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The protagonist of mobile game Assassin's Creed possesses training of the professional murderer: skill in handling different kinds of cold weapon and his own body to hide in a city. He owns a big intuition for a choice of a victim and the right moment. Features of game Assassin's Creed: - Action occurs in historical capitals of the medieval East (Acre, Damascus, Jerusalem) - Established facts of the Third Crusade and its participants as opponents - Fascinating plot combines real history and a bit of fantasy; - Magnificent graphics and laborious design of the game world.
Views: 2 761 971
Popularity: 1 256 803
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The idea of the game is as always attractively simple - you run and jump around the city, preventing any conflicts and not giving peaceful bandits to exist calmly. They start to get angry, cry, tear their hair out trying to catch and beat you. But that won't do, as you are Spiderman, and it's so cool! Train in front of the mirror to produce a spider's web of the hand, before the game starts. You will have not only to compete with a lot of enemies, but also defeat the Black Spider, an evil side of the main character! Spider-Man should fight with the gangs of thugs, and the disorders caused by Green Goblin and Sandmenom everywhere in New York. Use your skills and agility in order to stop the villains! Spider-Man 3 game features:
  • More than 10 special moves;
  • Possibility to crawl on the vertical and horizontal surfaces;
  • Super jump is at your disposal
  • Popping spider-web, throwing of the objects, acrobatics;
  • Various bonuses, several levels of difficulty;
  • Punches and kicks, including combos;
  • Beautiful graphics, creating an atmosphere of the comic books and the film;
  • Exciting, dynamic gameplay, allowing the player to feel like a superhero.
  • Views: 1 641 178
    Popularity: 568 463
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    Votes: 4 272

    The King of Fighters 2013 - every day is a battle for survival in this crazy world of streets and evil. You can't trust anyone here. Only the fight art will help you rise and get a status.

    Game features:

    • 3 different game modes: for time, survival, tasks
    • 8 unique fighters with different fighting styles and super hits
    • Wonderful graphics and animation of the characters
    Views: 1 254 872
    Popularity: 452 737
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    Votes: 6 575

    In Spider-Man: Ultimate power the city is under seige of Scorpio! Start the way of Spider-Man in a crazy chase in order to start a fight against dangerous monsters.

    Views: 1 201 051
    Popularity: 373 862
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    Votes: 10 150

    Cross Mexican border, take sinister missions from the dark side of the Hollywood, experience being in prison and flashbacks of your life to get to know yourself!


    Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. game features:

    • The environment is noticeably improved: the city is twice as large + unprecedented ecological changes + a possibility of cooperation with surrounding objects is improved+ different locations, such as Mexican border, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, downtown, suburbs, coast, harbor and prison.
    • Detailed parameters of movement at different levels: jumping to the roofs, dock lifts, crane control and so on
    • New vehicles are added: motorbikes, bicycles, more cars; they may cooperate with surrounding objects (e.g. use obstacles to jump into the air).
    • An advanced battle: cover, tricks, shooting with a double weapon, etc.
    • An extreme variety of missions: there is 30 of them + bonus missions that can be opened!
    Views: 3 310 198
    Popularity: 1 301 252
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    Votes: 7 454

    InThe amazing Spider-man 2 you are going to experience the hardest trial and defeat dangerous enemies. New York is wallowed in wars and crimes and only Spider-man can stop the violence.

    Views: 2 202 715
    Popularity: 722 739
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 1 751

    After death of district attorney Harvey Dent, Batman takes the responsibility for the crimes committed by him to clear his reputation in the eyes of public. Eight years later he returns to prevent a new criminal Bane from destroying the city and also to find the truth about "a mysterious Celine Kyle".

    Views: 712 184
    Popularity: 286 121
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 9 335
    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is a new game from Gameloft company. "Sands of Time" is a continuation of the previous part of the game about Prince of Persia Sands of Time. A new chapter loved by many mobile game fans will tell you that during the visit to his brother Prince of Persia finds a royal palace under the onslaught of a powerful army. For the sake of the kingdom from complete destruction, he decided to apply the ancient magical powers of the Sand! Java version of the game for a mobile phone offers the gamers a completely new innovative gameplay. Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands is an epic adventure, where the dangers are waiting for the hero at every step! Start off a dangerous adventure with Prince of Persia and experience unbelievable magical powers of the Sand of Time! Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands game features:
    • New possibilities: Restoring life, Stop time and more;
    • Availability of the levels-chases;
    • New techniques: use magic, throw enemies, steal their weapons;
    • 9 detailed locations, including the House, the Catacombs and the Desert;
    • Interactive environment: Climb the column, explore and destroy objects and secrets!
    Views: 2 994 885
    Popularity: 1 314 652
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    Votes: 2 712

    New-York, 2011 AD. You are a part of the team, involved in destruction of blood-thirsty zombies, infected with some virus. You patrol the city as a policeman, as a reporter and as a fighter. You have all the weapons at your disposal: rocket launcher, laser gun, grenades, machine gun, etc. Kill hundreds of zombies, finish 36 missions and become a hero. Save New York from the aggression.


    Zombie Infection game features:

    • Frightening universe: a terrible virus befell to New-York and caused the apocalypse, which changed the ordinary people and turned them into horrible zombies.
    • Intensive actions of Rapid Reaction Force wanted to eliminate the infection at once and without making harm to the city.
    • Playback with environment: destruction of the walls, burning trees and all the plants.
    • A new semi-automatic shooting-mode for the more accurate shooting.
    • An extended graphics engine that can display several dozens of zombies on one screen.
    • Play with 3 different gameplay actions: an officer, a news reporter and a master of hand-to-hand fights.
    Views: 878 073
    Popularity: 331 734
    Download free mobile games - download games for mobile phone.
    Votes: 3 811
    Gorgeous graphics and effects, realistic physical models, all this awaits you in Red Bull Freestyle Motocross. Gather together all the power, skill, courage and talent to organize a real show for your friends. Discover new motorbikes and tricks. Improve your accomplishments. Red Bull Motocross game features:
    • Six different game modes
    • Four tracks (Mexico, Egypt, Moscow, Rome) and X-Fighters tour
    • Four motorcycle, each one with its own behavior
    • 12 different tricks, 8 of them must be unlocked
    • Game keeps track of more than 20 different statistic data
    • Full realistic effects
    • Replays of your best races
    Views: 1 553 186
    Popularity: 710 243
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