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In Red bus express 3D you will need to drive and outrun as many buses as possible in order to earn maximum points. Pick up coins which can be used to add some fuel.

Views: 337 197
Popularity: 83 752
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Votes: 454
Bright, colorful, fast and well-known. Meet a new Tetris of 2012 from EA Games! New levels, easy-to-use control and hints! How many more captivating moments may Tetris contain?
Views: 268 290
Popularity: 62 293
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Votes: 312

Grand car thief got in the very thick of things in Chinese area. You can’t play jokes with these guys as you know. The game contains the same actions as in PC version. In Grand theft auto: Chinatown wars you can hijack cars, complete missions. There are also many types of weapons in this game.

Views: 257 251
Popularity: 50 086
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Votes: 1 094

Gamers, estimate the novelty from the mobile games series Ferrari GT. Best Ferrari models are waiting for you. 250 Testa Rossa, Ferrari FF and SA Aperta and other models will be shown in your mobiles in all details. Compete in 10 places all over the world, including Sydney, Hong Kong and other beautiful places.. You can also take part in solving difficult tasks - avoiding obstacles and leaving your opponents behind, make unbelievable tricks and many other things! Make your dream come true. Feel Ferrari drive.

Views: 549 495
Popularity: 199 704
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Votes: 7 278
Airfighter - destroy enemy air forces. Get necessary support from the ground and upgrade your plane. Equip it with new guns so as the enemy cannot avoid your fire.

Game features:

  • 3 types of planes
  • Wide range of language packs
  • Game bonuses: weapon upgrade, shield, plane repairing
Views: 1 398 444
Popularity: 401 602
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Votes: 1 199

Lead your team to victory in mortal combat, that could change history! The game is one of the best from shooter series; it returns you to the events of World War II. Fight against the Japanese and German forces, carrying out various missions such as raids, espionage and combat operations. Realistic military adventures, dramatic events and cinematographic story are waiting for you! Survive in climactic battles of WWII that led to the defeat of the Nazis on the European and Pacific fronts. Destroy the enemy buildings, take part in air fights, and use new deadly weapons such as flamethrowers! Victory depends only on you! Are you ready to find yourself in the thick of the war?

Views: 736 475
Popularity: 244 153
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Votes: 1 704

FIFA 15 - is a huge football world. Choose your favorite team, place your players, make beneficial transfers. Win and get world recognition and gold cups. Take your team to success.


Game features:

  • Replays of the scored goals
  • Absorbing gameplay
  • Upgrade of the team, placement and transfers
Views: 804 837
Popularity: 222 160
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Votes: 953

New soldiers generation appeared in the nearest future in connection with changed political situation. They are trained to be the best from the best, they are supplied with the newest technologies, the soldiers of the future mark out by their ability to remain unnoticed.
You are the member of the elite reconnaissance detachment “Ghost” and you are one of those who has power, adaptability and unbelievable firmness of the soldier of future. You fit any military actions, you are equipped to survive and trained to take decision under any circumstances, you must fulfill the mission which cannot be completed by any other soldier.

Game features:

  • This is an official mobile game based on the newest story from «Ghost recon» series.
  • Lead the war of the future by means of side-scroll beat’em-up gameplay and new cover system.
  • Team tactics which allows to get advantage of the subordinate universal soldiers in full.
  • Become the soldier of the future, use the newest kinds of weapons including unmanned aircraft having the code name “The big Dog”.
  • Extreme fighting conditions are heightened with the help of detailed graphics of snow, rain and fog.
  • Solve critical conflict situations of the nearest future in which deposed Russia invades the territory of Europe.
Views: 451 883
Popularity: 134 358
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Votes: 445
One of the greatest and most gloomy hits of Playstation and PC in mobile variant. A sea of horror, blood and mysteries is ensured.
The action takes place in an abandoned shelter of a mysterious town Silent Hill, where a maze of dark corridors will lead you towards grotesque monsters. The only way to survive is to solve a series of puzzles, gathering clues and useful items. As the game proceeds, secrets and mysteries of the plot are revealed, exposing the amazing truth about people and legends surrounding Silent Hill, that offers a new vision of some events from the past that have occurred in this evil town where nightmares become reality.
Views: 241 663
Popularity: 74 734
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Votes: 455
Darkest Fear is a founder of a new category of mobile games that absorbs the player deep into history of a hidden mystery and bitter despair. Darkest Fear contains 15 scary levels each with its own mysteries and dangers. Furniture and walls throw realistic shadows, creating an atmosphere of horror, which tests the nerves of even the steadiest player. One wrong movement and you will be torn to pieces!
Views: 241 753
Popularity: 54 934
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