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Added: 01-21-2012
Votes: 258
Welcome to the Fashion Week! All the glamorous dolls have a unique chance to defile a catwalk wearing the most sumptuous dresses from the trendiest fashion designers and impress the world with their beauty! Use your talent of a fashion designer to match ideal attires for all the doll-models, amaze strict judges and win the title of the most glamorous fashion designer!
Views: 86 562
Popularity: 26 413
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Added: 01-12-2012
Votes: 181
You will play as a night club manager assistant. Develop your business, learn how to communicate with clients, how to organize your staff and also how to earn money! Enlarge your night club, buy new and large premises and build your empire of disco clubs!
Views: 114 978
Popularity: 24 987
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Added: 01-02-2012
Votes: 124
May something be more interesting than golf in Wonderland? Only a fully three-dimensional and realistic version of the game. Here the sorcery reigns and the magic comes alive! Magnificent three-dimensional mini-golf with realistic graphics. Levels are made rather oddly, as if in a fairy tale of Lewis Carroll about Alice. The purpose of the mini-golf is to throw the balls as close to the hole as possible. Taking into consideration that the ball not only flies in the air, but also bounces off from objects and walls of the room; it results in something like a pool. And in such a magic country the levels turn to be real puzzles. Try to play golf and make sure that Lewes Carroll did not tell everything about Wonderland!
Views: 36 192
Popularity: 6 405
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Added: 12-25-2011
Votes: 176
Farm is one of the most popular games of the whole world of recent years. You are an ambitious agent Jones that became a farmer and began developing his farm. The task is not the simplest one - you need to take care about crops and animals. What is remarkable; there will be monkeys, penguins and even dinosaurs among the animals! It will be quite a funny zoo :)
Views: 100 083
Popularity: 23 961
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Added: 12-23-2011
Votes: 82

Millions of viewers. One complicated question follows the other. The correct answers are accompanied by applause and a fat sum. Tension grows, the number of questions reduces. Will you be able to stand this intellectual competition and reach the end, taking the coveted million?

Views: 117 551
Popularity: 23 377
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Added: 12-17-2011
Votes: 288

A variant of tamagotchi for your mobile phone! This time a little monster will be your pet. It is very cute and needs you protection and endearment!

Views: 70 297
Popularity: 14 177
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Added: 12-14-2011
Votes: 246
A funny baby care simulator. Select a boy or a girl and try to bring happiness to him or her: change diapers, dress up, play, feed and entertain them at full scale!
Views: 60 403
Popularity: 11 678
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Added: 12-10-2011
Votes: 296
Oh, this studentship! What these freedom-loving students could only do! They would do anything rather than study. Love, adventures, jokes and the most incredible tricks are mixed in this game, the aim of which is to pass exams! Join Goths, hippies, nerds and other interesting representatives of the students world! Everybody will like the game without exception; it will give lots of positive emotions!
Views: 107 038
Popularity: 21 321
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Added: 11-29-2011
Votes: 311
On the eve of winter holidays, Santa Claus helpers are very busy and walk their legs off to get ready for the holidays. Thanks to the railroad they will be able to quickly get to their jobsites. Control your railroad, change the points, and switch semaphore signals to correspond to the train schedule!

My Model Train 2 Winter Edition: gameplay features
  • A unique simulator of a toy railway in a new winter version
  • Make and save your own levels in a new map editing program!
  • Isometric 3D view
  • Control your own locomotive in 25 different landscapes.
  • Carry elves and gifts from one station to another
  • Collect coal and water to keep fire in the boiler
  • Switch semaphore signals, change the points, and control turntable!
  • Blocked bonus levels
Views: 60 341
Popularity: 12 159
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Added: 11-26-2011
Votes: 134
Spin the Bottle is a popular program-game for phones if you do not have a bottle at your fingertips! The game is intended for several people. The aim of the game may differ – the bottle may point at the person who has to answer the question, or the persons who have to kiss one another! Everything depends on you! The game offers several types of backgrounds and kinds of bottles.
Views: 55 148
Popularity: 10 296
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