  • Three-dimensional race with plenty of modern aircrafts;
  • Great routes design;
  • Powerful weapons, boosters and a possibility of repairs;
  • Game modes: Race,Tournament, preliminaries against time;
  • Racing with a rival via Bluetooth.
  • Views: 512 759
    Popularity: 289 505
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    Votes: 945

    PES 2010 is an unsurpassed mobile football simulator! The atmosphere, the reality and more excitement than ever before. Participate in the official UEFA Champions League, and the new UEFA Europe League fighting against the best club teams in Europe. Lead the national team to victory in international competitions and play against the best players in the world.  

    Views: 325 390
    Popularity: 91 100
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    Votes: 804
    Cloud Commander has an interesting plot with brave pilots and astounding air-fights in 3D mode! Cloud Commander unites exciting air combats with dangerous canyon mission with witty plot. Bring down numerous enemies in the clouds and hit all the targets on the ground in three-dimensional mode; and compete with your friends in canyon races in multiplayer mode!
    Views: 470 357
    Popularity: 144 976
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