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Votes: 249
Mr.Revolver is the game in the style of westerns of the Wild West. You play as legendary Wyatt Earp, who was appointed an assistant bailiff of Dodge City. The bandits are terrorizing the local population of the city. Only they can stop the murders. It is challenging, but two Mexican boy are to help you. So, take your favorite Colt, and Good luck! Mr. Revolver game features:
  • dynamic gameplay
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • 4 different gaming locations
  • opportunity to recharge the weapon
  • save and play the game from the moment, in which you have stopped in the game
  • convenient control
  • local table of records.
Views: 128 034
Popularity: 45 828
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Votes: 750

Ninja jump 2 - a game has many obstacles. It is simple and interesting to play this game. Outwit insidious enemies! Good graphics and atmosphere will not let you feel bored!

Game features:

  • Get as high as possible avoiding obstacles and enemies
  • The higher you get the more bonuses you have
  • One key simple system of controls
  • High score
Views: 443 173
Popularity: 132 031
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Votes: 326
Those, who served in the army ? don't laugh in the circus! Army Sports game is nothing else, but a simulation of the military service. You will feel hard army routine with your own skin. Exhausting training, challenging assignments, querulous, constantly screaming sergeant.
Views: 202 972
Popularity: 76 382
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Votes: 355
You will control an entire group of the military robots, cyborgs, potentially holding all the weapons, whether it's a conventional gun, grenade launcher or medieval slaughter ribodeken again revived and modified in 176 of the nuclear era.
And if you're already tired of the magic rending the air, and of fighting with the skeletons with a magic sword, then it's time to take up the study of solvation, to master the double jab and, to oppose the armed tanks and conveyors with an air gun.
Views: 181 893
Popularity: 65 075
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Votes: 317
After the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus European pirates and corsairs flocked in search of prey in the Caribbean. To hold the rule of the sea, capture and plunder merchant ships easily, burn and devastate coastal towns and rob the pearl business, the pirates made a deal with the devil, and got the help of otherworldly powers ...
Views: 240 389
Popularity: 50 638
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Votes: 282
In the game you will be able to construct the most unusual bridges of various types: of wood, steel, stone and from other materials. Experiment with various building elements to make a real masterpiece! It makes no difference if your bridge will be simple or a very difficult structure, the main thing is that it was solid and withstood heavy loads. Use powerful dynamite for a purposeful demolition of bridges when it is necessary. Check their stability and pray so that none of them fell into the abyss. Demonstrate your creativity and talent of the architect in this interesting and unusual game!
Views: 136 351
Popularity: 50 314
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Votes: 247
You have an astounding remake of a classic RPG of 1989! A strange crystal has moved you to a gigantic world named "The Dark Dimension". More than 10 hours of play are waiting for you, hundreds of non-player characters, numerous dungeons, hordes of monsters and wonderful exciting plot – you have never seen something like that on mobile phones! Real heroes do not have fear! You have a goal, a right sword and unwavering determination to bear away from this unforgettable adventure. -3 ->
Views: 176 854
Popularity: 28 983
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Votes: 215
New adventures of a long-eared carrot-lover! A fifth collection of adventures will give your brains a lot of work! New levels and new puzzles. So go ahead to collect carrots and have high spirits with Bobby Carrot!
Views: 87 399
Popularity: 36 003
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Votes: 394
According to the legend of the Ancients, in the day of a Big Bang thousands of Suns lit up in the sky, striking everyone with their dazzling sunlight. The former rules of the world fell, turned into stone idols, and dispersed with the wind in one moment. The mind of those hitherto Sleeping awoke for the glory of the Blessed Gods. A son of Logovaz, leader of Red Sedans tribal, when still being a youngster, was called A Blind Fury for his unprecedented courage. Suddenly it becomes clear that the Black Manna supplies are running low, and the very existence of the tribe is in doubt. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that it was the Blind Fury who volunteered to find the fabled land, clad in snow and ice, where polar bears walk along the streets of cities, the inhabitants swim in ice-holes and drink essence of the Black Manna…According to sacred manuscripts, the tribe of Red Sedans will suffer lack in nothing till the end of the world, when living there. But the way to the fable land goes through deserts and glaciers and no one knows what kind of dangers await a lonely four-wheeled traveler. Blind Bury game features:
  • Cheerful and playful cartoon adventure game;
  • An original story;
  • The main hero is able to turn into an indomitable Monster;
  • Two full-size gaming worlds: a sultry savanna and ice desert;
  • Lots of bonuses and dynamical gameplay will not let you stop playing;
  • Views: 128 980
    Popularity: 51 684
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    Votes: 187
    Famous "Minesweeper" is the golden classics. But this is not that gray fake that you used to see in Windows. This is a true prince of logic games with brilliant graphics, new rules and special effects! The game was much improved, it can now be played in two modes - classic and new named "Arcade." In it you can receive bonuses, such as "time freeze", crystal balls, and more! The design of the field and the cells can be changed by the skins (four different versions). It's a a completely new perception of the game!
    Views: 132 479
    Popularity: 49 020
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