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Votes: 2 957
The zombie infection continues to capture the continents ...
It is infinite, it captures everything...
Now, three brave men must work together with the risk of their life in the wilds of the Brazilian jungle, mines, secret laboratories and so on, to eradicate the source of the infection.
Survive zombie attacks of an unprecedented scale, including the infected bats, sharks and other creatures. Use stealth and cunning or use the new weapons, including a grenade launcher, grenades or knives to face the zombie, jump to the boat for a dramatic escape from the teeming crowds of these creatures ...
Views: 1 071 904
Popularity: 370 341
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Votes: 3 915

The King of Fighters 2013 - every day is a battle for survival in this crazy world of streets and evil. You can't trust anyone here. Only the fight art will help you rise and get a status.

Game features:

  • 3 different game modes: for time, survival, tasks
  • 8 unique fighters with different fighting styles and super hits
  • Wonderful graphics and animation of the characters
Views: 1 217 432
Popularity: 441 525
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Votes: 2 794

There is only one way to survive in this cruel world - your fists. Play for several different characters each having his own special skills, fighting style and methods. The game is made in the classic fighting understanding of the Japanese or Chinese people. Fighting methods differ from the European ones, but the eastern fighting arts concept remains the principal one.

Views: 679 003
Popularity: 197 387
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Votes: 5 397
Popular game Tekken is now for your mobile phones. Iron Fist tournament comes to its end, the big prize is waiting for the fighter, who can win in the final round. Choose one of eight candidates, and the one, who will be able to defend his title and beat all his rivals, will get the title of King \'Iron fist\". The biggest plus of the game is a multiplayer mode, where you can compete with friends via Bluetooth !
Views: 2 555 555
Popularity: 1 076 685
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Votes: 625

You play as a fearless Perseus which set out to find his father – Allmighty Zeus. He was betrayed and taken by his brothers and was put into dungeon. Under the Hades command, land will turn into burnt desert and you are the only one who can prevent him from doing this.

Game features:

  • Official game made on the basis of the famous sequel;
  • Examine Tartarus, Argos, Labyrinth, Village and Heaven;
  • Fascinating gameplay with battles, pursuits and puzzles;
  • Big choice of weapons and magical spells;
  • Harpies, demons, Minotaur and Cronus will interfere with you.

Views: 318 223
Popularity: 106 252
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Votes: 6 528
Specially for those, who can not imagine their life without playing CS! This is a mobile version of the contra in which you can play at home,in class, in pairs, in the office and anywhere! This three-dimensional mobile shooter, as you already understood, based on original CS game. What particularly pleases is that you can play it "in the net" via Bluetooth. Everyhting is the same as in the original! You earn money and buy a gun for them!

Micro Counter Strike 1.4 game features:
  • ability to earn lots of money and purchase weapons and uniforms
  • Huge arsenal - more than 10 weapons and accessories, and so on
  • Stunningly realistic graphics
Views: 2 033 839
Popularity: 938 536
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Votes: 7 356

Subway runner - collect coins and stars to increase your score with every new game. Run and jump but stay away from obstacles on your way otherwise the game will be over.

Game features:

  • Great amount of levels, bonuses and obstacles
  • Good graphics
  • Simple, but engrossing gameplay
  • Difficulty grows with every new level
Views: 2 884 918
Popularity: 1 179 171
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Votes: 3 660

Create a kingdom. Prepare army and fight against Dark king! In Kingdoms & Lords barbarians broke measured life of your settlement. Make the reconstruction and prepare your troops for reflecting the attacks before the war entered your lands. But it seems that everything is very serious. Dark king takes over the reigns again, he wants to conquer all the lands of the continent.

Views: 1 221 857
Popularity: 363 889
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Votes: 8 197
Ultimate Mortal Kombat, the legendary fighting game, passes to mobile phones directly from SEGA console of the 90s! You are fighting for different characters in the game, using many different techniques, including fatalities, bandits and other spectacular finishes of a fight.
It's a dynamic and brutal game, but the good must win, as here it has fists.
Views: 3 406 514
Popularity: 3 194 654
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Votes: 4 586
The long-awaited, wonderful, brilliant 3D version of the best races for mobile! Are you still reading this? Download quickly, you should not miss this game! New things in Asphalt: Street Rules 3 3D: 1. Completely redesigned engine 2. Convenient operation 3. More colorful graphics 4. New kinds of extreme situations, conflicts, cutting, etc. etc. 5. New maps + race at night!
Views: 1 539 982
Popularity: 713 293
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