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This is the continuation of your favorite game Durak Interacive-2

Your opponent became even smarter, sexier and more interesting now.
You will play popular card game Durak with the most charming and sexiest girl.
The owner of sharp and caustic tongue, which overcomes you in the most interesting moments :)
Your opponent possesses lots of irresistible feminine characteristics, and it will be very interesting for you to study them!

Main features:

  • absolue interactiveness of the game with a partner;
  • multiple reality;
  • classic rules of throw-in card Durak game;
  • possibility to save the game any moment;
  • you can switch off phrases and comments;
  • you can switch off your interactive opponent;
  • growing of opponent’s experience;
  • sound effects
Views: 399 602
Popularity: 75 431
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Card game 1000 belongs to preference type of card games. The idea of the game is to be the first who gets 1001 points. There are always two losers in the game. Each of them loses at least 120 points for one game. Game 1000 is played with a set of 24 cards. Each suit (in the growing order) has 9, jack, queen, king, 10 and ace. Each card has its value - 0, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 points accordingly.

Views: 337 074
Popularity: 92 636
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Votes: 688

This is an excellent poker game for your mobile! Play in modes Heads Up, Sit & Go or Bounty. Challenge your friends to prove you are the best! Become the real professional player and travel over the world (visit Las-Vegas, London, Paris and other big cities) in the exciting career mode. Thanks to the upgraded graphics you can train and improve your skills to become the best player. Be ready to run your desk and your opponents!

Game peculiarities:

  • Quick game and elimination tournament with online score
  • London-Las-Vegas journey, visit 8 different places to become the real professional player
  • More realism thanks to the upgraded graphics and that’s why you will refuse to leave the game
  • Social functions which allow you to challenge your friends, compare scores etc.
Views: 402 329
Popularity: 136 077
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Votes: 122

Play the most popular solitaire with hot photo models in delicate positions. This card game will provide nice pastime. The player must find the solution for each level and only after that he can admire the pictures of photo models in full screen. Look at these girls in delicate positions wearing stunning underwear.

Views: 171 420
Popularity: 55 395
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Votes: 115

Six real top-models decided to have a rest. You are a lucky guy! They chose you to play cards and to get rid of some clothes. It is so hot in this night club!

There are three different poker games in Sexy Poker Top Models: 5 cards, video poker and Black Jack. If you win, you get the girl's picture forever! You can find the pictures in your collection which you can look through even if you don't play the game. 

Views: 161 324
Popularity: 42 137
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Votes: 224

Marriage is a smart and interesting card game.
You play against two hot girls which are ready to undress for your victory. You can win this game if you are self-possessed, able to make precise calculations and lucky of course. You will need to get 500 points with the help of widow and trick-taking.

Views: 285 335
Popularity: 56 080
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Votes: 309

with 365 solitaire mania you will get different solitaires in one application! Here you will find such popular games as Scorpio, Klondike, Yukon and Spider. The game has different modes, any player will like them.

Game features:

  • 12 solitaires
  • 3 game modes
  • Good graphics
Views: 119 932
Popularity: 44 177
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Votes: 199

Solitaire pro is an excellently drawn cards game known to everybody as Solitaire. The aim of the game is to sort out all playing cards on the playing field into four packs, starting with aces and up to the senior card (king). Place the cards in the upper part of the playing field.

Views: 121 878
Popularity: 37 308
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Votes: 93

Best girls are ready to undress for you and fulfill your secret wishes! All you need to do is to play poker perfectly. Remember that they do not need regular players, they need champions!

Views: 72 560
Popularity: 14 546
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Votes: 140

Spider solitaire is a popular cards game. There are two game modes – one color cards or cards of two colors. You can place cards of lower rank onto the cards of higher rank and shift several cards at the same time in case they are of the same color and placed in one stack.

Views: 153 906
Popularity: 36 089
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