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Votes: 2 295
Adventure Time: Heroes Of Ooo - evil queen kidnapped a princess. The main hero and his faithful assistant are going to examine all caves to find her. Reveal all secrets, find all hidden boxes and magic weapons to face pure evil in the final battle.

Game features:

  • Popular cartoon characters
  • Big open world and 4 dungeons
  • Engrossing puzzles and strong bosses
Views: 436 461
Popularity: 114 922
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Votes: 1 102
Immerse yourself in a tense and dramatic story, full of love, supernatural things, and so on, entering the senior year of the studies at the Graduate School of vampires. But the final exams are now far and your task is to survive. Control 4 different characters, make choices, interactions with others and use your special powers of telepathy to change forms. The relationships that you build and the decisions that you accept, create a story that opens a dark secret of the high school of vampires. Vampires and werewolves are coming!
Views: 487 880
Popularity: 188 908
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Votes: 830
Mobile game Prison Break is a quest on motives of a world famous serial Runaway from prison. All favourite heroes and stories from the first season are presented in the game
Views: 439 946
Popularity: 220 151
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Votes: 773
Get ready to plunge into the dark world once more and experience the tortures of Silent Hill. Play for Emily and Vincent in this terrible adventure, which began in the orphanage of Silent Hill. Solve puzzles that await you on the road and try to survive an alternate world of horrors. The truth is somewhere near ... A Russian version of the game is added!
Views: 448 058
Popularity: 201 221
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Votes: 219
Join a team of the specialists of CSI units and collect the evidence, conduct DNA analysis, study the testimony of witnesses, identifying the suspects.

CSI: Las-Vegas game features:

  • Exclusive plot written in collaboration with the creators of the television shows!
  • Assistance and cooperation with the main characters of the show!
  • Ability to consider the object in three dimensions;
  • 5 original mini-games: DNA extraction, restoration of torn pictures and others!
  • mysterious and unforgettable atmosphere of the night in Las Vegas;
  • The game is in Russian!
  • Views: 214 460
    Popularity: 85 979
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    Votes: 1 635

    The main character – is a virtuoso of a striped wand and the master of «negotiations». A hero of national folklore, the ruler of the highway, and a terror of drivers! He is the only one who is able to stop a truck on the wing with one movement, check the first-aid kit, a driver’s financial position and inquire about the health of mother in law. This is true, this is a virtuoso of a striped wand and a master of «negotiations» a traffic cop (gaishnik). I wouldn’t wish meeting him neither for «greenhorn» nor professional. But everything is not so bad, you can always negotiate to an «honest» traffic cop (gaishnik). Just imagine that you are one of them, and you can establish rules on the roads! You are to place a cap on your head, catch the violator, collect money for the higher-ups to arrange a banquet and get a promotion! Sooner or later as a reward for your persistent and fair work, your uncomfortable post will turn to a luxury mansion. It is understood that you may fine for speeding. But to make the drivers’ life even more intolerable you may buy a speed limit signage and put it in an unexpected place. Then you will surely have good receipts. But be careful; do not confuse a private car with the car of special services!


    An honest traffic cop game features:

    • Unlimited Amount of the fine;
    • Various tasks;
    • A possibility of buying bonuses;
    • Mini-game developing speed of reaction and dexterity of fingers.
    Views: 751 488
    Popularity: 350 655
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    Votes: 355

    Grand car thief got in the very thick of things in Chinese area. You can’t play jokes with these guys as you know. The game contains the same actions as in PC version. In Grand theft auto: Chinatown wars you can hijack cars, complete missions. There are also many types of weapons in this game.

    Views: 267 326
    Popularity: 51 921
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    Votes: 565

    Do you consider yourself being a Casanova? We’ll see how you will behave, when you encounter with lots of appointments made! Let’s make a date; this is an exciting love affair that will check your abilities corresponding to a well-thought plot. Discover a unique gameplay, combining a social simulator, lively conversations in private and funny tests. You bump into someone at the party, go to the cinema together, and invite your flame to lunch… And an unexpected visit of your ex- will add spice to your relationships.



    Date or Ditch game features:

    • Choose one of four characters to meet face to face with your chosen one under different conditions- from the wildest to the most romantic intimacy.
    • 9 parameters of settings; from your home to luxurious restaurants, trendy bars and romantic beach.
    • Improve your skills of seducing and watch the way the others will react.
    • Various surveys: What kind of lover you are? Are you a really good kisser? And so on.
    • Secret possibilities of seducing, which you can find in the city during the game.
    • The love scale pointing if you are on the right way to the love of all your life.
    Views: 232 895
    Popularity: 59 642
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    RPG   Action   Adventure  
    Votes: 232

    A Time Lord created a man. But millenniums passed and the world was destroyed. Demons have flooded the Earth. Wars, fires and floods began. And the gods of 4 elements have lost their power. The God of Water became a prisoner of Demons. The God of Fire   disappeared from the face of the earth. The Goddess of Air leaded army of people to battle with the demons, but was defeated. People, gods, demons - all of them were suffering from war. It was only an adviser to the emperor, the descendant of the great magician, who was able to conclude a fragile truce between the gods and demons... But the truce did not last long...

    Views: 97 526
    Popularity: 31 410
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    Votes: 851
    Unaware patient finds himself in emergency room of an unknown hospital where very strange things going on. Nurses torture helpless patients, surgeons carve their initials on the precious parts of the body, and the doctors secretly perform intricate operations on unsuspecting victims of the accident. Our ill and angry friend decides to seek the cause of the madness going on. Has a strange virus infected the staff? Is someone spreading some hallucinogen through a system of air conditioning? Is a part of hospital management visiting some religious sect? Crazy Hospital game features:
  • Six weird opponents in comics style in close-up;
  • Fight with diabolic nurses, insane doctors and mummified patients!
  • Six types of amazing weapons to deal with a crazy stuff of the hospital with defibrillators and disinfecting splashes!
  • Views: 454 042
    Popularity: 153 792
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