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Become a legend of a detective investigation, using the deductive method of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes! Welcome to the fascinating and mysterious world of terrible mysteries that you are destined to unravel with the help of a computer game «Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring», a mobile version of the game is available now also for you.


 Characteristics of Java-game Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring: 

  • the presence of absorbing quests
  • interactive gameplay
  • lots of locations 
Views: 229 411
Popularity: 85 039
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Votes: 231

In Crime files 3: The mafia's war examine evidence and find the truth. Why does the Dockers gang terrorizes the entire city? How are they connected with Cathrina. Investigate this case and find the truth.

Views: 152 305
Popularity: 32 970
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Votes: 84

Live the life of the lucky guy in Las Vegas, the city where the most unbelievable things can happen! In this captivating adventure which is based on seven deadly sins, you will need to outsmart different evil persons, fall in love (or will that be just passion?) and become a wealthy and great player... Well, such are the plans at least! Money and reputation decide everything in the city of sins, that’s why you will need to make big stakes playing black jack, roulette and dice. Can you pick up a girl, snatch a large sum and hold out to become a real dealer in Vegas? The game will show!

Views: 84 867
Popularity: 22 769
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Votes: 298
NCIS Based On The TV Series - is a serial about a team of special agents of Federal Agency of U.S. Navy. Their task is to conduct investigations of crimes committed in the Navy, or involving American sailors, who are a potential threat to the entire country. Super-agent Gibbs is the head of the group of investigators. His team consists of an ex-detective Anthony Dinozzo, a beauty part-time super secret agent, Kate Todd, an expert in forensic medicine Abby Skyuto, and IT professional, Timothy McGee.
Views: 175 813
Popularity: 77 055
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RPG   Adventure  
Votes: 320

The events of this game take us to the year of 2032. It was the year when the world was destroyed by nuclear war. The survived ones found shelter in the tunnels of Moscow metro. The world was covered with long and cold nuclear winter. Air was infected with radiation dust, clouds of this dust covered the sun and plunged it into an icy dream. You are one of the survived, the man of the “old world”.

Game features:

  • soundtracks from the original 2033 METRO game for PC
  • you can buy equipment, suits, weapons, armor and its upgrade
  • you can level up skills (rage, accuracy, endurance) leveling your character, equipment and armor
  • you can enter different fractions and groupings (hansa soldiers, gangsters, reich, sparta agents).
  • reputation, unique costumes for each grouping, headquarters and their capture (war between groupings)
Views: 307 291
Popularity: 64 578
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Votes: 236

This game is an interesting quest, a symbiosis of Silent Hill and X-Files, in which you will investigate and participate in the investigation of a very tangled criminal case. So, arm yourself with patience and go ahead. You can choose Russian language in the options.

Views: 135 373
Popularity: 32 493
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Votes: 147

High School Love – is a humorous game in which you can choose which decisions you make. Each decision can influence the result of the game. Everyone will get pleasure playing this game thanks to easy and understandable interface. Imagine that you play the main role in your favorite film or series. Be ready to have an unforgettable excursion! Become an attractive girl or a cute guy and reveal the secrets of true love! In this game you will experience incredible adventure, its result depends only on you.

Views: 103 757
Popularity: 27 102
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RPG   Adventure  
Votes: 56

Try how it is like to be Jack, a young hero from The Idhun Chronicles world and fight on the Opposition side to save the magic. For this you will need to find the representatives of the last two kinds of magic creatures: dragon and unicorn. In this same named adaptation of Laura Gallego novel you are offered to get acquainted with the places and characters of the novel and to take part in the story helping the main characters to save the Idhun inhabitants from threatened danger. Plunge into the magic adventures of the The Idhun Chronicles.

Views: 77 373
Popularity: 11 513
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Votes: 371

Different organisms on the Earth mutated after the beginning of the nuclear war and the new evolution phase began, the environment is so severe that only the best genes can survive. We are going to witness this evolution way in which human does not play the main role anymore...

Views: 403 114
Popularity: 83 581
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Votes: 332
It is the official mobile game on motives of a popular medical drama. Join the employees, get acquainted personally with favourite doctors. Meet other characters and perform surgical operations to show and raise the professional level. The game plot reproduces the fascinating stories from first three seasons of a popular teleserial of ABC. But besides, script writers have specially added a number of original new tasks to the mobile game. Reveal new secrets of "Gray's Anatomy "!
Views: 272 757
Popularity: 70 442
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