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You won’t find tense matches, fever pitch and creating the best team in the game. You have an opportunity to look at football from another point of view…
Build a stadium and organize its support so that such monsters football as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool had an irresistible desire to play a match at exactly your stadium.
Views: 172 529
Popularity: 48 995
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In this game you are to become a truly real-estate magnate! Resell houses for quick profit, or wait, reaping profits from the lease. Visit picturesque cities, choosing houses and premises for being purchased, earn huge sums of money and make everything to get a leg in authorities of the towns. Will you be able to build a new cinema for a local film star? Erect a new skating-rink for Olympic Games? Build a skittles alley in mayor’s mansion? No problem! What if a real estate is your calling?
Views: 103 354
Popularity: 30 343
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It is time to try your hand in a role of the mayor of Sims-city. Build and develop the city as you think fit. Choose the height of buildings and quantity of the cultural, financial and educational centres by yourself. Be assured, townsmen will estimate your work.
Views: 399 036
Popularity: 119 857
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The cgaracter of this game is young Jill. She inherited a bakery producing cakes. You need to help sa small bakery to survive in the big and brutal world of competition. For some time you have to earn more money, and thereby increase the revenue of the bakery. You will need to serve a lot of visitors. Each client has his own character, so you should quickly carry out his order. You should invest money in a bakery. Improve your equipment, add different decorations for cakes that will attract even more attention to customers, and this is exactly what we need. We advise you to download Cake Mania as quickly as possible and help Jill! You will get a lot of fun, and as a result, save the bakery.
Views: 130 851
Popularity: 52 988
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Emily decided to make her own TV show about food.
Help Emily to cope with 50 levels of cooking, passing funny mini-games and buying useful things.

Emily’s trip to Hollywood was interrupted, when her car broke down.
Help Emily in preparing big and various dishes, desserts and drinks during 50 absorbing levels.
Play mini-games, buy renovations and take part in great events.
Views: 199 940
Popularity: 85 708
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Votes: 480
"Business Life" is a new coil in family multiplayer games. You get to the virtual world of an economic simulator where each player influences the world, and, hence, and on other players. You learn all delights (and difficulties)of lives of the businessman, will be the owner of simple Ford and exclusive Ferrari, can buy private residence and have a rest on the yacht! And certainly get acquainted and communicate to other players!
Views: 287 990
Popularity: 97 571
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Build your beer empire! Your pub has to become the best! Excellent and fast service, nice waitresses, and good beer - these are the ingredients of the success of this pub. You begin playing as an owner of a modest pub, serving 5-10 people a day. Guess what the visitors want, fulfill all their whims, as the main rule of Pub Mania is that a client is always right! You may use the money you get for your pub and service improvements. The number of your clients will grow exponentially and in a fortnight your pub will become the most popular and crowded. Pubmania game features:
  • 6 different pubs;
  • possibility of buying new functions to enhance the pub offer, such as a number of tables, a DJ, a varied menu;
  • 13 types of clients and up to 7 emotions expressed by them.
  • Views: 277 505
    Popularity: 98 751
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    Votes: 389
    Townsmen 3 - the Third series of mega-strategy Townsmen Remember: it is possible to take the good price for rum, sugar and tobacco! In the east these goods now use enormous demand, and it is possible to make a considerable fortune for them. And money is the base of all future campaign, after all to you it is necessary not only to erect the reliable ships successfully to advance the trading affairs, but also to create the whole colonies subsequently to develop them to level of prospering! Strategy Townsmen 3 (Townspeople 3), differing by isometric prospect, offers all strategists and creators to subdue New light, on condition that they finish more than ten missions successfully. Being engaged in construction or trade, or being at war for the new markets, you are absolutely free in the plans and actions. But there are some things which cannot be ignored! For example - a food allowance of your townspeople. Do not take in head to feed them with the same product day by day. Treat them to fish, and meat, and give to drink much water. Important value has an establishment of contacts to local natives. It is not necessary to spoil relations with them, and is better to indulge them with expensive gift. If all the same you will intend to tame them, remember that development of a subject line of game will depend on your relations with the natives. Who to become, an esteemed merchant or immoral pirate is for you to decide. However, it is very tempting, when for your decent behaviour grateful natives will erect a temple where they will pray day and night for your health.
    Views: 257 134
    Popularity: 80 294
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    Votes: 230
    You will play as a night club manager assistant. Develop your business, learn how to communicate with clients, how to organize your staff and also how to earn money! Enlarge your night club, buy new and large premises and build your empire of disco clubs!
    Views: 149 789
    Popularity: 32 236
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    Votes: 208
    The next release of Cake Mania game, in which you have to serve the customers. You have to lead Main Street to its former glory, to open four types of shops, with different products in this episode. A new addictive arcade strategy of the popular series! Help the young entrepreneur named Jill to return to a brisk trade of Broadway!
    The main street of the town is practically empty, the shops and small family cafes, which for centuries attracted many visitors, are closed. And that is because of the fact that a giant supermarket was opened nearby! Only Jill and her friends are not going to give up under the pressure of the corporations. Help them to maintain and develop their own simple business that is so close to ordinary people. Buy,manage and improve up to 4 schools at once - from bakeries to sushi bars and a florist shop. Render quality services to your visitors, offer new and original recipes and products, build attractions for the tourists, Broadway has to be always crowded and bring a lot of money to you!
    Views: 158 915
    Popularity: 67 041
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