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Arcade   Logic  
Votes: 1 290

A brave rabbit Bobby Carrot goes in search of carrots. Your task is to help the starving rabbit gather all the carrots that are scattered about 50 playing levels. And it could be easy, but the levels are stuffed with various traps from top to bottom. If you get to at least one of them, you will become a dinner for a hunter.
For those who succeeds, the advanced level of the game "Easter Egg" will become available.  

Views: 449 341
Popularity: 89 382
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Votes: 9 086
It's Italy in the Renaissance period. Ezio, a son of Florentine aristocrats, is eager to revenge for his family, whose good name was spatted by the powerful and amoral Italian families. The way of Assassins\'Creed II is an epic story about a family, revenge and conspiracy taking place in beautiful and brutal early Renaissance Italy. In this sequel the key gameplay due to which the first part was unbelievably successful is preserved, as well as new possibilities that will surprise the players are added. Assassins\'Creed 2 game features:
  • 9 various tasks: murders, escapes, rescue of friends and of the ordinary people
  • fascinating gameplay: free movement in the cities and vertical scrolling flying
  • discover the wonderful cities of Renaissance Italy: Venice, Florence and Forli
  • take away the weapons from the enemy, hide and use various arms...
  • use your skills to make people help you to deal with the soldiers.
Views: 3 330 119
Popularity: 1 564 215
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Action   Logic  
Votes: 25 688
Grab the diamonds and take to your heels! An uneasy adventure is in prospect for you: Tibetan stalactites falling from above, thick Angora forests, poisonous spiders of Bavarian castle and other vicissitudes of life will accompany your every step. To survive and enrich yourself you will need to have not only a lightning-like speed and craftiness. Intuition and mind will prove to be not out of place while solving numerous puzzles and mysteries of ancient civilizations. Colossal cobble-stones and poisonous snakes of Angora, dangerous spiders and no less dangerous knights of Bavarian castle, snows and ices of mysterious caves of Tibet with prehistoric apes are on one scale. Diamonds of fabulous cost and chests with treasures are on the other. There exist also some useful things, such as compass pointing the way; the hammer, killing the enemies; and a hook, grasping remote objects. But the dazzling glitter of precious stones attracts and promises lots of luxury and risk. You will surely complete all the 40 levels of the risky adventure and solve more than 200 puzzles. You will surely lay hands on all the precious things that are securely concealed in different parts of the world!
Views: 5 290 336
Popularity: 1 054 366
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Votes: 7 278

Real football 2015 is a new football with bright detailed images of players and stadiums. Control your team and become a champion.

Game features:

  • Net game through one click: quick access to online game in any time
  • Difficult tactics and considered startegy will help you to feel a real game
  • Play with the strongest teams in the world
Views: 2 368 797
Popularity: 734 642
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Votes: 2 121

When darkness awoke, evil flooded over the land Gothicus.
Uncover the mystery of the conspiracy against your kingdom to hack your way through large dungeons and fierce monsters.
Enjoy hours of excitement as you immerse yourself in the main history, take side quests and collect numerous items. Dungeon Hunter 3 is an epic adventure set in a dark fantasy world in the best traditions of the most successful hack and slash RPG.

Views: 573 978
Popularity: 190 646
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Votes: 806

You play as a fearless Perseus which set out to find his father – Allmighty Zeus. He was betrayed and taken by his brothers and was put into dungeon. Under the Hades command, land will turn into burnt desert and you are the only one who can prevent him from doing this.

Game features:

  • Official game made on the basis of the famous sequel;
  • Examine Tartarus, Argos, Labyrinth, Village and Heaven;
  • Fascinating gameplay with battles, pursuits and puzzles;
  • Big choice of weapons and magical spells;
  • Harpies, demons, Minotaur and Cronus will interfere with you.

Views: 347 086
Popularity: 116 873
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Votes: 4 876

The game doesn’t pretend to have a story. It doesn’t need it. Introduction is limited by one picture, which shows some green pigs stealing the eggs of various birds. The only thing that remains for the birds is to catapult themselves and kill as many pigs as possible.

Views: 3 355 948
Popularity: 942 477
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Votes: 4 683

A new game about Wolverine with perfect graphics and gameplay, based on film! Nine levels, thoughtfully prepared by developers are waiting for you. The player deals in destruction and elimination of everything he meets on his way!

Views: 1 845 304
Popularity: 782 445
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Arcade   Action   Sports   Touchscreen    
Votes: 4 107

Playman came back; will you be able to get to the edge of the city before twilight? The main thing is to be quick! After having mastered all the kinds of sports from beach volleyball, athletics and even world football Playman comes back to join his sister Blaise passion!

Views: 1 238 120
Popularity: 557 941
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Votes: 5 532
Get an adrenaline rush in the latest edition of Asphalt 6: Adrenaline. For the time being you can form an opinion about Java-game only on the basis of screenshots available. However, this game does not require a review; everybody will surely try to play Asphalt 6!

An arsenal consists of 42 cars and Motorcycle from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ducati and other brands known throughout the world.
  • Challenge your rivals in 11 leagues and 55 tracks
  • Bluetooth games up to 6 players
  • Streets of Los Angeles, Tokyo, the Bahamas and other beautiful places are waiting for you
  • Views: 993 311
    Popularity: 316 883
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