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Candy crusher - is a simple absorbing and interesting game. Find groups of identical candies and destroy them. The bigger the group is the bigger the reward you get. Clear the board and get a bonus!

Game features:

  • Unlimited levels
  • 3 lives
  • Speed grows after every 4 levels
  • Many bonuses and absorbing puzzles
  • Fascinating graphics and animation with special effects

Views: 401 118
Popularity: 159 929
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Grab the diamonds and take to your heels! An uneasy adventure is in prospect for you: Tibetan stalactites falling from above, thick Angora forests, poisonous spiders of Bavarian castle and other vicissitudes of life will accompany your every step. To survive and enrich yourself you will need to have not only a lightning-like speed and craftiness. Intuition and mind will prove to be not out of place while solving numerous puzzles and mysteries of ancient civilizations. Colossal cobble-stones and poisonous snakes of Angora, dangerous spiders and no less dangerous knights of Bavarian castle, snows and ices of mysterious caves of Tibet with prehistoric apes are on one scale. Diamonds of fabulous cost and chests with treasures are on the other. There exist also some useful things, such as compass pointing the way; the hammer, killing the enemies; and a hook, grasping remote objects. But the dazzling glitter of precious stones attracts and promises lots of luxury and risk. You will surely complete all the 40 levels of the risky adventure and solve more than 200 puzzles. You will surely lay hands on all the precious things that are securely concealed in different parts of the world!
Views: 5 055 714
Popularity: 987 866
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Votes: 743
Meet Checkersland!

A great possibility to play checkers for checkers fans even if they don’t have a company. Для любителей шашек представлена прекрасная возможность поиграть даже тогда, когда нет кампании.
Views: 287 514
Popularity: 157 058
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Votes: 373

A popular Bejeweled from EA Mobile returns! Take part in this logic game made in "three in line" genre and clear the field from the diamonds. The game offers three different game modes, various combo and bonuses, juicy graphics!

Views: 196 348
Popularity: 56 072
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Votes: 357

Forget about boredom! This game is based on the famous board game for two players. It is now available in your mobile. This game version is in fact a pack of games based on popular Tic Tac Toe puzzle.

Views: 162 606
Popularity: 68 370
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Votes: 241

Jewel Bubble - is a classic game with bursting bubbles. The aim of the game is to make lines of the same colored bubbles, which will make them burst and bring you bonuses and points. Test your reflexes, patience and nerves for hardness! The more bubbles burst, the bigger reward you get. Make your way through many bursting bubbles and try new game methods in 5 available game modes!

Views: 129 852
Popularity: 39 245
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Votes: 1 819
Tom and Jerry are back to business! Nibley, the nephew, came to visit a restless little mouse. It has to be fed, stealing a cat's mouth-watering ham, cheese and other snacks! Of course, Tom does not allow two mice to rob his food reserves without any punishment. He will attack the mice, and they will escape. If they manage, of course. In the game you control mouse Jerry. We must respond quickly to the attacks of the cat and collect all the food products within a level to the box. In addition to food, you can find special prizes at the level that will enhance or speed up the mouse's movement.
Views: 683 309
Popularity: 352 352
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Votes: 2 242
The main character of this entertaining puzzle is an ancient stone idol frog named Zuma! Shoot the balls so that they form a group of three or more elements, but do not let them get to the golden skull! You can go on a journey through the ancient temples in the Adventure mode or enjoy the nonprofit level in Gauntlet. In any case, thanks to its simplicity and excitement, this game will "hook" you for a long time!
Views: 848 638
Popularity: 282 223
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Votes: 411

Another board game version reached your mobiles! The rules are easy, throw virtual dice and move chips to the square box of your color. You can play this game alone and you can also invite you friends to take part in this exciting competition!

Game versions:

-Online through the Internet;

-With friends through Bluetooth.

Views: 163 441
Popularity: 45 107
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Votes: 823

The best bubble exploder ever came back! Now it has 120 new levels and best combinations from the previous Bubble Bash games and new funny user options. Evaluate new physics and crazy graphics. Set off to 8 exotic places from San-Trope to Hawaii.

Views: 346 512
Popularity: 100 724
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