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Arcade   RPG   Action   Adventure  
Votes: 4 245
Dweller - hold your sword and shield hard to defeat your opponent. Go to the dungeon to find the king of goblins and free the inhabitants of a small village from curse.

Game features:

  • 3 classes of warriors
  • Auto attack
  • Huge number of inventory items
Views: 749 955
Popularity: 169 652
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Votes: 317
Whisper of the waves caressing the ears, blue sky, bright sun,salt air, tickling the nostrils and a cool breeze. This is a heavenly place. But even in such a wonderful place the fearful crimes are committed. Even here law enforcement agencies sometimes can not do anything. It is for this reason an unmatched team of the best criminologists led by Horatio Caine - a specialist on the disclosure of the killings-acts in the territory of one of the most beautiful places on earth. They're young, smart and beautiful, but the most important thing is that they can investigate even the most intricate crimes. Together, they seem to find the the clues from another world and analyze them using the most modern methods. Together they are looking for a clue and always find it, as they are - professionals ...
Views: 235 545
Popularity: 89 630
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Votes: 511
Join Detective Ridley Maximilian and Darcy, his niece, in search of the relics of the ancestors, namely, an ancient medallion, which gives eternal life. Your searches will lead you to four places of the world, through many puzzles that you have to solve ..

Detective Ridley and the Mysterious Enigma features:
  • 50 complex puzzles and mysteries of all kinds: logic, attention, calculation, and much more
  • Adventures around the world in 5 locations including London, India and Japan
  • A large number of different characters, who can share the secrets
  • Great story with lots of puzzles
  • Adjustable difficulty: ff you get stuck with a puzzle, then you have the chance to choose a hint

Views: 317 047
Popularity: 108 811
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Votes: 488
One of the greatest and most gloomy hits of Playstation and PC in mobile variant. A sea of horror, blood and mysteries is ensured.
The action takes place in an abandoned shelter of a mysterious town Silent Hill, where a maze of dark corridors will lead you towards grotesque monsters. The only way to survive is to solve a series of puzzles, gathering clues and useful items. As the game proceeds, secrets and mysteries of the plot are revealed, exposing the amazing truth about people and legends surrounding Silent Hill, that offers a new vision of some events from the past that have occurred in this evil town where nightmares become reality.
Views: 257 066
Popularity: 77 854
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Votes: 372
A woman was found dead in the middle of the Times Square in New York. Is it a tragic suicide or a terrible crime? Find it out in the official game based on the popular series. Conduct an enquiry alongside to Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera, Danny Messer, and Dr. Sheldon Hawkes. Explore the city to find clues, interrogate suspects!
Views: 226 315
Popularity: 54 761
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Votes: 826
You play for John... Or Lukas. To tell the truth, you do not know who you really are? Every day all surrounding you looks monotonously, town and everything in it seems artificial. It seems to you that you have already been here before, but do not remember when and under what circumstances... Nowhere legendary game can appear now and in your mobile phone!
Views: 262 794
Popularity: 75 186
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Votes: 616

The largest developer and publisher of mobile games company EA Mobile, presents its new game, which is called \"Mystery Mania\". In this mysterious mobile game you will have to play for a robot that wakes up one day in the dark deserted house. To bring your character back to the future you have to solve all the puzzles, presented in the game. Every new victory will bring you closer to your target.

Views: 291 786
Popularity: 50 285
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Votes: 687

Any passerby can attack you, small bandit groups can start a shootout, and your new shining car which you bought for your money can be simply hijacked. The world lives its own life in this game. It is even more interesting to play now. You need to reach the top of the New York mafia structure by means of hijacking, stealing and killing and you must make any gang respect you. You have more weapons, cars and tasks now. The tasks became even more interesting.

Views: 347 820
Popularity: 39 924
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Votes: 535
Consider yourself a Casanova? Let's see how you behave when faced with a bunch of appointed dates! Date or Ditch 2 is an exciting love affair that will check your ability according to the well-thought plot. Discover the unique gameplay that combines social simulation,lively eye-to-eye discussions and funny tests. You accidentally meet someone at a party, go to the movies together, invite your passion for lunch ... And a surprising visit of your last love will make your relationship spicy.
Views: 371 836
Popularity: 157 022
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Votes: 1 062
Famous Rescuers - Disney chipmunks and their song "Chip, Chip, Chip, Chip and Dale are in a hurry to reach you!" known throughout the world. Now the fearless characters of the cartoon series Chip & Dale: Rescue rangers will continue to disclose high-profile crimes and defeat the insidious enemies on the screen of your mobile phone! It all started with the fact that Barrel-bellied together with Professor Nimnul went up to their old games - the city was plunged into chaos, the police is powerless in terms of the wicked, and only a brave team of rescuers can restore the order. But the wily Barrel-bellied does not waste time: he kidnapped and hid the Whack on the island. Rescue workers at all costs must save their young friend. To do this they need to repair their famous aircraft - to get to a distant island. Help Chip, Dale, nuts and Rocky to reveal the intricate crimes, to find the stolen items and save baby Whack! Chip'n Dale Rescue Rangers game features:
  • Colorful game based on the favorite animated series "Chip'n Dale Rescue Rangers";
  • Several types of the gameplay for any taste: logic, arcade, quest;
  • Time Management with the economic model;
  • Wide choice of additional equipment, equipment, and bonuses;
  • Ability to compete with players around the world thanks to the online ratings.
Views: 1 072 409
Popularity: 561 068
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