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Votes: 942

He left the world of alive and could not find peace in the world of dead. He travels between two worlds and destroys evil everywhere: in abandoned houses and horrible dungeons, in hot deserts and gloomy swamps.

Views: 442 749
Popularity: 106 733
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There are four modes in the game. The purpose of a mode of campaign is to pass the levels with obligatory collecting of coins and treasures. It will allow you to open the hidden modes. There are two of them: a mode of survival and a mode of battle on swords. The first opens, when 50 % and more of the coins are collected, the second - when 75 % and more are collected. In a survival mode it is necessary to stand against small enemy army (for example, 30 soldiers or 27 pirates), in a mode of battle on swords - to win separately taken opponent. The purpose of a mode of firing is to destroy guns of the opponent and his soldiers, without allowing to cause damage to your own ship. Game is distinguished by the colorful drawing, with abundance of fine details. Some of which are constantly moving- as, for example, ubiquitous birds. Game levels are various enough. In a mode of campaign you begin game in Singapore and at the first levels get skills of management. Hints in the form of buttons which are to be used are helpful. Then game moves to other locations. The player will visit wood, in night port, investigates all ship masts - 20 levels. After each level the detailed statistics is deduced.
Views: 611 112
Popularity: 223 705
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Votes: 1 262
World Rally Championship is one of the most dynamic and complicated kinds of motor sports. Press the pedal and rush up to 200 km/hour on the tracks to the victory. Show the skills of masterful driving a car on any surface and in the most capricious weather conditions. Because it depends only on you how close will be the grand prize and the title of World Champion. Are you ready? Go ahead then! World Rally Championship Mobile 3D game features:
  • About 16 routes;
  • Cars equipped with the latest-technology;
  • Games options- arcade or championship;
  • Upgrades and closed tracks;
  • Several options of motion display, 3-dimensional environment;
  • Breakdowns and car collision;
  • An original soundtrack.
  • Views: 488 432
    Popularity: 210 088
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    Votes: 1 015
    Remarkable Chinese realisation of cult RPG game Diablo 2 for mobile phones. The aim of the game is to rescue village from the hated Yellow emperor (Rank Th). Features of game of Diablo II: The magnificent graphics and plot, a considerable quantity of magic, weapon, artefacts, monsters.
    Views: 563 173
    Popularity: 191 652
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    Votes: 940
    High-speed traffic will require your good driving skills and alertness. This is a car simulator, moving in difficult weather conditions. This is not a race, where you only think about speed, it's a real ride about the city or the countryside. Road Chase game features:
    • sufficient level of artificial intelligence, travel companions, each car rides with its own speed;
    • rearview mirror: so you can see what's happening behind you;
    • permanent change of the weather makes your trip even harder. You can use the wipers of the windshield when it's raining or snowing;
    • Service Stations: take into account the fuel consumption. Follow the sensors and, when the fuel level will be zero, stop for refueling to replenish it;
    • traffic police does not sleep! Watch for speed and observe traffic rules!
    Views: 386 116
    Popularity: 199 372
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    Votes: 567

    A horror-quest, a mobile game in survival horror style with several types of endings. Its heroine, Jane Kane investigates serial murders, but suddenly a werewolf bytes her. Now she has a crowd, longing to kill her, behind her back. And the fool Moon is coming. She has to find an antidote. Everything depends on you now! ! 

    Views: 233 519
    Popularity: 64 582
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    Votes: 1 476
    Game on the motives of the well-known blockbuster "Transformers". Help your race to find an energy source which is hidden somewhere on the Earth. Begin the mission in the role of robot Optimus, be transformed to the huge truck and back, use the various weapon to resist to the enemies of race Deseptikon. For each enemy the special approach and attack tactics is required.
    Views: 793 274
    Popularity: 250 723
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    Votes: 1 230

    Bad piggies: Egg dash - pigs hunt eggs again but just like usual nothing goes according to the plan! You will get many hours of fun and pigs damages, explosions and flights!

    Game features:

    • 114 main levels
    • 21 bonus levels

    Views: 518 631
    Popularity: 189 803
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 4 180
    Dweller - hold your sword and shield hard to defeat your opponent. Go to the dungeon to find the king of goblins and free the inhabitants of a small village from curse.

    Game features:

    • 3 classes of warriors
    • Auto attack
    • Huge number of inventory items
    Views: 735 614
    Popularity: 165 608
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    Votes: 447

    Left 3 Die – new levels of Left 2 Die, hordes of zombies and limitless amount of bullets and medicine kits!

    Game features:

    • 8 maps
    • weapons from Left 4 Dead 1, 2
    • Everything including zombies is darkened
    • Lots of blood
    • Sight from PC version
    • Everything is free of charge!
    • It is not difficult to kill zombies
    Views: 280 509
    Popularity: 70 710
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