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Arcade   Logic  
Votes: 621

This is an absolute arcade classic, Bomberman game, comes in the new mobile version again.
Your mobile will shake with explosions again – a little man known all over the world, loves bombs and everything which is connected to them more then anything else. The destiny took him to the numerous labyrinths full of monsters again and he needs to destroy them with a new explosive wave...

Views: 212 149
Popularity: 50 818
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Votes: 836

The shark has less and less health, she needs to eat to survive. She needs to eat everything: small fish, deep ocean inhabitants, divers and those who came for vacation. Don’t forget that as soon as you are seen (you play as a shark) all alive creatures swim away, so be very attentive.

Avoid mines and jelly fish, the shark doesn’t like them. Some predatory species of fish can reflect the attack, so you need to estimate your strength. Collect all ten sank elements from the bottom of the sea and get extra points. The more shark eats, the bigger and stronger she becomes.

The game also has fishermen which seem to have come from dynamite fishing game, and they throw dynamite at the shark. You can eat them only if you gain good speed. Get more points eating more victims for a short period of time.

Views: 408 700
Popularity: 117 813
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Votes: 809
Snake 3 is a game rich in colors, beautiful animation and three-dimensional graphics. It's a game to check your reaction. Collect apples,adjust yourself to a growing speed. A snake starts to get fat because of the eaten apples, so try not to crash into your tail! If you pass this game, then you have a great reaction! Game features:
  • transition of "Snake", a well-known game, into three dimensions has changed the gameplay. In Snake 3 you can't see the entire field and even the tail of the snake is usually found somewhere outside the screen. The game has become a bit more complicated;
  • there is a map under the main window,on which the snake is depicted in the form of a strip with the right angles, the food: apples, pears and cherries are made in the form of square dots;
  • there is a possibility to play via Bluetooth!
Views: 471 832
Popularity: 128 099
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Votes: 781

Plants vs Zombies 2 - in this strategy game you must reflect attacks of zombies with the help of plants. To buy plants you can use sun-money, which will fall from the sky and will be produced by sunflowers.

Views: 369 676
Popularity: 108 964
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Votes: 393

Find all the edges in a new mobile game.  
A famous cube and tens of interesting levels, which will become a serious trial for you.  
This time graphics has exceeded all expectations and has become more beautiful and original.
Игра Edge Extended  this is a real puzzle to train your microprocessor, that is on your shoulders

The sense of the game did not change, you have to move the cube through various levels, using accelerometer.

Views: 155 246
Popularity: 54 452
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Votes: 616
It's a Gold Rush in the full sense of the word! You will perform a fascinating journey around the earth to find the gold artifact, which lies somewhere in the depths. You have to go through many adventures along the way, to avoid a lot of traps, to destroy the enemies trying to stop us, and the most important thing is to find a huge amount of gold!
Views: 391 689
Popularity: 196 750
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Votes: 1 998
It's an original arcade game at a furious pace based on the continuation of "Ice Age 2",a computer animated film. Its main character became a personage from a plot parallel with the main one - half squirrel, half-rat named Skrat that likes the acorns more than anything. He is ready for many things for the sake of them, even for downhill slopes along the ice and dizzying jumps.

Ice Age 2 game features:

  • A style of passing the game is in the spirit of "Roller coaster";
  • Excellent graphics corresponding to the original film;
  • Four different arctic landscape: snow, caves, glaciers and mountains;
  • 18 levels, stuffed with adrenalin for the eyeballs.
    18 levels full of danger, humor, and breakneck speed are waiting for you (depending on the phone model). All graphics and animation games are completely consistent with the original. You will find you favorite characters: Sid the sloth, Manny the mammoth and saber-toothed lion named Diego.

    The goal of the game is to rush through all levels in search of your favorite nuts. A fascinating picture of a global catastrophe, the coming ice and slippery snow drifts - all this will sweep past you in a desperate race for the walnuts.
  • Views: 853 336
    Popularity: 406 799
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    Votes: 273

    It is time to take guitar and to step on the stage of the new version of mega popular game which has even more best music now! Play 15 known all over the world hits of legendary rock bands and bring the crowd into a rage with the help of solo guitar, bass guitar and drums. The game offers the songs of «Blur», «Gorillaz», «Deep Purple», «The White Stripes», «Queens of the Stone Age», David Bowie and many other popular artists! Free you internal rock-star!

    Views: 189 097
    Popularity: 58 322
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    Votes: 447
    Welcome to the revolution - a revolution of your favorite Tetris. An exciting sequel will not only amuse you, but also explode your brain that is certainly tired without training. Tetris is a chance to use your brains and fingers. 15 levels of difficulty, plus additional features, including the rotation of units that will not remain without your attention and will surprise you. You can replay the game in which you have failed and check yourself to see your mistakes. Training begins with the revolution!
    Views: 426 832
    Popularity: 252 896
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    Arcade   Racing  
    Votes: 3 128

    Asphalt Nitro - continuation of legendary races. Even more speed and drive. Participate in different competitions in the fastest cars of the world. Prove that you are the best racer.


    Game features:

    • 10 unique cars
    • 7 racing sessions in 5 countries
    • Various stunts on the road
    Views: 1 244 436
    Popularity: 380 703
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