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Loki is trying to conquer the Earth with the help of alien aggressors. Who can stop him? Avengers of course!
Play for such heroes as Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. Start the battle against Loki and his army, prevent them from invading the Earth planet.
The game offers fascinating gameplay on 8 levels and locations just the same as in the film.

Views: 4 755 393
Popularity: 1 825 669
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Votes: 4 503

Earn money and gain reputation among the masters, driving along the streets of London. Join “Fast & Furious” team in order to fulfil a chain of missions in the new mode of operations. "Fast & Furious 6: the game" brings racing genre for mobile devices to the new level thanks to the gorgeous graphics, new game modes, fascinating competitions and tensed missions, in which you will need to get maximum speed and maneuverability from your car. Track the international criminal grouping, which works on the territory of Europe from Moscow to London.

Game features:

  • Story and characters of the game correspond to the ones of the film.
  • Get into the best cars, which you saw in the film, including the latest model Dodge Charger.
  • Lots of settings: improve your car to the maximum!
  • Test yourself in 7 types of races.
  • Fascinating and intensive gameplay: rockets, damages and crazy speed!
Views: 2 103 415
Popularity: 595 076
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Votes: 1 450

The game is based on the events of one of the most expected films of the year – Men in black 3.
Play as agent J and take part in the battle against alien beasts.
Set off to the future or maybe even to the past, use different guns, blasters, gadgets, meet hordes of aliens!

Features of MIB 3 game:

  • The game is made on the basis of one of the most expected films of 2012, Men in black 3
  • Wide range of weapons and MIB gadgets
  • The events take place in our days as well as in 1969
  • 10 levels on Manhatten, Coney Island, Cape Canaveral and at MIB headquarters
  • You will meet aliens from MIB universe
Views: 631 764
Popularity: 188 771
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Votes: 120

You are going to be involved into exciting adventures of the lost Atlantis expedition. The game was made after the Disney animation! Stay away from fish-killers and run away from sea monsters, collect crystals.

Views: 158 083
Popularity: 41 773
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Votes: 405

Become a legend of a detective investigation, using the deductive method of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes! Welcome to the fascinating and mysterious world of terrible mysteries that you are destined to unravel with the help of a computer game «Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring», a mobile version of the game is available now also for you.


 Characteristics of Java-game Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring: 

  • the presence of absorbing quests
  • interactive gameplay
  • lots of locations 
Views: 226 200
Popularity: 84 717
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Votes: 253

The game is based on one of the most popular movies of 2004. You have to fight against a strong enemy on choice - Predator or Alien. It’s up to you to decide. A real close fight, superhuman strength and abilities. Which of the two fighters is stronger? Everything depends on you!

Views: 218 884
Popularity: 34 972
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Votes: 113

They have great power inside. And this power grows. They can't find peace. Maybe they are not just ghosts. They are... "Dead daughters" - the game which is made on the basis of mystic thriller. Help the film characters to defeat the ghosts, don't let them die in the gloomy city surrounded by evil and horror... Your goal is to free your friends from the dead daughters ghosts and to take the curse off. But be careful! The power of daughters is really great they are going to decoy you into tricky ambushes and create more and more cunning and deadly frightful tricks. Or just kill you...

Views: 70 208
Popularity: 9 108
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Votes: 169

It is the year of 2000… The predators are lurking in the Galaxy in order to find their desired prey - humans.
If you want to clear out how this hunt is going to end you need to play Predator game!
You are an honorable, respected Predator who has great power over his companions. You can hardly find another hunter of that kind in the whole universe. That is why you were honored to become the first humans hunter.
Your search ship was landed in South America jungles – not far from the secret military headquarters. The hunt has started!

Game features:

  • A new captivating story which takes place in the universe of the "Predator" film.
  • Unique facilities of the Predator are followed by a handy operation.
  • The more sculls you have the more fame you get!
Views: 135 107
Popularity: 23 307
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Votes: 233

Mutant nicknamed Nightcrawler, tries to kill president, while William Stryker captures Professor Xavier and tries to stir up mutants against one another with the help of Cerebro. It is understood that mutant brotherhood Magneto won’t stand aside and will try to take maximum advantage of the conflict. And again X-Men have to restore the balance of this world!

Save the world from villains, playing for Storm. Try to learn your future playing for Wolverin. Find the right course of life playing for Nightcrawler.

Views: 199 425
Popularity: 27 171
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Votes: 127

Alien vs Predator gives you a wonderful opportunity to see and even take part in the great battle between people, Aliens and Predators which takes place under the cowl of the huge pyramid which was built in Antarctic long before the civilization appeared.

Game features:

  • Three campaigns – rescue your friends playing as a human, take the embryo carriers playing as an Alien and collect all the trophies playing as a Predator.
  • Extra weapons – playing as a human you will find submachine guns and distress guns besides the regular rifles; playing as Predator you can find missile disks.
  • Handy gameplay – playing as an Alien you can use all movement functions of Xenomorph – run on the walls and ceilings.
  • Reality – you can fight against your enemy only one time – you can die or you can defeat him.
Views: 87 240
Popularity: 7 299
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