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Game on the motives of the well-known blockbuster "Transformers". Help your race to find an energy source which is hidden somewhere on the Earth. Begin the mission in the role of robot Optimus, be transformed to the huge truck and back, use the various weapon to resist to the enemies of race Deseptikon. For each enemy the special approach and attack tactics is required.
Views: 801 542
Popularity: 252 681
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Votes: 587
Explore an ancient citadel DiVorven, full with legendary animals and treasures. You will own flaming swords, deadly crossbows and other mystical weapons. Use you wit to solve lots of puzzles and overcome deadly traps. Take with you magic potions, enchanted rings, armor of dragon and magic wand that can talk. Orcs and elves will surround you; you will have to learn the secret of their magic. One more argument for this game - it is from developers of a famous Doom! Orcs & Elves game features:
  • An original story: explore gigantic Citadel DiVorven with the help of your talking magic wand to capture an evil witch and her army;
  • Crossed gameplay: first-person game and RPG;
  • Epic Odyssey: explore the habitat of Dragon and mysterious catacombs;
  • A set of cunning methods: 11 mystic weapons, including swords, crossbows and magical items;
  • Legendary characters: dark elves and so called undead;
  • A possibility to save the game: the world you played in is saved and you may begin playing from the same point;
  • More than 5 hours of absorbing playing.
  • Views: 313 436
    Popularity: 84 317
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    Votes: 595

    A horror-quest, a mobile game in survival horror style with several types of endings. Its heroine, Jane Kane investigates serial murders, but suddenly a werewolf bytes her. Now she has a crowd, longing to kill her, behind her back. And the fool Moon is coming. She has to find an antidote. Everything depends on you now! ! 

    Views: 239 865
    Popularity: 66 155
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    Votes: 1 065
    A cold, even more, an ice war between the penguins and bears is in its full swing. Use your catapult to conquer the enemy's territory in the single player mode or in a mode of 60 missions campaign. Pass the campaign mode and open the bonus levels, use the improvement of your living charge to finish this cold war forever!
    Views: 470 008
    Popularity: 209 282
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    Votes: 1 029
    Remarkable Chinese realisation of cult RPG game Diablo 2 for mobile phones. The aim of the game is to rescue village from the hated Yellow emperor (Rank Th). Features of game of Diablo II: The magnificent graphics and plot, a considerable quantity of magic, weapon, artefacts, monsters.
    Views: 567 961
    Popularity: 192 853
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    Votes: 438
    Colorful chess with the characters of Narnia. In the game you have to choose between two parties, for which you will play - for Aslan or the White Queen.
    Views: 300 897
    Popularity: 80 830
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 1 595
    Buy houses, earn money, and build new houses... Build your own city. Become the tycoon in new economic strategy Sim Sity 4 Quite a pleasant economic strategy.
    Views: 942 741
    Popularity: 244 358
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    Votes: 973
    We go to the gloomy Middle Ages! You have appeared in the small monastery surrounded with pagan settlements and hostile monastic orders. Along with brewing and a batch of bread you should turn as much as possible souls into belief of the Brotherhood daily. It is the only way to hire enough monks. With their human resource, you will lead a monastery to riches and prestige. Step by step you get the necessary relation of your brothers. You need to save wisely and deliver the necessary spiritual help to residents of settlements to be the successful leader. Trade in the sacred writing, regularly spend divine services and overpersuade any who will dare to doubt in beliefs, sometimes even using of the weapon. Only so you can turn enough monks, strengthen and expand a monastery. Thanks to the general forces of the townspeople you can raise prestige and fill up city-monastery treasury. Struggle for each plot of land and protect the subordinates from blood-thirsty black monks! Construct empire, struggle for each piece of the earth and protect believers from black monks! Never forget: belief cannot move only mountains!
    Views: 353 155
    Popularity: 151 415
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    Votes: 584

    This is a port of NES-version TMNT. Help legendary Turtles to defeat their opponents. There are four bosses in the game: Armaggon, Metal Turtle, Shredder, Triceratron.

    Views: 329 708
    Popularity: 88 597
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    Votes: 534
    The far future, Mars. As a result of unsuccessful experiments there was an accident - awful monsters that killi everybody on their way escaped. The skilled fighter goes on a red planet to kill monsters and to eliminate danger of their further spread. You should pass laboratories of Martian military base, a place of excavation of ancient civilisations and even visit corridors of hell! The error of the scientists working on Mars can become fatal to all mankind. And, when the harm escaped, only you can stop it! Delights of mobile game Storm 3D: - Pseudo-3D (allowing game to work even on weak phones) - super the detailed drawing - The fascinating plot - The balanced game process - 3 types of the weapon (automatic pistol, flare pistool, plasma gun) - Possibility of simultaneous shooting from one/two hands - Sound of high quality - High dynamics of game.
    Views: 201 489
    Popularity: 77 130
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