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Votes: 25 690
Grab the diamonds and take to your heels! An uneasy adventure is in prospect for you: Tibetan stalactites falling from above, thick Angora forests, poisonous spiders of Bavarian castle and other vicissitudes of life will accompany your every step. To survive and enrich yourself you will need to have not only a lightning-like speed and craftiness. Intuition and mind will prove to be not out of place while solving numerous puzzles and mysteries of ancient civilizations. Colossal cobble-stones and poisonous snakes of Angora, dangerous spiders and no less dangerous knights of Bavarian castle, snows and ices of mysterious caves of Tibet with prehistoric apes are on one scale. Diamonds of fabulous cost and chests with treasures are on the other. There exist also some useful things, such as compass pointing the way; the hammer, killing the enemies; and a hook, grasping remote objects. But the dazzling glitter of precious stones attracts and promises lots of luxury and risk. You will surely complete all the 40 levels of the risky adventure and solve more than 200 puzzles. You will surely lay hands on all the precious things that are securely concealed in different parts of the world!
Views: 5 290 374
Popularity: 1 054 375
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Votes: 1 136

A fourth edition of the superpolpular quiz «Who wants to become a millionaire?» based on the TV show of the same name. The game has a lot of new questions and an interface in Russian. Play yourself, play with your friends and become a millionaire! The essence of the game is to pass a qualifying round, to respond to sophisticated questions and earn money. In case of problems you can always call a friend or ask the audience for help. And, you can earn bonus points in the time test. Everything is as in the popular TV show. More, more, more millions!


"Who wants to become a millionaire4" game features:

  • a lot of new questions;
  • Player profiles with statistics of the results;
  • Three tips: "Help of the audience", "Call to a Friend" and "50 to 50";
  • Everything is like in a real TV show, Try to become a millionaire!
Views: 1 590 797
Popularity: 823 290
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Votes: 1 185
In Millionaire 2011 everything remained the same as in the previous versions of the game,however, the following changes were made:

  • A color scheme of the game is completely new. All regular blue colors have been replaced by various shades of purple with some orange details.
  • In "Millionaire 2010" there were problems with sound effects fro some phones. This time the problem has been corrected.
  • a thousand of the new questions!
  • Views: 1 043 074
    Popularity: 721 794
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    Votes: 1 236
    Take part in the world-famous game show in a new mobile version of 2010! A popular quiz is back with entirely new questions and opportunities! Choose colorful characters of the proposed ones or create your own character with the camera of your phone! Use the improved clue "Calling your friend" to avoid difficulties on the road to victory! Test your skills and reaction in the qualifying round and answer 15 questions, each of which will make you richer and richer. Can you become a virtual millionaire of 2010?
    Views: 1 019 308
    Popularity: 628 053
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    Votes: 1 062
    Famous Rescuers - Disney chipmunks and their song "Chip, Chip, Chip, Chip and Dale are in a hurry to reach you!" known throughout the world. Now the fearless characters of the cartoon series Chip & Dale: Rescue rangers will continue to disclose high-profile crimes and defeat the insidious enemies on the screen of your mobile phone! It all started with the fact that Barrel-bellied together with Professor Nimnul went up to their old games - the city was plunged into chaos, the police is powerless in terms of the wicked, and only a brave team of rescuers can restore the order. But the wily Barrel-bellied does not waste time: he kidnapped and hid the Whack on the island. Rescue workers at all costs must save their young friend. To do this they need to repair their famous aircraft - to get to a distant island. Help Chip, Dale, nuts and Rocky to reveal the intricate crimes, to find the stolen items and save baby Whack! Chip'n Dale Rescue Rangers game features:
    • Colorful game based on the favorite animated series "Chip'n Dale Rescue Rangers";
    • Several types of the gameplay for any taste: logic, arcade, quest;
    • Time Management with the economic model;
    • Wide choice of additional equipment, equipment, and bonuses;
    • Ability to compete with players around the world thanks to the online ratings.
    Views: 1 072 409
    Popularity: 561 068
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    Votes: 1 407
    At numerous requests the third improved version of superpopular quiz "Who wants to become the millionaire?" is presented. There are more than 300 new questions in the game. Play by yourself, play with friends and become the millionaire! Game essence is in answering smart questions and earn money. In case of a problem it is always possible to call the friend or ask the help of the audience. And still it is possible to earn bonus points in test for speed. Features of game: - 300 new questions and 30 questions for speed of reaction; - Profiles of players with statistics of results: an average prize for game, average time of the answer for a question and many other things; - Possibility of a choice of a call to one of three friends in promp "a call to the friend". Each of friends is individuality; - Possibility of the help to the player on the basis of his profile, for example, "nervous, but conscious", "assured, but risk!"; - Three-dimensional prompts recreate a kind and sensation of studio; - New sounds, including approval of the audience and calling phone in prompt "a call to the friend".
    Views: 1 291 558
    Popularity: 550 188
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    Votes: 1 536
    Before you is a modern remake of immortal classics. Throw bones, move counters, buy up and sell the property representing popular places and sights in the USA (take hold of all of them!), take part in auctions, send the opponents into prison and ruin theim with double rents! Play with friends, with family or against the computer with various levels of complexity.
    Views: 991 991
    Popularity: 385 890
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    Votes: 785
    The story of love and separation of Bella and Edward continues. A new moon has risen, which will put everything and everyone in their places, bringing hope and love, sadness and separation. In this game three of its characters at once will be available to you. Choose, who you want - Bella, Edward or Jacob - and go into the world of extremely romantic vampires!
    Views: 679 644
    Popularity: 373 191
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    Arcade   Logic  
    Votes: 1 929
    Tom and Jerry are back to business! Nibley, the nephew, came to visit a restless little mouse. It has to be fed, stealing a cat's mouth-watering ham, cheese and other snacks! Of course, Tom does not allow two mice to rob his food reserves without any punishment. He will attack the mice, and they will escape. If they manage, of course. In the game you control mouse Jerry. We must respond quickly to the attacks of the cat and collect all the food products within a level to the box. In addition to food, you can find special prizes at the level that will enhance or speed up the mouse's movement.
    Views: 694 679
    Popularity: 356 454
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    Votes: 2 754
    The main character of this entertaining puzzle is an ancient stone idol frog named Zuma! Shoot the balls so that they form a group of three or more elements, but do not let them get to the golden skull! You can go on a journey through the ancient temples in the Adventure mode or enjoy the nonprofit level in Gauntlet. In any case, thanks to its simplicity and excitement, this game will "hook" you for a long time!
    Views: 890 921
    Popularity: 291 339
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