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Arcade   RPG   Adventure  
Votes: 850
Age of Heroes: Army of Darkness - protect your kingdom from enemy attacks. Fight ghosts, skeletons, and knights of dark. Use all powerful arsenal to destroy evil.

Game features:

  • You can miss moves
  • Engrossing step by step battles
  • Wide range of spells, weapons, magic
Views: 267 957
Popularity: 59 251
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Votes: 504
Exciting adventures with a cunning rabbit Bugs Bunny! The famous mischievous rabbit Bugs Bunny, who was loved for more than one generation of viewers around the world, and who makes you laugh to tears from his "stuff", was born in July 1940. Bugs Bunny is the most popular and recognizable character of Warner Bros. Pictures studio.
Views: 313 400
Popularity: 97 186
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Votes: 465
Zone is a game based on the popular television series. The protagonist of the game named Alexei Pavlov is a normal intelligent man, who was jailed because of the false charges. He knows that he is in danger - the person, who betrayed him, sent him to jail. Shvernik, the chief of the guard,has to organize a massacre of the hero by the prisoners' hands: Alexey is put into a common cell ... Now he has only one goal - to stay alive at all costs, and revenge. It depends on the player whether the hero can achieve his goal! Zona game features:
  • five exciting missions;
  • dynamic plot;
  • interactive dialogues, influencing the course of the game;
  • distinctive characters of the series;
  • Embedded shell mini-game!
Views: 329 029
Popularity: 143 816
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Votes: 1 215

The game has a top view, usual activities: steal cars, take part in the criminal deeds, drive about the city open for free movement. Even the mini games remind the ones from GTA, in Car Jack Street the character can work as a taxi driver and pizza deliveryman between the missions.

Views: 689 296
Popularity: 81 943
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Votes: 635
Action occurs in ominous city hospital, in the course of inspection of gloomy corridors and disentangling of the twirled plot you should solve a considerable quantity of puzzles and win set of awful monsters. Open secrets of two parallel subject lines and learn what exactly led Lucas and Vincent in this terrible city.
Views: 331 215
Popularity: 121 072
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Votes: 756
One hundred years after the death of Ozunu, a mysterious group of evil people revived him. To recuperate Ozunu must absorb all living creatures around him. In Ninja Prophecy game your mission is to save the five sacred Ozunu balls and get rid of all the forces of evil forever! Ninja Prophecy game features:
  • as a leader of your team of 5 ninjas, explore open locations with the exciting quests freely;
  • go through 8 worlds: the ninja clan, Forest, Rocky area, Crystal Space, Sea Port, Volcano, Castle and Sky Towers;
  • show your skills and tactical sense of the step-be-step battles;
  • liquidate a lot of different demons of the Japanese folklore;
  • buy items, learn new art of a battle and get the upgrade for additional quests;
  • perform special ninja skills in secret places, use the walls to jump and jump with a hook to reach high places, walk on water and break through the ice walls.
Views: 336 127
Popularity: 84 256
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Votes: 580
A classic work of Daniel Defoe “The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” tells about a person, who survived a terrible shipwreck and stayed alone on one of uninhabited islands of the Caribbean. It is an incredible journey 28 years long! Help Robinson to explore the island, take part in a magnificent journey, dangerous and very interesting one.
Views: 435 278
Popularity: 140 876
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Votes: 582
Your dream about your own horse or pony comes true! In this game you will have your own stable and you will be able to breed, train horses and ponies, care for them and also sell with profit your best species! Look after your marvelous pets, train their abilities and use the fruits of your labor getting rewards at the international exhibitions and tournaments! Breeding of the foals is a tiresome and responsible work, don't forget to clean them with a scraper, replenish the fodder reserves and observe their health. And, of course, ride your favorite horse more often!The better your horses will look - the more clients you will have and the more money you will earn!
Views: 248 548
Popularity: 72 446
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Votes: 1 156
It's time for a kitten to become a real cat! What do a normal young cat need to be completely happy in beautiful springtime? Good owners are well aware that the most important thing for the animal at this time is - right! - to gain personal happiness! And just during this crucial period for the pet, the owners must take care of his healthy physical and emotional state and let the handsome cat go in search of adventures,allow him to explore this wild life and perform combat operations ..! Call it as you want, but the meaning is the same - it's time to let your pet go to win the ladies' hearts! In MeowSim: First Love the cat has to get a bow of a pretty cat stolen from her by the robbers,overcome all obstacles, created by enemies on his way and win the heart of his beloved. The cat will have to deal with the local mafia, solve its riddles, perform various tasks and even fight. And if the cat copes with this challenge and prove that he is a true hero, he will win the heart of the beauty and probably even have a family! In Myausim: First Love new game:
  • Complicated detective story;
  • Humorous comics;
  • Popular and exciting mini-games.
Views: 724 392
Popularity: 318 053
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Votes: 652
Fascinating fishing strategy in which you will pass through all tests peculiar to a real fisherman. The purpose of the game is to catch the legendary \"dragon- fish\"
Views: 313 912
Popularity: 91 614
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