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Ghost Hunter Pro
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Game description:

This is a gothic RPG having mystical plot, for the fans of riddles and mysteries of the other worlds! Oitar has been half human and half ghost for several years but he wants to become a human. He travels over the parallel worlds where he finds dead people world and the world of those who are alive, he needs to find the "exod" elixir which will help him to get to the kingdom of the alive. Oitar came to a mystic village to get the elixir and he feels that something strange is happening here... He observes very mysterious things! -This is a real RPG having action elements -Captivating story -Big variety of characters and weapons 

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Legend of Ancient
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Game description:

Legend Of Ancient - is a wonderful Chinese RPG for mobiles. A long captivating story and many dangerous adventures are waiting for you. Welcome to stern and incredible LOA world!

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Dragon Knight 2
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Genres:RPG, Strategy
Game description:

The inhabitants of the Jelytan kingdom have been living with fear of death and under powerful pressure of the evil magician Alvarez for many years. Alvarez was a betrayer who seized the power in the kingdom and people completely lost their hope to ever see the only rightful king, crown prince Jeffrey.
Prince understood that his army couldn't fight back the attacks of Alvarez, so he followed the general Lubushy advice and set out to the big Dragon Island to ask his allies to give him a hand...

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The Idhun Chronicles
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Genres:RPG, Adventure
Game description:

Try how it is like to be Jack, a young hero from The Idhun Chronicles world and fight on the Opposition side to save the magic. For this you will need to find the representatives of the last two kinds of magic creatures: dragon and unicorn. In this same named adaptation of Laura Gallego novel you are offered to get acquainted with the places and characters of the novel and to take part in the story helping the main characters to save the Idhun inhabitants from threatened danger. Plunge into the magic adventures of the The Idhun Chronicles.

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Quest For Alliance 2 The Dark World
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Genres:RPG, Adventure
Game description:

This is an excellent java game - Quest For Alliance 2. The inhabitants of a small village have been living happily and in peace for hundreds years. But one horrible day their peace was broken by invasion of terrible monsters which brought death and destruction to the green fields and forests. You are going to take weapons and to set out for a dangerous trip and only the real hero can return from this trip.
The game offers about 35 maps in total on which you are going to fight against 33 kinds of enemies. During the fighting actions the game allows to use different magical spells.

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Pirate King 2
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Game description:

It was not easy to defeat Haichen, the wizard. The victory was already in Chiro’s hands and he almost saved his beloved. But being in one step to the victory, his beloved disappears! This was done by the god of war Tairan. Our hero is full of renewed powers and optimism and he sets off to fight against evil spirits till the very end. Choose your fighting arsenal: guns and swords, upgrade them to the maximum and go ahead.

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I Fighters Club (I-club)
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Game description:

Online game I Fighters Club (I-Club) is the world of magic and spectacular fights in your mobile! Are you ready to become a Trainer for one of the Imons living in this world? Then you are going to meet cute characters, fascinating battles, secret magic and universe full of secrets. Watch the condition of your imon, feed him, take care of him and he will demonstrate his power in the battles against monsters or players (up to eight players can take part in the battle). As you develop you can study magic scrolls, create ammunition and weapons, joint the powerful guild and make it the leader of the others.

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Mystic Islands 2
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Game description:

This is the continuation of the famous Mystic Islands game, which got lots of rewards.
Our hero sets off to the Fairy Lands to find his beloved woman who was taken by the dragons.
The Mystic Islands continuation offers all the effects and features which make its fans like this game and appreciate it.
In the second part the action is based on three new characters and 16 peculiarities of these heroes.
You will have to choose one the heroes: a warrior or a fighting magician.
The weapons variety impresses a lot – a hundred of different weapon types. Besides, there are 80 magic runes which allow to upgrade your weapons.
Just as in any other role playing game you must gradually develop your character.
You increase your experience with every new killed monster and then you can defeat the most horrible beasts.

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Mystic Islands
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Game description:

The faraway Mystic islands are in danger! Evil magician Xarksas with the help of his magic has opened a portal leading to the demons kingdom – the evil flooded the islands and threatens to destroy the peaceful inhabitants totally! You need to stop the invasion as soonest, but you can do this only if you go back to the past, you cannot destroy the portal in the present time.

More than 180 000 map screens, 40 dark dungeons, more than 20 interesting quests, hundreds types of weapons and armour, including the unique ones are waiting for you in this game. Create your own hero having 20 parameters and fight the evil in this full role playing game with more than 30 hours average playtime!

A fascinating and dangerous adventure in different epochs is waiting for your character!

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Game description:

We are happy to introduce you a new role playing java game which will allow to plunge into the fantastic adventures world just on the screens of your mobile. In this game you will play as a stalker beginner. Anthropogenic disaster (or something else) destroyed the usual world and led to creation of the Zone – strange and very dangerous place. Only the most desperate brave hearted men can get there and return alive.

Game features:

  • 8 playing zones: city, abandoned station, factory ruins and others
  • different kinds of weapons
  • 9 quests
  • 8 kinds of enemies
  • You can upgrade the characteristics of your hero
  • It will take 2,5-3 hours to complete the game
  • The game story is realized by means of quest system
  • Sound and vibro (not for all mobile models)
  • AIM of the game is to find the Fire Sphere (the wish machine)
  • You can save the game (1 slot)
  • The game is made in 2D, movement and battle – step-by-step
  • 1 surprise

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