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Votes: 3 259
While Megatron is hiding after the disgraceful defeat of Fallen, Shokueyv,the Decepticon, the ruler of Cybertron, is preparing to visit the planet with absolutely negative intentions. The game takes place not only on the Earth, but on the Moon, a dark side of which keeps no less dark secrets.
Views: 1 328 394
Popularity: 549 343
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Votes: 891
Go to the world of heroes to rescue it from the evil. Take part in this epic adventure, full of fights with monsters, searches in mysterious dungeons, the earths of sorcery and monsters. Swords, axes, boards and magic will be your faithful companions in this game. Investigate the world of dungeons, cities and the earth, facing hordes of malicious beings. Use all arsenal of swords, axes, boards and the reservation which you can unite with magic and create the new unique weapon. With knowledge of Heroes, the adventure takes a new lath in the world of mobile phones. Operate the elements and cause powerful trustees to make your adventure easier. Resist your destiny and become the true "Hero!"
Views: 302 414
Popularity: 78 909
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Votes: 2 385
Game "Batman: the Dark Knight" is based on a new film of Warner Bros. The Batman struggle against crime in Gotham City. His new target is villain Joker who bears the main threat for townsmen. In game Batman: The Dark Knight you feel the real hero. Each time when you win enemies, you will study new combo-blows. You must stop Joker through thick and thin!
Views: 914 934
Popularity: 374 394
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Votes: 1 588
A little dear hedgehog comes back to the mobile phones’ displays with Sonic Advance, showing all the original levels of classic videogames. Doctor Eggman has an infernal plan to launch his favourite Rocket-Egg against the whole world. He created a super robot, to make sure that the well-known hedgehog Sonic won’t interfere. Sonic decided to save the world from doctor Eggman for one more time with the help of his legendary speed!
Views: 628 956
Popularity: 277 484
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Arcade   RPG   Action   Online   Strategy   Shooter  
Votes: 2 707
Legendary Tanchikifor Dendy are back! «Tanchiki» does not resemble any known arcade or shooter. In the game you will meet:
  • 40 missions with various tasks: «kill all», "defend the base", "steal the flag," "destroy the radar," etc.
  • Upgrading for your tank!
  • Various kinds of enemy tanks and guns.
  • Loading of additional levels online.
  • Destroy the enemy and earn coins, but spend them wisely! You can upgrade your tank spending the money earned for buying new weapons in repair shop. And do you have any idea of how many types of weapons there are in «Tanchiki»? 35 types! For buying some particular types of weapons you are to conduct research using the stars, collected during the game. Everything depends on the situation and the quantity of money earned. Remember, that the larger the balance of coins you will have after the modernization of the tank, the greater the percentage of bonuses you get at the end of the next level. Try to save. Upgrade your tank:
  • buy new weapons
  • increase the mobility of the tank
  • raise its invulnerability
  • buy artillery and radar
  • call for help from the air
  • request assistance from the allied tanks Play also game continuation: Download Tanchiki Pro
  • Views: 2 354 925
    Popularity: 805 410
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    Votes: 1 478
    Crash Bandicoot is back to save the world for one more time! And it has got new destructive abilities! 50 picturesque levels and 5 magnificent arenas. Collects fruits after defeated enemies and use them to buy improvements for your hero. Use one enemy as a weapon for hitting the others! Your loyal friend, a magic mask of Aku-Aku will come to help you in trouble. A new fighting system: use your fists, legs, multiple attacks and special combos. Struggle against powerful enemies and destructive blows will be surely present in this game
    Views: 673 015
    Popularity: 281 987
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    Arcade   Action  
    Votes: 5 224
    This cult game does not require comments. You need to pass different levels, avoid obstacles and find the rewards.
    Views: 1 551 728
    Popularity: 705 578
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    Votes: 2 218
    Discover an original game Prince of Persia in a totally new mobile version! This is the fully reconstituted version of the hit of 1989 "Prince of Persia". Lots of skilled movements for super dynamic fights and breathtaking stunts. Plunge into the world of the fairy-tails of the Arabian Nights with luxurious decorations and dynamic lighting. 4 playing modes, 3 of them are completely new: usual, classic, time rush and survival mode. New possibilities for beginners: mini-map, many control points, etc.
    Views: 1 110 985
    Popularity: 529 543
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    Arcade   RPG   Action   Adventure  
    Votes: 4 235
    Dweller - hold your sword and shield hard to defeat your opponent. Go to the dungeon to find the king of goblins and free the inhabitants of a small village from curse.

    Game features:

    • 3 classes of warriors
    • Auto attack
    • Huge number of inventory items
    Views: 748 257
    Popularity: 169 256
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    Votes: 4 121
    You are waited by an improbable freedom of action - from shooting to automobile pursuits, from street fights to pursuits on boats. Here it is possible to buy practically everything! The purpose is the same as in any gangster simulator to become the king of the gangsters, the most important boss of this city. For this purpose you should go through more than 60 missions, carrying out commands from different bosses. Action is developed in two huge cities with adjoining vicinities: beach, sea, docks, suburbs and many other things. You can travel around the city both on foot and by car, and even on boat. Technical equipment can be bought or stolen. Moreover, here it is possible to buy buildings and firms. Night clubs, restaurants and even musical companies if you get them, can fill your purse with additional profit. And a new king of a city always needs money!
    Views: 1 502 525
    Popularity: 530 726
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