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Mobile version of the most popular card game in Russia from the beginning of the XIX-th century, in smart graphic realization! Play with the virtual opponent or with the friend on Bluetooth channel whenrever you with:at lesson, at lecture, in the underground, anywhere - now cards and table are not necessary fo you! Two most popular versions of game are presented with possibility to choose three virtual opponents!
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Open «Midnight Holdem Poker» and you will find yourself in Las-Vegas, the world capital of excitement. Begin the game, and you will have aristocrats, rock-stars, gangsters and oligarchs sitting beside you at the table. Luxury of casinos, brilliant smoke and tempting excitement— are on your mobile phone! The plot of the game is very simple— the best poker gamers gathered from all around the world to play Midnight Holdem Poker. Some of them will leave the game penniless, some will shoot themselves, and some will leave with possessing millions. It may be you. You may play single games, or may proceed from game to game in a Career mode, increasing the complexity of the game, and the amount at stake. Surprise your friends regardless of your skills level- - arrange a party with Bluetooth mode, which will let you fight with opponents of any level.


Texas Hold'em Poker features:

  • 3 game modes: Tournament, gambling, and one-on-one;
  • Training Mode: a real teacher with lessons and tests to define the level of your knowledge;
  • At any moment you can apply for hint on game strategy to a system of interactive help;
  • Thanks you a well-thought artificial intellect the rivals react as real players;
  • New Bluetooth mode – a mode for playing with friends!
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The most known Russian card game is presented in a new stylish realization and inlaid by buxom shapes of Berkova. She will be gradually undressing before you each time you win! Elena Berkova, the most well-known beauty of Russian Internet, throws down a challenge to your intelligence in a new game "Undress Berkova in the Fool"! Accept it, play with her, and if you are the real man, the victory will please you!
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Popularity: 403 593
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What about a strip pocker? Do you mind playing with a blonde? And with a stripped blonde? Now popular game 1000 is on your mobile phone! Beautiful and seductive blonde will be a reward for your victory and will show you what she is proud of!
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Popularity: 356 264
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This selection includes three most known and favourite solitaire - "Canfield", "Spider" and "Solitaire"! The bright, colourful drawing, playing cards, made for each game separately, and convenient management will allow you to take pleasure in game to the full.
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Old good one thousand is a gambling which can be played by people of different age. Have a good time when playing! Advantage of game in 1000 is that its rules are simple and easily remembered. Quantity of players in 1000 - from two to 4 persons. The purpose is to play a series of parties to collect one thousand points. Unlike the usual gambling, here all calculations and records are conducted automatically that is very convenient.
Views: 908 211
Popularity: 293 491
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Gambling   Logic   Board  
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Simple card games to kill time for your mobile phone. In this compilation there are 8 types of games that will not only spend your time, but also make a gray mass in your head to move your brain.
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Texas Hold'em 2 is the game for both experienced players and for the beginners.
Learn all the poker tricks thanks to the excellent training regime.
Visit eight major online poker clubs around the world: London, Paris, Monaco, Dubai, Macau, Moscow, the Bahamas and Las - Vegas.

Texas Holdem Poker 2 features:
  • new way of Omaha
  • 10 charismatic opponents, each with his own style of play and his personality
  • improved graphics and animations that make the game more realistic
  • Statistics that collects the information "of your past hands," and best actions.
  • Views: 337 053
    Popularity: 185 373
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    Votes: 442
    In new Durak online from MobiLeap you can play online with six people and it means that it will be funny and very exciting!
    Views: 357 329
    Popularity: 185 370
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    Votes: 310
    A new set of solitaire games for a mobile phone Platinum Solitaire 2 game features:
  • 12 solitaire games, including 6 new Platinum variations: Monaco, Black Hole, Deck, and many others.
  • 6 magnificent VIP-environments in the famous cities around the world.
  • 2 bonuses: Memory and Fortune Telling.
  • A Time Attack game mode will add some special thrill to the game!
  • Personal blog with commentaries and statistics of the player.
  • Full training will allow you to learn all the rules and variations, moreover hints are available.
  • Views: 360 734
    Popularity: 181 316
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