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The game comes as an economy-fighting strategy. 3 unique races, 30 types of troops, more than 40 different constructions are at your disposal. Depending on your preferences you can choose different strategies of the game: attacking, defensive or just being engaged in the creation and marketing of the resources. In the game you can not only compete with other players, but also spend time reading new jokes, horoscopes and Runet quotes, find new and old friends. The Third World: War of the Kings game features:
  • 3 unique races: humans, dwarves, elves;
  • More than 25 troop types, 30 different buildings that you can construct and improve;
  • Depending on the preferences you can choose a different game strategy: attacking, defensive, being engaged exclusively in manufacturing and sale of the resources.
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This is a port of NES-version TMNT. Help legendary Turtles to defeat their opponents. There are four bosses in the game: Armaggon, Metal Turtle, Shredder, Triceratron.

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Popularity: 87 283
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You will need to controll a clumsy bird who is flying along endless rows of green pipes. In case the bird crashes into a pipe, it will die. Take the bird through maximum number of pipes.

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Popularity: 127 426
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It is a ontinuation of a popular java game. Colourful and cheerful races Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 2 in which Crash Bandicoot continues to compete with the enemies on flying mad nitro-charged cars. - Excellent graphics - Cheerful music - Interesting gameplay - Any hero Crash Bandicoot
Views: 315 677
Popularity: 113 853
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Shake your phone and mash your fingers in this innovative game, in which you have to lead a cube through a maze of moving platforms and structures, where the slightest mistake can be fatal. You will feel as though the ground is not under your feet! Exceptional graphics and excellent soundtracks will create a unique atmosphere for you.
Views: 384 747
Popularity: 158 965
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Gish is the name of the main character, if you can call this bit of resin a character. One day a terrible monster kidnaps his girl and hides itself in the sewage with her. Of course, Gish follows the villain trail to save his love, and finds himself deeply buried in the lost city Dross, teeming with sinister traps and scary monsters.


Gish has no weapon at all, he is a weapon himself. Gish has 3 abilities: to adhere to various surfaces, to become slippery and fluid, as well as the ability to increase his own weight. Who could guess that it is possible to invent something new in such a conservative genre like arcade game? But Gish made a revolution. The simplest idea, the laws of physics and the genius of developers allowed creating of such an exciting and original game, that it has momentarily gained popularity all over the world. It is not possible to tear yourself away from Gish’! 


Gish The Mobile Game features:

  • 50 levels of single game;
  • 25 levels with the possibility of playing via Bluetooth;
  • a realistic physics engine;
  • hidden bonuses
Views: 731 283
Popularity: 313 710
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Go to the world of heroes to rescue it from the evil. Take part in this epic adventure, full of fights with monsters, searches in mysterious dungeons, the earths of sorcery and monsters. Swords, axes, boards and magic will be your faithful companions in this game. Investigate the world of dungeons, cities and the earth, facing hordes of malicious beings. Use all arsenal of swords, axes, boards and the reservation which you can unite with magic and create the new unique weapon. With knowledge of Heroes, the adventure takes a new lath in the world of mobile phones. Operate the elements and cause powerful trustees to make your adventure easier. Resist your destiny and become the true "Hero!"
Views: 286 697
Popularity: 74 789
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Votes: 506
Glu Mobile company presents a new version of the popular music game - Gitar Hero version 5. It's a game that won the hearts of the millions of music fans and taught them to play popular tunes professionally and with fanfaronade. Becoming a star is easy!
Views: 291 132
Popularity: 99 722
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Buy houses, earn money, and build new houses... Build your own city. Become the tycoon in new economic strategy Sim Sity 4 Quite a pleasant economic strategy.
Views: 936 347
Popularity: 242 781
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Burning Tires is an is dizzyly fast 3D race with strong opponents in the most dangerous places of the Earth! In Burning Tires there are no asphalted roads, normal cars and politeness among opponents. They ride their off-road cars with huge tyres and engines of the capacity up to 1000 liters per second full out along the crazy routes of the dusty deserts of North America, ice surface of Antarctica and the islands covered with lava. You will drive on full throttle, bravely jumping over the dangerous cracks in the ice, on a smooth mirror of the ice cellars and heated lava streams. You should constantly be on guard, in spite of seeming security, as your opponents use any possibility to win the race,running into you and misguiding you even in front of the final straight. You can get a feeling of a real game console with the help of a full-screen horizontal mode of a display and watch the record after the race ends. Burning Tires 3D game features
  • Dozens of detailed routes in three various surrounding conditions;
  • Various racers with individual characteristics;
  • Realistic physical model of a 3D game with a possibility to participate for three opponents maximum;
  • It is possible to play in the full-screen horizontal mode that looks like a real console mode;
  • Viewing of the events by means of dynamic cameras.
Load this magnificent game into your mobile phone and rush at full speed along the most dangerous routes on the Earth!
Views: 403 340
Popularity: 138 776
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