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Votes: 322
Those, who served in the army ? don't laugh in the circus! Army Sports game is nothing else, but a simulation of the military service. You will feel hard army routine with your own skin. Exhausting training, challenging assignments, querulous, constantly screaming sergeant.
Views: 201 485
Popularity: 76 145
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A high-speed race around the planets of our solar system in the third millennium! Racing trails of the third millennium are located in the orbits of the planets of our solar system. Six nation teams compete with each other in cutthroat competition to win the orbital speed tracks from fire Mercury to icy Pluto. Courageous pilots compete in a chilling race along three-dimensional orbital routes on the aircrafts made by using ex-military material oft he failed spacecraft. Dishonest tactics and use of weapons are allowed. Collect lasers, missiles and mines along the route to win the dangerous competitions. Six teams, eleven aircraft, ten planets, three game modes and races with your friends via Bluetooth are waiting for you! Planet Riders 3D game features:
  • Three-dimensional race with plenty of modern aircrafts;
  • Great routes design;
  • Powerful weapons, boosters and a possibility of repairs;
  • Game modes: Race,Tournament, preliminaries against time;
  • Racing with a rival via Bluetooth.
  • Views: 488 647
    Popularity: 280 881
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    Votes: 689
    The sacred signs of RA god were stolen by Anubis,the power-hungry priest.You have to find the missing signs of RA, wandering through the palace of the Great Pharaoh and cold dungeons of Anubis. Find all divine signs, avoiding the abysses and traps, fighting with the warriors on your way,the pharaohs and resurrected mummies in the dark cellars of the palace of the Great Pharaoh filled with horror and fear. Prince of Egypt game features:
    • 9 levels;
    • 2 worlds (Pharaoh's Palace, dungeons of Anubis)
    • most realistic graphics;
    • thorough scenery of Egypt and its culture;
    • excellent animation;
    • lots of special effects;
    • abundance of music and sound effects for each event;
    • well-scaled physics of the game;
    • convenient controls.
    Adjust the screen size manually
    Views: 305 374
    Popularity: 114 445
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    Votes: 234
    INCA vs Chernobyl: Who is Who is a sequel of Inca against Chernobyl, the famous game. The basis of the second part of the game is the continuation of the storyline of the adventures of Vlad Gromov, the main character. The player will know what the Inca amulet really means, who is a telepathic translator, why the hero found himself in Peru, the birthplace of the Inca, and other interesting details from the history. As well as in the first part, Vlad will need to destroy the crowds of mutants,pass through the labyrinths of the mysterious dungeons and fight with the main mobster.
    Views: 105 956
    Popularity: 30 989
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    Votes: 205
    It's a luxurious strategy game about show business. Manage the coolest rock clubs in the world! Control everything yourself - from ordering musicians to organizing different parties. In your clubs, you can personally start the crowd, showing off in a guitar mini-game. In order to improve the club, you can open first-class products - fireworks, fire fountains, huge video screens and more. Manage your empire of the rock city, make a name for yourself and become a legend!
    Views: 107 641
    Popularity: 30 671
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    Votes: 177
    Make a skeleton or a glamorous girl dance! Create a rhythm by clicking the numbered arrows in the right direction. But not only arrows are waiting for you,there are repeated bombs and many other things here. The game is as colorful as the city of Rio de Janeiro,it inspires to create music masterpieces.
    Views: 118 931
    Popularity: 20 595
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    Votes: 248
    After a nuclear war the Earth has become a giant urbanity desert. Some of the survivors, mutants and cyborgs, lead a constant fight for the spheres of influence in separate settlements. The world is ruled by cruelty and ancient laws of survival. The right one is the strongest... Zek, the cyborg,is the child of this horrible world, he is half-human half-machine and can count, as everybody, only on himself. Together with him you will have to make a choice of which part to follow in the endless group wars and corporate intrigues. Start exploring post-Apocalypses cruel world! Fight for your life killing the enemies, checking the corpses for money and new weapons, study unknown skills, fulfill quests and buy modules that will make Zek a real killer-machine....
    Views: 144 995
    Popularity: 29 348
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    Votes: 548
    This game gives you an opportunity to feel a tank commander in the battle against superior numbers of the enemy. Your task is not only fighting to survive in this grinder, but also to protect your headquarters. Here everything is like during the war - no super-guided missiles, space guns. Only hope for a good reaction and an ability to anticipate the battle. This is the secret of an exciting game, 35 levels will not be so easy for you. And to have more interest in playing, we have introduced various bonuses that appear on the playing field, from the protection of the staff to various improvements for your tank. GStalingrad game features:
  • 35 exciting levels;
  • 4 types of enemy tanks with different characteristics;
  • Nothing superfluous, tanks, explosions and beautiful graphics;
  • ability to save your score and enter the top-10 players.
  • Views: 378 395
    Popularity: 125 084
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    Votes: 184
    Exciting arcade-style puzzle game in "3-in-a-row style." You'll find yourself in a world full of adventures, magic and unbelievable treasures. You can't quit playing this game. It just makes you crazy!
    Views: 100 348
    Popularity: 24 032
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    Votes: 891
    High-speed traffic will require your good driving skills and alertness. This is a car simulator, moving in difficult weather conditions. This is not a race, where you only think about speed, it's a real ride about the city or the countryside. Road Chase game features:
    • sufficient level of artificial intelligence, travel companions, each car rides with its own speed;
    • rearview mirror: so you can see what's happening behind you;
    • permanent change of the weather makes your trip even harder. You can use the wipers of the windshield when it's raining or snowing;
    • Service Stations: take into account the fuel consumption. Follow the sensors and, when the fuel level will be zero, stop for refueling to replenish it;
    • traffic police does not sleep! Watch for speed and observe traffic rules!
    Views: 378 982
    Popularity: 197 055
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