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Added: 06-19-2009
Votes: 9008

Gravity Defied probably is the most popular game for mobile phones. What made it such a popular game? A perfect physics of engine, support for most mobile phones and dynamic gameplay - this is a recipe of the popular cocktail. One more feature of the game is support of users’ mods. There are more than 20 various mods of the game in Internet, as well as maps editor.
The aim of the game is to reach the finish in the shortest period of time driving a motorbike (which you have 3 and more, depending on modification)

Views: 3808748
Popularity: 3041675
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Added: 05-20-2010
The world-famous computer game, the leader of various charts and hit parades is ready to conquer the hearts of thousands of new fans - now it is for mobile phones! In your tiny device an entire farm with creameries, wells, bakeries, cows, sheep, and a host of other buildings and animals will be located in your mobile phone. Its prosperity will depend solely on your abilities and skills. You will supervise and organize all the production stages of your farm: feeding and breeding of the animals, gathering and processing of products, sales of the manufactured goods, the purchase of the new equipment and even farm protection from the predators! A fascinating and simple gameplay, full of good humor, a lot of funny animals, bright graphics and bright colors - all this will be interesting for both children and parents! At each of 48 levels of the game you are to fulfill a specific task, coping with it in the allotted time, you'll receive an additional award or a title. In Farm Frenzy, you can also use the system of VIP bonuses, significantly influencing the gameplay. Farm Frenzy game features:
  • 48 original levels;
  • 5 species of animals for your farm;
  • 9 products for production and sales;
  • 6 types of buildings, with the possibility of improvement;
  • unlimited time game process;
  • VIP bonuses;
  • Excellent graphics and great music.
Views: 6032074
Popularity: 2732073
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Added: 11-30-2010
Votes: 2762
Ultimate Mortal Kombat, the legendary fighting game, passes to mobile phones directly from SEGA console of the 90s! You are fighting for different characters in the game, using many different techniques, including fatalities, bandits and other spectacular finishes of a fight.
It's a dynamic and brutal game, but the good must win, as here it has fists.
Views: 1865462
Popularity: 2616336
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Added: 11-10-2010
At first I wanted to survive only. Then I considered that it is possible to escape from here. But now it is time to learn who and what for did it. The Zone has heart, there is a founder - and I will find it, sooner or later. Features of game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mobile:
  • One more page from life of the Zone of the Alienation, supplementing history S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl;
  • the Fascinating nonlinear plot with various endings, history of friendship, treachery and courage of the people every day facing the unknown;
  • Excellentl graphics and special effects;
  • Familiar environment and surroundings of the Zone, location and characters remembered on PC of the version of game;
  • Various types of weapon and firing modes,use of muffler and telescopicl sight;
  • Possibility of development of abilities of the protagonist, distribution of points of experience;
  • Set of familiar artefacts differently influencing the characteristics of the protagonist;
  • Dialogue and trade with friendly characters, atmospheric dialogues, plot, collateral and casual missions and tasks.
After thousand of hours spent here, I who achieved everything that wished once - the round sum on bank accounts in three countries of the world - understand that I will not leave from here so simply. I look at beginners - and I see myself, I have lost here more friends than have had in life, I have killed here more people, than once in Afghanistan, and even the nickname of Stalker became more native for than my own name.
Views: 3737853
Popularity: 1640181
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Added: 02-05-2010
Votes: 3424
Yes! Yes! Yes! It's them! They're back! A new part of the famous game series about worms, those active teasers! Several game modes are waiting for you,as well as good graphics,lots of missions and weapons, cool voice and great gameplay, which will not let you stop playing this fascinating game! Choose your worm, equip it,select the terrain and break the enemy worms! Your rewards depend on the way you will win!
Views: 2243276
Popularity: 1494124
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Added: 11-26-2011

Get ready to new worm battles. Cities and countries, the sea of arms and astounding company! And all this is in a completely new game Worms Reloaded!

Views: 6261170
Popularity: 1430182
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Added: 05-01-2010
We packed everything into a mobile phone: Jakubowich, a drum, super prizes, girls opening the letters, and even a real opportunity to get to the Channel! Immortal TV show cheerfully keeps pace with time, becoming closer and more accessible for everyone who wants to check his erudition. Giving the jar of cucumbers to Yakubovich has never been easier! Having won in the "TV game" mode, you can become a participant of the "Miracle" of Channel One. In addition,Miracle 2010 offers you to arrange your own show where and whenever you want. You choose the speed and complexity of the game, as well as a playable character: in Miracle 2010 more than two dozen parodies of avatars - the cartoons of the famous representatives of politics, sports, movie and show business are represented. In the base of the game questions there are about 1,000 of the original assignments, providing many hours of fun and entertainment. Miracle 2010 game features:
  • The simplest possibility to get to the first channel and play in the television version of Miracle;
  • Your personal mobile Yakubovich is at your disposal;
  • Plenty of fun avatars at your option;
  • Humorous graphics and animation;
  • Two difficulty modes;
  • About 1000 issues;
  • Atmosphere of the most popular TV show in the country.
Views: 2553864
Popularity: 1331216
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Added: 12-10-2010
Votes: 5001
Yahoo! The world's most popular worms are back! 2011 came, a new worm war has started, take part in this battle, blow up moving worms or beat them on the head and send them swimming in the water!
An arsenal of 36 guns, 4 companies of different clans is at your disposal!
Excellent graphics and sound will not let you be bored!
Views: 2212041
Popularity: 1274391
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Added: 01-04-2012

Smeshariki. The Beginning; become a real superhero!
The world is under threat! Smeshariki decided to become superheroes, and help a brave Lucien from TV to fight against evil and set off to save everybody. But no one becomes a hero at once; one should earn the status. Help Smeshariki!

Views: 4612526
Popularity: 1253947
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Added: 05-05-2011
The legendary game is back! "Wolf and Eggs"! A favorite game has now become colorefull, more interesting and attractive. Catch the eggs, not giving the gray wolf to have rest. This is a remake of the addictive game about a funny wolf from the same cartoon. Only now it is with great graphics and animations and lots of familiar soundtrack. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, you will not be bored! The game is designed for all sensory (Touch Screen and Stylus and keyboard) phones.

Wolf and Eggs game features:
  • Full support for all the Touch / Touch Screen / Stylus and keyboard phones
  • Game modes: classic (a classic version of the game), retro (a stylish black / white game)
  • Adjustable difficulty level: "Game A" - easy (3 trays), "Game B "- heavy (4 trays)
  • Beautiful graphics and animations, many locations
  • Smooth difficulty increase
  • Reset of the penalties upon reaching 200 points and then the quantity of the points multiple by 500 points
  • Great soundtrack that does not let you forget about what you're
  • Save game at any time
  • UNIQUE ON-LINE system of the statistics

Views: 3412705
Popularity: 1233126
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