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Buy houses, earn money, and build new houses... Build your own city. Become the tycoon in new economic strategy Sim Sity 4 Quite a pleasant economic strategy.
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Have you dreamt to become the trucker? - To be wound from a city to a city? - If yes, this game is for you. You are expected by a good simulator of strategy. All in your hands! There will be 12 missions and 1 bonus in the game. Your purpose is to earn the necessary sum of money and popularity. There are a lot of possibilities in the game. You can buy hotels, stations... And the most important thing is a powerful 18 wheelwright... Each truck has its own power and speed. Each truck needs the trailer, there is a lot of them. And also you should build road. Remember that yours 18 wheel friends likes to eat fuel.
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A magic strategy in fantasy world. Earlier in the Townsmen you just were building a castle and town. Now you will fight with dragons and wizards, practice witchcraft and use potions. The game is one of the best mobile strategies, but in the fifth part the developers surpassed themselves by giving something new: the battles with the dragons that appear on a separate screen, and in fact represent a separate mini-game. As a merciless robber baron, you grind the settlers, steal dragons and seek to gain power and wealth. However, cunning but good magician Tseldron stands in your way by sending the army of dragons to your citizens. Build houses and send out your tax inspectors to ensure a stable income and strengthen the supremacy. Use spells of a court druid to make magic potion from the blood of captured dragons that will make you almost invincible in battle. You are to fight alone against the forces of good and become a great Baron, who went down in history!

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In Townsmen 6 the players are to try themselves in a role of a freedom fighter at the times of French revolution. Improved graphics, new mini-games and new control mechanism, making the game even easier are waiting for you in the game. Owners of modern mobile phones with a touch interface and accelerometer will be able to use it first

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1950. The railways are not very popular yet and many areas of ability to live are cut off from external world. Also it is your chance to try to become the richest businessman! Build transport empire, change a landscape for successful creation of the railways, buy trains.
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"Business Life" is a new coil in family multiplayer games. You get to the virtual world of an economic simulator where each player influences the world, and, hence, and on other players. You learn all delights (and difficulties)of lives of the businessman, will be the owner of simple Ford and exclusive Ferrari, can buy private residence and have a rest on the yacht! And certainly get acquainted and communicate to other players!
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