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GTA 5 MOD is a mod of the previous version of the game GTA 4. The mod offers new graphics, roads, logos. The characters and navigation have also been changed. You must play this game to experience all the innovations!

Views: 3 768 292
Popularity: 1 024 515
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You can create your own farm in the new game of Green Farm from Gameloft company. Play where you can at any time and anywhere! Create your own farmer with unique characteristics and put him in fancy clothes, get your farm and various animals. Making money you can buy improvements, additions to the successful maintenance of your farm, for example, you can buy even tractors. Keep your farm business with your friends and neighbors, this ability makes the game more attractive and interesting!

Green Farm game features:
  • You really like living at the farm, care for plants and animals to breed.
  • The money you earn you can spend on seeds, animals and even buildings for your farm!
  • Visit your neighbors and play mini-games to earn coins and XP.
  • Compete with your neighbors and determine the best gardener
  • Customize your avatar, collect bonuses and get a cool tractor
Views: 1 747 702
Popularity: 670 938
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Votes: 1 062
Famous Rescuers - Disney chipmunks and their song "Chip, Chip, Chip, Chip and Dale are in a hurry to reach you!" known throughout the world. Now the fearless characters of the cartoon series Chip & Dale: Rescue rangers will continue to disclose high-profile crimes and defeat the insidious enemies on the screen of your mobile phone! It all started with the fact that Barrel-bellied together with Professor Nimnul went up to their old games - the city was plunged into chaos, the police is powerless in terms of the wicked, and only a brave team of rescuers can restore the order. But the wily Barrel-bellied does not waste time: he kidnapped and hid the Whack on the island. Rescue workers at all costs must save their young friend. To do this they need to repair their famous aircraft - to get to a distant island. Help Chip, Dale, nuts and Rocky to reveal the intricate crimes, to find the stolen items and save baby Whack! Chip'n Dale Rescue Rangers game features:
  • Colorful game based on the favorite animated series "Chip'n Dale Rescue Rangers";
  • Several types of the gameplay for any taste: logic, arcade, quest;
  • Time Management with the economic model;
  • Wide choice of additional equipment, equipment, and bonuses;
  • Ability to compete with players around the world thanks to the online ratings.
Views: 1 072 409
Popularity: 561 068
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Votes: 2 531
They do not have anything they get used to in usual life. There is nothing, but hot sand, broiling sun, night cold and wild animals. They are absolutely alone on desert island. And only under your sensitive guidance they can build a new life on the remote tropical island. Avoid dangers, get new friends and reveal all secrets of island in" The Sims 2: Castaway Mobile". Create the whole settlement in this unopened paradise. Build shelters, study crafts and enjoy tropical beauty of the Sims 2: Castaway. With the lapse of time the Sims will change. Begin life on a new, unmarked on a card island in "The Sims 2: Castaway Mobile".
Views: 1 142 846
Popularity: 516 277
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Total Conquest is a new game from the best game developers. The events of the game will plunge you into the ancient time, they will take you to Rome. The task is to become a real governor, an emperor.

Views: 1 484 615
Popularity: 477 905
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Dive into the magical world of mobile game created basing on the new part of the movie about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1.
Together with your team, with Hermione and Ron, explore the whole world outside the gates of Hogwarts.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 The Mobile Game features:
  • New places such as cafes on Shaftesbury Avenue, the Quidditch World Cup, gloomy mansion, the Ministry of Magic, Forest-of-Dean, gardens Xenophilius Lovegood
  • 20 exciting battles
  • Unique abilities of each of the characters
  • Ability to improve the characteristics of the main characters
  • opportunity to play for Ron and Hermione
  • Great graphics and physics of the movement. Find and destroy Horcruxes, fight with Voldemort, Death Eaters, Dementors, etc. You will have 20 different spells, collect artifacts and magic to solve puzzles to unravel the mysteries of this story ...
  • Views: 855 391
    Popularity: 423 032
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    Votes: 1 622
    And the chaos will be the commonplace, where everything is decided by money and weapons. Mafia Part Two continues the story of gang clashes. Connect2Media wanted to become an editor, but the manufacturer will obviously be someone else. You will find a fascinating story from the world of violence and cruelty. Change your car, liquidate the gang in six exciting missions. The game has a certain resemblance to GTA, for example, in the sense that the character of the game can take possession of any car, as well as participate in the disassembly and fights with opponents. And in order for the fight to be brighter, he can call for help, and so on. Six levels of the game will immerse you in a world ruled by castes, cash and several hundred of guns.
    Views: 949 775
    Popularity: 353 807
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    Votes: 1 635

    The main character – is a virtuoso of a striped wand and the master of «negotiations». A hero of national folklore, the ruler of the highway, and a terror of drivers! He is the only one who is able to stop a truck on the wing with one movement, check the first-aid kit, a driver’s financial position and inquire about the health of mother in law. This is true, this is a virtuoso of a striped wand and a master of «negotiations» a traffic cop (gaishnik). I wouldn’t wish meeting him neither for «greenhorn» nor professional. But everything is not so bad, you can always negotiate to an «honest» traffic cop (gaishnik). Just imagine that you are one of them, and you can establish rules on the roads! You are to place a cap on your head, catch the violator, collect money for the higher-ups to arrange a banquet and get a promotion! Sooner or later as a reward for your persistent and fair work, your uncomfortable post will turn to a luxury mansion. It is understood that you may fine for speeding. But to make the drivers’ life even more intolerable you may buy a speed limit signage and put it in an unexpected place. Then you will surely have good receipts. But be careful; do not confuse a private car with the car of special services!


    An honest traffic cop game features:

    • Unlimited Amount of the fine;
    • Various tasks;
    • A possibility of buying bonuses;
    • Mini-game developing speed of reaction and dexterity of fingers.
    Views: 751 488
    Popularity: 350 655
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    Votes: 1 156
    It's time for a kitten to become a real cat! What do a normal young cat need to be completely happy in beautiful springtime? Good owners are well aware that the most important thing for the animal at this time is - right! - to gain personal happiness! And just during this crucial period for the pet, the owners must take care of his healthy physical and emotional state and let the handsome cat go in search of adventures,allow him to explore this wild life and perform combat operations ..! Call it as you want, but the meaning is the same - it's time to let your pet go to win the ladies' hearts! In MeowSim: First Love the cat has to get a bow of a pretty cat stolen from her by the robbers,overcome all obstacles, created by enemies on his way and win the heart of his beloved. The cat will have to deal with the local mafia, solve its riddles, perform various tasks and even fight. And if the cat copes with this challenge and prove that he is a true hero, he will win the heart of the beauty and probably even have a family! In Myausim: First Love new game:
    • Complicated detective story;
    • Humorous comics;
    • Popular and exciting mini-games.
    Views: 724 392
    Popularity: 318 053
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    Votes: 2 495
    In this game you will experience terrible high school years, your goal is to finish high school with the best reputation, get as many friends as you can. Find the right words to seduce your friend, but try to avoid serious troubles and mischief or convince people that you did not commit them. High School Hock Ups game features:
    • Gain a large experience of working at school;
    • Several mini-games connected with a touching story line are at your disposal;
    • Chose the words carefully to avoid bullies and detention;
    • Seduce your lover to be declared king and queen of the graduation party!
    • Graduate from high school with the best reputation and friends;
    • 13 cool characters, touching and charismatic personalities.
    Views: 928 774
    Popularity: 307 861
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