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In Hollywood Star you play as a young actor or an actress who has just arrived to Los-Angeles with the aim to make a career. Take acting lessons and find an agent to make a career on big screens. Take part in the high society life of the Hollywood, make your image and charm the “sharks” of show business despite jealous stares of your opponents!

Views: 87 029
Popularity: 23 439
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Votes: 251
Mafia wars continue, the third part of the gangster thriller is set in Japan. Starting his career of yakuza being a young fighter, you have to reach the heights of the criminal world, performing various tasks. Mafia Wars: Yakuza is a quality shooter with nice graphics and a good sound, lots of missions. The characters have four types of weapons, plus katana, entertaining super kicks in their arsenal. Bonuses, quite complicated bosses, destroyed landscape.
Views: 246 092
Popularity: 62 687
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Votes: 165

This is a breathtaking continuation of the chronicles of the special forces fighter. Time has not changed old principles and tasks which are to be solved... Time has not changed the essence of the problem which can be solved only with your help!
The only thing which has changed – is your experience and fighting methods against terrorism.

Game features:

  • 3D graphics for all mobiles
  • you can play a full-blown game through BlueTooth (Deathmatch)
  • modern fundamentals of computer and console 3D render are applied
  • technology of photo textures realization is applied
  • lights inside the rooms, shades, half shades, flashes
  • 9 full-blown 3D levels and objects
  • missions of rescuing and evacuation of hostages, mine clearing
  • 11 kinds of weapons (including fragmentation and flash grenades)


  • Knife
  • USP
  • Python
  • Desert eagle
  • MP5
  • M4a1
  • AK-47
  • Dragunova
  • AWP
  • Flash grenade
  • Fragmentation grenade

Views: 119 059
Popularity: 24 381
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Votes: 278
Mystical quest is a horror film for a mobile phone The year1910, England.... A terrible thing happened. One night Ann woke up and found out that she was in a private residence with awful phantoms and evil ghosts which pursued her... Try to stay alive in this paranoid nightmare... There are two various variants of ending in the game.
Views: 177 497
Popularity: 64 856
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Votes: 304
Ghastly, grim thriller quest about the adventures of a young photographer in an abandoned haunted house. You got here hoping to make exclusive footage, but these exclusive shots want to "make good" of you. Simply speaking, they want to gorge you!
Views: 219 689
Popularity: 76 755
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RPG   Adventure  
Votes: 213
The ancient evil tries to break free!

The news about this spread throughout the world.
After a recent earthquake the bowels of an ancient city buried under the sand of the Egyptian desert,near Cairo turned up from the entrails.
This unusual and surprising discovery attracted the interest of the Cairo Museum, which was put in charge of the research in this area.

Professor Cornelius Osgood, the museum's director, went to the site with a team of researchers-archaeologists and paleontologists.
And he took you with him,as well,for you to acquire a working knowledge in the research of the old civilizations. Unfortunately, everything is not clear! Your arrival at the ruins coincided with a mysterious death of one of your colleagues.
The diary of the excavations tells about a rare object found after the earthquake, namely a rare stone of unknown origin that was found by one of the children living nearby.
But the stone has disappeared, and soon you'll realize that it may be a reason to begin to suspect someone!

The riddles are just beginning! Be careful!
Views: 163 607
Popularity: 37 150
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Votes: 207

Justus takes down to tricky detective work. This time he has to investigate one mysterious case, the traces of which lead to the cursed castle, where a soul of a dead scientist has settled. Together with Justus and his friends Peter and Bob you will follow the trail of the new film to solve the great number of mysteries and solve the exciting puzzles. Will our young detectives learn what hides behind a ghost of that cursed castle? It depends only on you!

The game features:

  • Prize Airgamer Award TIPPS style& CHEATS
  • An fficial mobile game of the new movie
  • Exciting puzzles
  • Saving mode
  • Interactive dialogues
  • 3 variants of end
Views: 188 293
Popularity: 42 604
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Votes: 128

Wandering souls, a dull mansion, bloody family mysteries and an ancient dark book « Necronomicon »that grants its possessor unprecedented infinite supernatural power — this is all that awaits you in anime game for phones The Book of the Dead: The Lost Souls.

You will be taken to England at the beginning of XX century for some time. Wonderful visual effects will let you fully experience the atmosphere of mysteriousness. A young married couple — Charles and Emily — literally landed on the street level: Charles’s business goes bust, and their house is practically demolished by tornado. It seems that the things are not going to straighten out and the only thing remained is to believe in miracle…


Suddenly Charles get a news that his uncle has died and bequeathed his house to him — an unloved, negligent nephew. But Charles may become a rightful owner, only after he lives in the house during 30 days. The newly married couple agreed with pleasure. They were ready to everything… but not for the things that were found in the mansion…


Java game features:


• The first Russian anime-game in interactive fiction style
•  Based on the works of the legendary Howard Phillips Lovecraft

•  Several variants of ending br />•  Unexpected plot twists
•  To 10 cells for saving the game. Now you may be back to your game after the beginning of the new one.

Views: 105 115
Popularity: 15 983
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Votes: 302
It's a new season number 11! Join the millions of fans of this series of the games. Surviving High School 11 includes a set of new school adventures with new task episodes and new opportunities. Master the tasks, solve quizzes, win mini-games and do many other things! Surviving High School 11 is the best game in the series!
Views: 242 052
Popularity: 45 050
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RPG   Action   Adventure  
Votes: 150

A mobile game based on movie blockbuster Wolfhound! Wolfhound, a man of Grey Dog race is invincible! It is an impressive mobile implementation of fantasy-saga about the Wolfhound. It is possible to play the game using the side view and top view. And the graphics is not inferior to the best examples of this style on PC. The main character does not only fight with swords, but also shots from a bow, uses magic. And he solves logic puzzles from time to time. The game possesses graphics and images of characters of domestic movie blockbuster Wolfhound with the most impressive budget in Russia!

Views: 115 068
Popularity: 21 879
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